March 28th, 2006


Picovoli Fini

Well, I finished Picovoli last night. I was bored with the green and thought something a little contrasting would look nice. I dug through my scrap bin (a couple of boxes I keep full of scrap for when my neices or son get a wild hair and want to fool around with yarn, or I want to crochet squares/motifs) and found a really bright yellow that worked with the green/blue/lavendar/white in the Tahki yarn. I think it played out nicely. The only issue I had is that I had to make the shoulder section a "large", the bust section a "medium" and then decrease to a "small" for the waist and then come back out to a "large". Made for a lot of fussing. But, with the notes I took, the next one I make should be a lot easier. I stopped with it a little cropped cuz that's what I wanted on this one. I'm planning on trying the next one in seed stitch and a bit longer. Should be interesting, especially around the decreases.

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I'm a beginning knitter....really beginning. Teaching myself, beginning. Can-knit-on-circulars-and-DPN's-but-have-yet-to-learn-to-switch-colors-or-read-a-real-pattern-yet, beginning.

The reason I taught myself to knit was for this. At the time, $8.00 a skein for two skeins of Noro Kureyon to make a cat bed seemed a little excessive, so I hit a thrift store, picked up some generic wool, and made it up. It was fun, it's cute, and I love it. I digress. The only other project I have done is this, which is on my needles now. Simplest pattern ever.

I have since come to explore textures and yarns, have spoken with different knitters and read a lot about yarns, and I have come to understand that Noro Kureyon is a pretty cool, feeling I had cheated myself, I had to have some. (Self-justification, anyone?) Last week I finally got my two skeins - $15.00, but it included shipping, so not too bad.

Now I'm afraid to use them, for fear I won't do justice to this "wonder yarn". *sighs*

Any suggestions for a good pattern for a beginner? Maybe something that would help me learn to follow patterns but doesn't make me want to cry because I'm lost? Maybe something which calls for...oh....say...two skeins of Noro Kureyon-ish type yarn? Should it be something that felts since this does felt beautifully?

Any suggestions? I'm open to any and all...can't *wait* to get this stuff on the needle.

Double Knitting...

Hi folks...

I'm going to spend a good chunk of April working on knitting hats for the Dulaan Project and figure it would be a grand time to learn how to do double knitting. I've googled the technique, have read articles on it and watched the knittinghelp vid, but have seen two seemingly different ways to do this. It seems like I can either do it where I knit one stitch and purl the following, or I can knit one stitch, slip the following purl-wise and then catch it on the other time around? Is the difference due to knitting flat vs. knitting in the round? Perhaps I am completely misreading the technique...

I admit, I am very confused and would love some help as to which technique is easier to grasp for an English knitter. Thanks in advance!

How well does Morehouse Farm Merino wear?

I'm actually working with some now so maybe I should be able to answer my own question, but I was wondering if anyone had ever tried knitting a sweater of the stuff and could comment. I'm working on a scarf of the 3-strand now am quite taken with the wide range of beautiful colors and the attractive (almost rustic) appearance of the scarf. It has a very, er, sheep-y feel to it.

I'm toying with the idea of knitting Rogue out of the natural brown 3-strand. However, I know Merino likes to pill and that yarn that's not tightly spun likes to pill, so I thought I'd ask if other people had knit sweaters from this yarn and what their experience with wear was.

Also, can anyone comment on the difference between the 2-strand and the 2-ply yarn?

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Hello All,

I just watched one of my TiVo'd episodes of Knitty Gritty and it talked about making a bag out of recycled plastic bags. Anyone attempted this yet, or any tips/tricks?


A biiiig FO, just a little late

Yes, I am just now wrapping up my knitting olympics project, but what an FO this is:

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(More finished pix over in my LJ, and scroll back through the last 6 weeks for construction photos)

And yes, it is as heavy as it looks, although, curiously, not quite so heavy as it was before the felting -- I guess the floppityness of all that acreage was adding to the deadweight. :)


I've already tried searching the web with no luck...

I'm current knitting Pagan from the Rowan Calmer Collection brochure, but I'm highly confused by the directions at one point.

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I've already checked with Rowan for any pattern corrections, there are none. I tried looking for a KAL, and it seems there is another pattern from Rowan with the same name, but a slightly different pattern. I browsed through the archive of that one and couldn't seem to answer my question. :S

ISO otter pattern, capelet in metro

Hello knitters, I've tried extensive Googling and lj-seeking but can't seem to find either of these items so I'm hoping someone can help me out.

1. I'm looking for a pattern for a stuffed otter (sea or river, doesn't matter). I've found charts for flat otter patterns, and multiple other creatures but no luck. I'm willing to pay or buy a book if necessary as long as I know it has what I need.

2. I could have sworn someone on here posted about making the famous anthropologie-inspired capelet in Moda Dea Metro, but now I can't find the post. Maybe I'm just confused and it was on someone's knitting blog. Could someone point me to it, or if you're the OP, let me know how many skeins you used, what needle size, and how it turned out?

Thanks in advance!

Binding off question. k1p1 ribbing.

Hi all,
I'm making yet another pair of fingerless gloves (which is what everyone I knit for seems to want...) I'm using Koigu on size 1 needles. It's pretty. It will be very nice for the boyfriend's mom, who gets really cold hands but does watercolor and acrylic painting (as a profession) and needs warm hands and free fingers.

Anyway, my issue... I did a tubular cast on (for k1 p1 ribbing). I did the top part of the thumb gusset in k1p1 ribbing and am ready to bind it off, but want it to look like the tubular cast on. The other time I've had to match this cast on I put all the knits on one needle and all the purls on the other and then used the kitchener stitch to graft it together, and that works very well(It was a scarf). However, I've got five size 1 dpns holding my work, plus 2 size 0 dpns holding the ribbing, and a yarn needle and I'm finding it really difficult to manuver the yarn needle around 7 double pointed needles without ending up with a tangled mess. I'm willing to do the work to get the results I need, but damn... do any of you know an easier way??

I'm not looking forward to doing this along the entire top edge of this thing either...

Knitting Review site?

The last post made me wonder even more something I've been thinking would be pretty cool. Is there a site or a forum specifically for people to give knitting book/magazine/pattern reviews? I think that would be a really handy tool. There are a lot of books I wonder about but can't really see in advance save for whatever is actually pictured on the website... which is usually not enough to let you know whether you really want the book or not. I think it would be really neat, to have some sort of site to use where users could review a knitting book and add pictures of their projects. I know you can do that on amazon, but so few people actually use those features. The same would be cool for yarn, stores, needles, magazines, single patterns, and pretty much everything else knitting related. Is there such a website? I know of Knitter's Review, but that's not what I'm thinking of - at least I don't think it is. Am I mistaken?

If there is no such thing, is anyone interested in getting something started? I don't know much about web design, and I have very little time to spend trying to learn it, but maybe we could start an LJ community for this specific purpose?

best increasing/decreasing method for a bag strap?

Hi, I'm doing a slightly modified version of Zeeby's Bag from SnB, and this will be my first FO . . . SOON. I want my bag strap to be larger at the part where it is on the shoulder, similar to, but not necessarily matching, Collapse )my problem is I've never increased or decreased before and OHHHHH the options I see in the book.

could somebody help me out with this? like my basic pattern would be CO 6 sts, repeat for 348o64ouo4i6ulkdn inches, thennnn? k2tog??? or something else? ): You could just link me to a basic pattern or something that can be applied to this. also is garter stitch your best bet for a strong bag strap? thank you VERY much.
DDR bunny

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I finally got a digital camera so I can now post some of my FO's.

This is my booga bag. I love it because its the right size for a book and a small project

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When I saw the pattern for these I knew that I had to make some. They are so comfortable. My only problem with the pattern is that it is almost pointless to knit it in the round. My next pair is going to be knit flat. I think that it makes more sense to do so.
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My first finished pair of socks. They are made toe up with lion brand magic stripe yarn. I love the way they fit. I have small feet so socks never fit me when I get them from the store. I am now working on mastering the magic loop method for socks wish me luck.
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