March 26th, 2006

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hey yall!

i'm doing meema's felted bag thingy from SnB, but i'm making it bigger (i carry a lot of crap) and i'm going to give it a strap and a flap...i'm confident it will work out, but i need your help again!

first of all, thank you ALL for helping me out the other day when i had the question about knitting flat pieces on circular needles and then picking up stitches to knit in the round. i would have NEVER figured it out without your very patient, very basic instructions. finally, i figured it out--but i did something weird: i picked up the stitches with one needle and did the rest of the work with my fingers (thank god it's a loosely-knit piece (size 15 needles), or this wouldn't have worked). i don't know why i did it this way, i think i just couldn't wrap my brain around picking up stitches with circs, and i started doing it with my fingers, and it worked, so hey, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

next: the elusive RT (right twist). i've looked this up on several websites, and found this one, which shows a how-to with pictures, but i still can't get it quite right--it jsut looks like a mess when i try to do it. help? or maybe i'll keep trying and see what happens.

also, for anyone who has made this bag, is it one right twist for each corner, or 2? when i look at pictures, it looks like maybe it's a right twist, one or two regular stitches, then another right twist. can anyone clear this up for me?

sorry, yall, i have an issue with reading patterns...i just can't read them, even when i look at the translations for the abbreviations...


Okay so you all remember that red bag I made a while back? Collapse )

Well, see it's not doing anything for me anymore which is kind of depressing me. But after seeing everyone elses bags and the cute little embrodery they do to their bags, I envy them and I want to know how to do that. Last night I tried and it didn't turn out as well as I was hoping.

But instead of putting flowers on it I was thinking of putting my enitals on the bag and probably putting beads at all the points or something.

But see I don't know how to sew every well, and I'd be doing this by hand. So how would I go about sewing my enitals on the bag and possibly having beads on it?

(yeah I now it's a dumb question, but it's for the bag, think of the bag! lol)

Thanks for any tips and pointers or anything you can give me. And I'm sorry I've been such a pain these past couple days.

how to wrap knits and purls for true lefty knitter

I am a true left handed knitter -- my left needle is my working needle. I hold the working yarn in my right hand and move the stitches from my right needle to my left needle. I have been wrapping both my knits and my purls CLOCKWISE but then I started watching other knitters (righties) and saw that they seem to wrap counter-clockwise. I have checked the archives for this community and haven't found a precise answer and I'm not great at spatial stuff (then why am I knitting? that's another question) so here goes my question: I guess I am continental style because I hold my working yarn in a different hand than my working needle, right? And if the convention for right-handed continental knitters is to wrap knits and purls counterclockwise, will I get the same-looking result if I wrap clockwise as a lefty?

Another Armwarmer FO

A friend's birthday was a few weeks ago, right at the beginning of Spring Break. So we celebrated it yesterday. I gave her a choice of a felted hat, felted bag, or armwarmers as her birthday present. Since I was wearing my newest pair of armwamers, and she was drooling over them, she went with the armwarmers.

So, I cranked these out this morning expecting to see her today. Didn't quite happen as planned, but the armwarmers did get done.

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A couple of questions :):

1) Is it weird that my pattern says this: Cont even until work from beg measures 27, ending with RS facing for next row for the back, BUT then this: Cont even until work from beg measures 24, ending with RS facing for next row? ie, is it strange that there seems to be a 4 inch difference between the back and the front?

2) I measured my brother (for whom I'm knitting this sweater) and it seems the sweater at 28 inches is going to be way to big for him (he has a short torso). Is there anyway I can fudge with the numbers so that the finished measurement is around24 (and not 28? the pattern doesn't give finshed measurements (only finished chest measurements).
i think i missed the hole

possibly unrealistic/just curious...

Hi there,

Next month, I'm going to the wedding of two of my boyfriend's college friends, whom I have never met before. He's already gotten them a gift off their registry, but I'm considering knitting them something as well. Trouble is, I can't think of anything that's not terribly complicated that I could make in a few weeks. Obviously a blanket or throw would've been ideal, or at least traditional, had I actually planned ahead (or I'd known that I was going sooner). Anybody have any ideas of what I could knit?

Thanks in advance for any thoughts. Again, I'm not really attached to the idea of making them something, but you all are so creative and helpful that I just might get inspired.

- Anna