March 25th, 2006

FO: Baby sweater

I finished a baby sweater out of Fantasy Naturale. This is the best yarn ever for children's clothes... smooth and silky, low in price, machine washable and bright colors. I also have a fat baby (11 months and 23 lbs!) so she sweats easily and synthetics just don't work.

Pattern was from a spring issue of Creative Knitting, and I bought the yarn off of roxysyarn on ebay. She does free shipping and it comes out to only $3.99 per 100 gm skein. I'd like to support my LYS but they charge $7 for the exact same thing!

On to the photo:

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wooly little lamb

Cotton Fine for Socks?

I got two balls of Brown Sheep's Cotton FIne yesterday with the intention of making socks. When I saw the fiber content I thought, 'Wow! Cotton, but with a bit of springiness!' It's 80% cotton, 20% wool. I know it will still be a bit droopy and I planned on using elastic at the cuff.

I decided to Google for other people who had made socks with Cotton Fine. I wanted to see what gauge needle they were using, or if there were any patterns. I couldn't find a single one. Either my Google Fu is weak today or this is a big mistake.

Has anyone here attempted this? Did you frog the socks? Did you have happy results?
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Another sock question

I've never attempted to make socks and I wanted to know is sugar n cream a good yarn to use for socks? Do you think i could make a pair of socks from one skein that is 2 oz (95 yards)?

I have 2 skeins of sugar and cream in 2 different colors and I have no clue what to make out of them. If socks is a bad idea does anyone have any other suggestions?
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Felted CLogs


A while back I saw some finished clogs. They were striped. Did I see them here or am I imagining things? AND.. if I did, could the creator explain how this is done? Thanks.
ska's undead

FO: Felted mini-squid

Many artists go through phases. Picasso had his blue period, Gauguin had that Tahitian thing, and I seem to be in my Squid period.

It started with Squiddy, who was to be a gift for my friend. I sort of got really attached, realized I couldn't part with him, and decided to whip up a mini-squid, Squiño, to give to her instead. For a consolation prize, he's pretty darn cute.

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(no subject)

i recently finished my clapotis scarf! well, almost finished...

it's currently hanging off the back of my door since i have no idea how best to weave in the many ends or how to block it :S i've never done anything like that before!

any suggestions so that i can finally finish this project and hopefully discover how beautiful it is?

Not busy enough

So I haven't given up on the blanket I was working on. It's coming along quite nice if I do say so myself. I'm not sure how many stitches is in it all together but it's getting pretty big. My brother came down last weekend and I showed it off and he was pretty impressed. I never though I would be this 'good' at knitting. Ever.

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I'll get around to measuring how big it is later.

But since I haven't been working on the blanket every day (not in a real rush to get it done), I was thinking about trying something new. I realized I'm not really ready to knit clothes (curses to the X-ribbon back j/k) but I realized I am pretty good at scarfs and such. Yup..scarfs. lol But I've mastered ribbed, cabled, garter and stockinette. But I have not yet mastered yarn overs or anything *too* complicated. So I was thinking...about possibly trying the Clapotis from knitty

I want to try something a little challenging, but not too hard to where I'm not going to try it again. I want to try it because I love my scarfs I make, and my cousin is all about Paris and I was hoping to make her one once I master it. (she looooves Paris.)

So any pointers about this one? What was the hardest part? I'm reading through the directions and I've never ever done a YO and I tried watching the video on but it's not clicking for some reason. I also never tried a pm, tbl, ssk, kfb... Or maybe I have I just don't know it. Now I'm starting to get a little nervous because the directions are in a forgein language for me now that I think of it.

Any help anyone? Bueller?

Thanks alot for all your comments. You guys are great.

(no subject)

I've been at home a lot due to illness since the end of January...and i managed to finish off a bunch of projects!  I'm posting a few FO's and a WIP...but mostly as an excuse to show off NEW YARN.  MmmmmMMMMMmmm.!!  My LYS had a 20% off Surprise spring cleaning sale, and I went a little bit crazy...I'm dying to jump into another sweater project for me...but i REALLY want to finish a sweater for myself (that I will wear -- I made a Picovoli last fall, but it makes me look too I will frog it when I get re-inspired by rust-orange Andean Silk)

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On a funny note, I learned to knit at the end of June because one of my 7th graders (and her knitting teacher) taught me how to cast-on and knit one boring afternoon.   This spring, *I* am teaching the knitting class at school, and now i am helping that same girl read patterns and choose projects!  It's so fun.  I have 16 middle-schoolers, and we knit for 45 minutes every afternoon, and they are working on all sorts of projects.  Most girls are happy with a garter stitch scarf in fun yarn...which is also exciting to me after I've taught science all day long...

For those who caught the posting mistake i just made and then panickedly deleted:  Why did LJ suddenly get HARDER for people who know half-hearted HTML?  Sigh.

x-posted to my journal.
KH bats

Easter Baskets?

I am wanting to knit up two Easter baskets for my girls; I would like to felt them. I have the yarn but no pattern. Does anyone have any suggestions? I would love to have a free pattern but if I could get one quickly I would be willing to pay for it. :) I am currently working up a Noni design bag called the Seuss-ish Elephant Foot bag; I will definitely post pics here of it when it's finally felted and lined. Thanks in advance!

chart/intarsia question!!

so, a few days ago, i started work on an awesome felted bag Collapse ) and i've found myself in the middle of a pickle.

being a fairly novice knitter, i've never encountered intarsia or charts before. i've been reading the section on intarsia/fair isle in SnB, but i still have a few questions... which i hope you guys can help me with!!

first, it takes one stitch to switch colors, correct? that's the impression i got from SnB. if that's the case, should i switch colors the stitch before i'm supposed to start my new color?? for instance:
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in the first row of this chart where the colors switch out, should i go k2, switch, k2, switch (for the first block of color there, the two stitches) or should i instead be going k3, switch, k1, switch... i hope you can get the picture & therefore my question. i know this sounds confusing, but that's because i'm totally confused!!!!

hopefully one of you guys can help me out. i'm completely excited about this bag. you can find the pattern here if you're interested in it, or if you want to check out the pattern before you offer me advice.

thanks in advance!!!!

EDIT: fixed the hotlinks. sorry, guys!

Magic Loop Question

i checked the memories but did not see my questions answered previously and i am hopeing that someone can help me. i am knitting a sock on the magic loop, the pattern from the magic loop booklet "winter socks" and i have turned the heel but i am puzzled when they tell me how to re-position the stiches for picking up the stiches for the gusset. has anyone used this method that can perhaps explain it to me? it would make my life a wee bit easier. any help would be great, thank you
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(no subject)

oookay. so. i had this great idea - i'm going to knit a bikini for myself.

the only problem is, i hate hate hate reading the abbreviations for instructions on knitting, and it's very hard to find a good pattern. i have one here: , but it involves crocheting, and i'm not really sure... you get the general idea.

anyway, the point is: does anyone know of a really good pattern? and can anyone decipher what all the abbreviations are for me? i apologize for being such a novice - i really can knit, i'm just not used to working with patterns. thanks in advance, everyone :)