March 29th, 2006


Book Review?

I've seen a few pics around of finished pieces folks have done from patterns found in Knitter's Stash, and I've really liked the look of some of them. However, 2 nice looking shawls on a couple of blogs aren't really a good enough reason for me to go out and buy a pattern book. I've checked with my library, they don't have it but they're looking for it (which could take forever and I'm an impatient sort), my LYS doesn't carry even single patterns, much less books, and none of the local book stores have what you call anything but laughable craft sections. End result: I really can't get my hands on this book to see for myself if the collection of patterns are worth spending the money.

So, I turn here, for knitters who have or have looked at Knitter's Stash and the patterns there-in. What's your opinion of the pattern quality? Not just for potential FOs, but also understandability. Are they mostly good as is, or would I be spending all my time looking for pattern corrections on the web? Etc. :o)

Any and all opinions are greatly appreciated.

My biggest undertaking ever

I am planning to start making squares to make a blanket. In my mind the squares are all different colors with different things in them. Do you guys think this would just be too messy? Also, I need to know how big to make the squares and how many I will need. I also need some patterens for what to put on these squares. I really only have about 3 decent ideas and I am not skilled enough to create my own stitch patterns. Also if anyone has patterns for letters, it would be very much appriciated.
Any help would be great.
Thanks so much
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Question about washing yarn...

First - thanks to anyone who can help :) And even if you can't, thanks for being lovely people in a lovely community.

OK, I went to a thrift shop today and got a major score - some really awesome yarn which I'm going to use to make a coat thing. I'm not 100% sure what the fibre is - it's either really rough, rustic wool or possible jute (I will do the fibre burning test later to see what happens).

Whatever it is, it's quite scratchy, and I thought I'd try washing a bit of it in hair conditioner to see if that would soften it. I did so, and it has done... but I'm wondering now if I should wash the rest of the yarn before I knit with it (there's HEAPS), or wash the garment after its knitted. I might be too impatient to wash all the yarn first... but if that's the better method I will do it that way.

I also got 1 ball of the softest, most gorgeous alpaca/wool/silk blend - alas, 1 ball doesn't go very far, and Southeast Queensland is not exactly scarf country! ;) I'll find something pretty for it though. If you haven't thought of thrift stores for yarn and whatnot, I'd highly recommend it - I got each ball for 50c, and some of that still had price tags on for $15+. Plus needles... all my cable needles, DPNs and stitch holders came from thrift stores. :)

New Washer and Dryer Set = Machine Felting Woes?

A'ight, so the 400 dollar set from the college days crapped themselves out on Saturday after 11 years of confined slavery in the basement...

So we got a new set on Sunday, it's from Bosch and they're the newfangled high efficiency front loader type, no aggitating spindle, barely uses any water(seriously... just barely enough to get the garments wet) or soap...

Last night, my husband, who has been doing laundry almost non-stop with the new "toys" since we got them, (Please, like I am going to stop him from doing the laundry, and don't act like any of you would stop your husband from doing it either =p ) ran back upstairs with one of his handwash only, wool sweaters in hand to show me... All giddy after he washed it in the washer on it's "handwash" cycle... to even my amazement, it hadn't felted. "It's so gentle" he said... "it turns once, and sits for a few minutes, then turns again, and sits for a few minutes."

Which to me sounds exactly like what the regular cycle does, except slower.

And now I wonder...have my machine felting days come to an end??
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kobolds ate my baby


My google-fu is failing!

Anyone know of a page that gives schematics or a good description of how saddle-shoulders are constructed?
Like those arans where the saddle-shoulder bit is knit together with the sleeve. Enquiring minds wants to know and all that.

Twisted knit?

I've looked at information for twisted knit stitch and based on what I've seen, it looks like knitting through the back loop. Am I reading all this info wrong, or is that what it is?

(I don't trust myself when things look 'that easy')

Sinking castle

Easter presents

I'm going to my extended family's house for Easter this year, and I thought it would be a neat idea to make something cute and little to hand out to people, or maybe hide in the eggs for the hunt. Trouble is, I can't really think of anything, and I only have a few weeks before easter, and a large family. :)

Anyone have any ideas, patterns? I was thinking of maybe using some left over striped sock yarn from Knitpicks, and trying to work out an egg shape I could stuff, but that sounds rather boring to do too many.

Thanks in advance.
Tree Girl

A friendly reminder and policy change

First, the moderators want to remind all members about posting copyrighted material. As stated in the knitting community info:

In order to protect the Knitting community, and all of LiveJournal in general, posting copyrighted material is not allowed. As a rule of thumb, that means anything written after 1928 that hasn't been specifically released to the public domain. This includes patterns in old magazines, patterns in books that are out of print, free patterns from the internet, free patterns from your LYS, patterns from library books, etc. etc. etc. The Digital Millenium Copyright Act has made online communities very vulnerable to copyright infringement suits; LiveJournal is under a legal obligation to remove any infringing content from their site, which could include deleting your user account or even the entire community.

This includes borderline knitting-related material, including cartoons. The best rule of thumb, if you don't know if it is copyrighted or not, then don't post it.

In addition, we have decided to add another rule to the community info:

Hotlinking (displaying an online image that points back to a different domain and therefore wasting somebody's bandwidth) directly from a website that is neither your domain nor a file hosting website is not allowed.

For both copyright and hotlinked material, the moderators are not able to verify if you have permission from the owner of the material/website and therefore we will delete the post as soon as we see it.

rodrigues fruit bat

Dishcloth Pattern

I have recently seen a pattern for a dishcloth with three crosses on it (big in the middle flanked by two small ones, eg: crucifiction) and a simple border all round the edge, that I want to make for my Granny for Easter as a flannel, but I have just spent nearly an hour looking and I can't find the pattern now. Any ideas?

Making Friends with Garter Stitch

I learned to knit as a kid by doing stockinette, and so for a long time I didn't know from garter stitch; if I wanted something to be uncurly, I made ribbing, a basketweave, or stripes of stockinette and reverse stockinette. And like a lot of people, I've sort of thumbed my nose at garter stitch, as something you teach a 4 year old that can't remember the difference between knitting and purling for any length of time.

(Also? Shh. I find garter stitch difficult. I need to arrange my hands in uncomfortable ways to prevent myself from knitting into the stitch below the one on the needle.)

Recently, though, I've found myself making several items in garter stitch, and really enjoying them. Since I've amended my worldview, I thought I'd share these projects as a way of counteracting the "garter stitch sucks and is boring" attitude I'd previously put into the world.

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Cascading Leaves afghan

Hi everyone!

I have just started on the Cascading Leaves afghan pattern from the Lion Brand site. I'm using Tahki Donegal Tweed in Forest, and I'm really happy about the early results. Picture of the first two squares blocking behind the cut . . .

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Yarn dyeing

I'm going to dye some yarn (and possibly my kitchen and hands) this week! Hooray! But I've got a couple of questions, after doing some extensive reading on the net and in book form. The yarn I'm using is the Knitpicks dye your own worsted. Does anyone have any suggestions as to whether I should make my dyes stronger/weaker with this brand of wool? I am most likely going to use kool-aid (unless I can find someone in Eugene tomorrow who sells Lanaset or "official" type of fiber dyes), and am following the dyeing methods in the Twisted Sisters Sock Workbook (which I highly recommend).
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I prey for you.

Binding Off?

I've been searching around Japanese websites today, looking at knitting stuff and trying to find patterns (I don't know Japanese, so this is hard!) and I came across a cute little tutorial website. And there's a bind off there that uses a crochet hook: *click to see.*

What is this bind off called? Is it commonly used?

Lindsay's adventures with DPNs!

For some reason, I'm determined to master these things.

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The next project I have planned for my DPNs are the Mikado Ribbon Fingerless Gloves. I know some of you have made or are making these. Did anyone have any luck with a yarn replacement? I seem to be quite dense when it comes to switching out yarns, so any suggestions for some (preferably cheap, starving college student here) yarn subs, that would be great.

Thanks. :)

Lion Brand Wool-eases?

Sorry if this has already been posted, but I haven't heard about it!

I went to my local Hobby Lobby today, looking for a skein of Wool-ease worsted weight, and the ladies that work there are telling me it is discontinued! They only had the chunky version. But, according to the Lion Brand website, just the sport weight is no longer being made.

Any one hearing rumors of worsted being discontinued too? At Hobby Lobby, they have Lion Wool worsted now, and I am very disappointed, as high wool yarns irritate my skin and Wool-ease was a great percentage of "real" fiber and acrylic. :(

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WTF is up with Knitpicks wishlist? Why can't I figure it out? The FAQ about it makes no sense...and there's no wishlist button when you're looking at products. Am I just missing something, or does it actually not work?