March 27th, 2006

How to work increases into broken garter rib

You're again my last resort ladies/gents, HELP!

I've ripped my sleeve worked in broken garter stitch 4 times and am still getting nowhere.I want the K ribs to be as much in line as possible as the increases move up the sleeve.

I'm knitting in the round with 2 circs.

| is the stitch marker
* is the increase stitch

K k k k *|* K k k k K (Increase rows)
K p k p | K p k p K
K k k k | K k k k K
K p p p | K p p p K

p p p p | p p p p p (5 rows garter)
p p p p | p p p p p

K p p p | K p p p K (9 rows cuff)
K p p p | K p p p K
K p p p | K p p p K
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Do you need to worry about dyelots as much with handpainted yarns?

I was on vacation last week and found a teeny yarn shop which didn't have too much of anything interesting, with the exception of some incredible Cherry Tree Hill Silk & Merino Worsted yarn. She only had 2 hanks each of a few different colors, so I decided to splurge (Hey, I was on vacation!) and bought the 2 hanks of a lovely green & blue colorway "Life's a Beach." I figured it was probably similar to Lion & Lamb which I had been wanting to try. I was thinking this might be enough for Clapotis, but with only 556 yards, I'd probably need to leave out a few pattern repeats...

Anyway, on to my question. If I decide I do want to make Clapotis, without skipping any of the pattern repeats, I might try to order another hank of the yarn online somewhere, but the dyelots would probably be you guys think that since the yarn is handpainted anyway, dyelots aren't as big a deal? Or do you think it could potentially make a big difference in the finished project? I guess I'd rather have a smaller Clapotis, or use the yarn for something else than have a Clapotis with a big mismatchy section somewhere...this yarn is really expensive for me, so I don't want to waste it!

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thank you for your help on my previous question! It seems to simple, just knit less rows before the armpit!

I have a couple more questions (i hope you don't mind...) :):

1) When it comes to shaping the neck, do i wait until I have both the front and the back finished? I ask because my instructions go through the details for the back and front first before talking about the neck? (But that could simply be their way of organizing the pattern)

2) My instructions say:

Work 1½ ins [4 cm] of (K1. P1) ribbing as given for Back. Cast off
loosely. Sew left shoulder and neckband seam.

I'm a little confused on how much to shorten the sweater (it's a very simple pullover sweater made up entirely of stockinette stitch), taking into consideration that the neckband will add 1.5 inches to the length of the sweater. (does this sound right?) I want the finished product to be 24 inches long. So I guess my question is, should I shorten the sweater taking into consideration the 1.5 inches on the neckband, or will the neckband measurement be negligible when it comes to the length of the sweater?

hand-stitching zippers?

Hello lovely knitters,

I am about to finish my very first sweater, but I could use some help! I need to hand-stich in the separating zipper, and I don't really know anything about sewing (like, I don't know any particular stitches, or anything). I've got my needle & thread and I have my zipper pinned in place, but does anyone have any insight about HOW exactly I should go about sewing in this zipper? Even just a link to a helpful sewing site would be appreciated; I've tried googling to no real effect, since everybody seems to assume everybody knows what it means when you write "now sew in a zipper and you're done!"

Thanks so much, and I'll post pictures of the FO in a few days!

Wedding gifts

Along the lines of the previous wedding related post, I am getting married in a year or so and I would really like to knit something for my bridemaids, along with getting them a traditional gift (like a jewelry box or something). They're all crafters of some kind or another so I know my gifts will be appreciated, but I'm looking for ideas of what to make. I'm thinking they should all be kind of similar items, but I'm at a loss as to what to make. I think scares would be nice, except for the fact that we live in Florida and have little use for them. Any ideas?

Has anyone done this?

I just got my knitpicks order in. I squeed and opened it and started fondling the yarn. Oh, there's my domokun cover yarn... There's my baby yoda sweater yarn... There's my sock yarn... There's...


Why did I order three skeins of Andean silk? I mean, I know it's not an error. I know I got it for a reason... But what the hell was I going to make!?!

Taking a cue from Tubey. (Shrug design)


I've never designed a knit garment where fit was a huge issue*. I was browsing Knitty the other day, saw Tubey, and set pen to paper in an attempt to create a simple li'l shrug. I think I've got the details sorted out, but I'd really appreciate some input.

*read as "I've never designed a knit garment. Coughcough."

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yet another intarsia question!!

i posted here the other day about the felted bag i'm working on.
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at the time, i was confused about how one was to begin intarsia. now, i'm confused about how to deal with it once you start it.

with this pattern, most of the yarn tails are too long to just leave hanging behind my work, so i've been cutting them with roughly a six inch tail and then tying the ends of these pieces on each section of each row together. this way, i end up with the stitches on the needle, some wiggle room so that my stitches aren't too tight, and a little knot at the end of the yarn tails that protrude about six inches from the back of my work.

after about two rows, this started to get kind of messy. so i was wondering... is this the proper way to go about things? is there a better, easier way to deal with the yarn tails from intarsia? this bag intimidated me as a pattern, and i don't want to get scared and scrap the project now. intarsia be damned, i say. i just need your help!

ps, i realize that i could search and find all kinds of methods for dealing with this on the internet, but i'd much rather get advice from you guys because i trust you and i'm pretty sure you've all figured out your favorite, easiest way to work with intarsia. so spare me the google it comments!! ;)
i think i missed the hole

wedding gift question, revisited

Hi there,

Thanks to everybody who replied to my original post about a knitted wedding gift - your brilliance and encouragement are much appreciated.

I decided to give the wedding cozy from knitty a whirl. Because you all were so wonderful with your suggestions, I'm wondering if you could give me your thoughts on adjusting the pattern.

Unlike the author, I don't mind knitting in the round and would rather not go through the hassle of sewing a seam and crocheting for the finishing - would the project still work on size 4 double-pointeds? But, if I knit in the round instead, won't that completely change how I make the ridge and the base? Is there some way to start at the base and work up by increasing? I'm also confused by the instructions for the ridge on straight needles:

Next Row [WS]: [With left needle, pick up purl bump of next st, 6 rows down, p this st tog with next st on needle]

Huh? You'll have to excuse my naivete/idiocy; I'm very much in the intermediate-beginner-dying-to-move-up-to-intermediate stage, so tinkering with patterns isn't something that I've done a whole lot. I might just try to free-hand it, trial and error, and see what I get. If anybody has any thoughts, I'd be much obliged. Thanks again.

- Anna

Rather dumb question

Is $4 a ball for Paton's Classic Wool a good price?

Or should I just stick to my trusty Knit Picks?

(Reason being, the "LYS" is clearancing (haha) out the Paton's in exchange for Cascade 220. Only problem is 33% off and only having 6 balls or less of any given color doesn't seem to be that great of a deal.)