March 24th, 2006

guage and instarsia

My gauge is 18x24 in size 10 needles. This is the design I'm going to intarsia: . Her gauge was 4.1 stitches/inch and 5.26 rows/inch on size 9 needles, and her final dimensions were: 49 stitches at the widest point is 12 inches and 75 rows are 14.25 inches at the tallest point. Now if I attempt to intarsia this onto my sweater, will the design be skewed?

I notice that both my gauge and hers are about 3:4 (a slight difference). But we are using different needle sizes. Does this matter? She does say that needle sizes 6-10 will work...

Favorite sock pattern?

Hey all! I just bought two skeins of Lorna's Laces shepherd sock in color 112 (sand ridge) and I want to knit some socks for my dad's birthday. I have knit socks before (including Pomatomus from Knitty) but never for a guy. I don't think my dad would go for fancy lacework in his socks - I'm sure he would appreciate it, but I would rather save that for my mom. So my question is, what is your favorite "manly" sock pattern that's not tooo boring?

Help! - Knitting Tension!

If anyone has any book to hand (or knows), can you let me know what sort of tension I'm likely to get if I'm knitting #20 (aida) crochet cotton on 2.25mm needles (US 1) - I do tend to knit to usual tension and while I appreciate it does depend on the pattern, I just need a rough estimate.

Ta muchly!
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Question on the felted join

A few months ago, I discovered the felted join on and fell in love. Since then, I have used felted joins when working in wool and joining the same color from one ball to another. However, I have this fear in the back of my mind that it just won't hold. I understand why it holds and why it works so well, but I'm wondering what everone else's experience has been. Has it held up? Frayed at any point? completely released? Lasted forever?

Chicago Knitters!

Attention Chicago Knitters! The Green City Market (a fantastic organic market in the Lincoln Park Zoo area) is going to start up again on May 17th. I emailed the Wright Family who owns "Liberty Family Farm". Last year I bought some great hand dyed yarn from them. This is the best felting wool I have ever worked with. At any rate Mr. Wright emailed me back today and said they will be at the May 20th market and will bring alot of yarn with them in a wide variety of colors. Normally the Wrights only come on Saturdays, but Mr. Wright said they may consider comming on Wednesdays this year. You can google Green City Market and find the Markets web page for full info (time, date, location, lists of producers, special events etc.). I plan on being there on the 20th and would love to meet up with some other area knitters.

Last year the Wrights had worsted weights and Bulky weights and the price was per ounce. I told Mr. Wright I would post this and requested he bring ALOT of yarn!
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So I'm Kind of foolhardy.

There's a boyfriend sweater curse, but no such curse for "best guy friend" sweaters. So for a while I've been wanting to make a sweater for my own best guy friend, because he rocks like a rocking thing. (Let's put it this way -- we've known each other for ten years, and a week after we first met, he saved my life. Literally.)

But rather than surprising him, I decided I wanted to involve him in things -- consult with him about the style he wanted and so forth. And, for some reason, today I decided that I would go one step further -- and design my own sweater for him.

The fact that I have only known how to knit for a year and a half makes this a potentially scary prospect.

I have some marching orders (I've consulted with him already) -- no cables, finer rather than chunkier yarn, turtleneck. Also, I'd like to use alpaca yarn, as it's kind of an injoke (he has a thing for llamas). I'm probably going to go with Knitpicks Andean treasure, because it's a fine weight and I love the heathered look of it (plus, he has a couple tweed sportcoats that a heathered sweater would look FANTASTIC with). I've started looking at stitch libraries and thinking about how much texture to do on this.

My question is -- is it really as simple to design a sweater as, "pick the elements you want and go for it"? It just seems like there would be a huge potential to come up with something that looks really weird that way. Does anyone know of any web sites, books, etc. that give newbie tips to the beginning designer (i.e., "this particular stitch is useless in alpaca fiber")?

Thanks muchly.
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Werewolf Gloves

I have a possible need to make a set of long claws for part of a monster/werewolf costume: I was wondering if people think they would work knitted?

My first thoughts would be to knit unpatterned opera gloves, possibly out of some sort of grey fun fur for a werewolf, but at the end of each finger to switch to very fine needles and carry on in black fine wool, tapering to a point after an inch or two (and then sew some stuffing into these claw parts). I'm also wondering if it would be possible/work when wearing them to make the glove itself a sort of hybrid mitten/glove so that the fingers only split off from each other at the knuckle (to make it look more pawlike) - and if this would even be visible in fun fur?

What do you think?
cassy on yarn

Cedar Oil on yarn

Ah...the collective mind of knitting! I've talked you up so don't disappoint me!

The leader of our local SnB group - Knot Just Knitters in the Silver Valley of Idaho - has emailed me with a problem that I don't know the solution to. I asked her if I could repost her email because I figured that would be easier than trying to sum it up....she said sure so here it is...well the important parts anyway.

---Going back to the beginning: My son, Leigh, had a beautiful cedar trunk made for me, with my name on front, many years ago. He got it especially for me to store my stash. Well, the cedar was wet and is still strong to this day. But somehow, some of the wool escaped it's packaging and the cedar oil has made the yarn stiff. Well, I've washed it and when I went to put it out to dry it felt sticky. I am experimenting by putting some wool in a pot and bringing the water up pretty hot. I'm hoping the oil will come to the top and I can pour it off. Have you ever heard of such a thing? Got any ideas?

I told her I didn't know the answer but I'm always bragging about you guys on Monday night so help a knitter out?

Starlight lace

Has anyone here successfully knitted the starlight lace from Barbara Walkers 2nd Treasury of Knitting? The pattern has a stitch count of 6 + 5, so if you only knit one repeat there should be a total of 11 stitches at the end of each row. On two rows, however, you decrease sharply where you should only have 9 stitches, and the original count is restored on the next even row. I have no issues with the concept whatsoever, and I've tried the pattern as written but on row 6 (the first sharp decrease row) the stitch count doesn't work out and I can't quite figure out what stitches to move to make the pattern work out right. I've tried dropping the beginning and end stitches for adaption in the round, and it still doesn't work out. Here's the row I'm having issues with (keep in mind there should be 9 sts total when you're done).

Row 6: k2, k2tog *yo, sl 2-k1-p2sso, yo, sl 1-k2tog-psso; rep from*, end yo, sl2-k1-p2sso, yo, ssk, k2

The row previous ended with 11 sts. It's not even possible to complete this row with the number of stitches that I would need to have unless I'm missing a ton of yo's somewhere else. I've had this problem with a couple other patterns in this book, but I was able to just chart it out and figure out what was wrong. I'm stumped this time though. Can anyone with this book, or anyone that's knitted this pattern before help me out? Thanks!


I'd like to make some slipper-type shoes for my grandmother. She recently broke her hip, and she can no longer bend down to put on her left shoe. Though she does have people who help her get dressed, I think it would help her to have something she could slip on her feet without help. I'm thinking something with somewhat substantial soles would be best, considering her age and hip situation.

I was looking at the fiber trends felted clogs, but I'm not sure if the back is too's important that she be able to put these on just by putting her foot in, no holding/bending down required. I also looked at knitty's fuzzyfeet, but the cuff looks more substantial on those, which could be a problem. So for those of you who've made the fibertrends clogs, would they be OK for her? Would I have to change them, and would that be possible? Or, is there another pattern completely that would give better results?

Thanks for the help. :) My grandma's either going to be staying in assisted living or going back to her apartment, and either way, I'd like to give her something special when she decides.


couple questions for my fellow knitters.

1. do you feel a "let down" after finishing a big project? or fear of starting a new one maybe?

2. if you've ever diy-ed your own pattern, have you ever been able to use a pattern again?