March 30th, 2006


Review of Yarn Website

Has anyone else here ordered from

I ordered from them Monday and I must say that I am extremely impressed with their level of service! I ordered 3 skeins of K1C2's Douceur et Soie in color 8699 Royal to be used in the making of this cardigan along with some KnitPicks Merino Style that I had already purchased. I had been searching local LYS's for a matching color to the Merino Style (the Dusk colorway) and I wasn't able to find a close enough match.

I ordered on Monday, shipping was $4.95 - it was shipped the same day (almost unheard of in internet commerce) and was at my apartment last night waiting for me. When I opened the box, it was first wrapped in purple tissue, then the yarn was in a small plastic bag that was tied with a purple raffia bow. Needless to say, I was almost as tickled with the packaging than with the yarn (well, almost).

Just wanted to let everyone know about my positive experience. I'm going to try hard to be mostly project monogamous with this one, so hopefully I'll have FO pics of the cardigan to share soon!

Yarn Suggestions? Tessellating Fish

I am gearing up to make the tessellating Fish blanket for my soon to be nephew. I've been hunting for yarn. I can't find what I'm looking for. I'm curious if any of you have any suggestions. My initial thought was using primary colors. Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, and Orange. I don't want pastels. I want bright colors. I also need to make sure the yarn is machine washable. Preferably dryable too, but at least washable. To add to my requirements (which I think are verging on ridiculous at this point), I also want it to be soft (not itchy) and I need the yarn to be affordable.

I looked at knitpicks shine and it fits most of my requirements, but the colors aren't bright enough. I'm thinking the cherry might be too pink, etc. If I can't find what I need, I'll use shine and just go with blues. That will work fine, but before changing my ways, I thought I'd ask.

Just a side note...any of you that have made this, how much yarn did you use. I want a decent size blanket. Something my nephew could still curl up under when he's a kid, but nothing enourmous.

RSI dangers

Does anyone have any thoughts on RSI, and possible preventive measures?

Shoulders are fairly easy - heat packs for when they start to ache - and eye strain is fairly easy to avoid also, by looking up from one's work every fifteen minutes or so - but what about wrists and fingers?

I'm vaguely toying with the idea of wrist warmers that actually provide heat - perhaps velcroed versions of those wheat-filled heat bags that one can wrap around forearms.

The conceivable problems with this are heat dispersion (i.e., how rapidly the heat will depart from the bags, given they would have to be less dense than the larger heat packs), direct heat on the skin, and possible lessening of dexterity.

How do people deal with the associated aches and pains of knitting for extended periods?
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Why slip first stitch?

I was at my LYS yesterday and saw a very simple 2x2 ribbed scarf that they had up as a sample.

On the scarf was a note that said "Advanced knitters: Slip first stitch."

I assume this means that if you'd normally knit, slip as if to knit and if you'd normally purl slip as if to purl.

What I don't get is why. What does this do for the scarf's construction? And why would this be considered something only advanced knitters should do?

sizing question

Becuase my bf lives a good distance away from me, I'm not able to measure him for the sweater I'm knitting. I asked him to measure his favourite shirts. One came to 23" hem to shoulder, and the other 26" hem to shoulder. Now I'm a little confused... Which sweater should I model the one I'm knitting after? The one that's 23" is a thin cotton sweater, and the one I'm knitting is made of a thicker acrylic yarn...

The fminished measurement on the pattern is 28" and that's going to be wayyy too long for him since he's only 5'7.

I just don't want him to be swimming in the sweater, but at the same time, I don't want it to be a crop top on him!

FIngering weight cotton yarn?

I'm looking for a good but inexpensive cotton yarn in a fingering weight. The pattern recommends Rowan's 4-ply cotton, but the $60+ price tag isn't in my budget.

I'd found one yarn that seemed to be a pretty good deal, and could have sworn I bookmarked it, but it's not in my bookmarks, and my googling isn't bringing it up again. I did find this, which also seems like a good deal, but doesn't have the color I really wanted (although I realize beggars can't be choosers!), so I would really like other options. Does anyone have any suggestions? Knitpicks' Shine Sport is probably not an option, right? I love the colors they offer. I don't know the actual gauge of the project, because I'm waiting on the magazine to come in the mail, but it's Rambling Rose from Rowan 39, and says it uses US 1 & 2/3 needles. What does the 2/3 mean?

Argh! I can't recall where I saw this sweater

I seem to recall pink and cables. It was an off the shoulder or wide necked sweater with long sleeves and a plain or simply patterned body, with a wide interwoven cable section turned down all around the top and draped down over the upper arm.

See, the sweater idea came to me last night as I was going to bed, full blown like Athena from the head of Zeus. I don't want to work on the pattern design if it's not original, and since it was so complete, it's most likely something I saw somewhere. This is further complicated by probably seeing it on the internet, so who knows where it could have come from!

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FINALLY! an FO I can be proud(ish) of

behold, the mighty rogue! (and the story of woe and frogging behind it)

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now, the question- has anyone tried this sweater with a different hem? the folded back ribbing REALLY bothered me- I had trouble sewing it in, it looks uneven after two tries, and the sleeves especially don't look very nice. I'm very open to suggestions of "it's just you", but has anyone else had this trouble with it? and if so, what did you do? I was thinking of trying just a 4 or 6-row garter hem for the future, enough to keep it from curling but not so much that it distracts. what do YOU think?
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I have two skeins of Classic Silk from Classic Elite yarns that I was thinking of using for Branching Out. I've never done lace before and I've looked all over to see if this cotton/silk/nylon blend (50%, 30%, 20% respectively) would be appropriate, but I can't seem to find any info. Sorry if this question (or some version of it) has been asked eighty thousand times but I'd hate to finish this project and find out that it won't block well, or won't wear well, or just overall looks horrible. Thanks for any help.
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Flesh Colour Yarns

The knitting group I attend has started to make small knitted dolls for inclusion in charity aid runs to struggling areas of the world (along with hats, gloves etc).

However, having just watched a video about the work of the charity we send stuff through, it has struck me that we are using peachy coloured yarn for the skin of the dolls, but most of the children who get them are more milky-coffee in shade themselves.

Do any of you know of good flesh-tone yarns in shades of brown? Dark chocolate brown and traditional 'flesh tone' seem relatively easily findable but realistic shades between are less so. We are using mostly yarn scraps as the dolls are small, so gauge is not crucial, most of what we are using are fairly light baby/sock type yarns with a bit of cheapish thicker double knitting too.
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knitting with limited mobility

Sort of an oddball question:

A friend of mine is out of commission for a few weeks with a broken leg, and is already getting very bored. She mentioned that learning to knit might be fun. Unfortunately, her left arm isn't very mobile. Now, I've tried knitting one-handed with a needle tucked under my arm to see how I might be able to teach her, and it works, but then, I'm comfortable knitting, and she hasn't tried it before.

So, I was just curious if anyone else had some experience learning to knit or teaching someone else to knit one-handed, and had any tips or ideas.

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Oh yes, here are my TOO overdue pictures!!

First, the beginning of my "Patchwork quilt" (For those of you who don't remember, I decided to knit 6" by 6" squares and eventually sew them all together. 

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And then....onto the latest hot topic, my plastic bag BAG. Phew.
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Anywho, hope you enjoyed my rambling!!
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Collars on jackets?

I'm having a moment of knitting design genius -- okay, I think I'm a genius, the rest of you might not, not the point -- however, I am unsure on how to create one aspect of it...

I'd like to create a blazer collar on a cardigan, the lines of the collar something like this, that is, the two points.

I know it's possible, I'm just drawing a giant blank. Could someone possibly direct me to some patterns that use this technique? Possibly multiple ones; I found this one, which gave me a very vague idea, in which you'd pick up stitches at the edge, but then there's another where you merely add stitches, I think, but then they ask you to sew collar half to lapel and-

SO CONFUSED! Please help? I'm sicksicksick and have all this graph paper just SITTING here...

Donna (and short-row) issues

So I'm knitting Donna from MagKnits. It's my first sweater ever... and my first foray into short-row shaping. A technique which I think I understand, in theory.

I'm on the front now, and in a few inches it'll be time to do the short-row shaping for the bust, and I'm having the damnedest time deciphering what the pattern wants me to do. The section on short-row shaping reads as follows:

" In pattern, knit across your garment until one stitch before ribbing pattern. Wrap the next stitch (with yarn in back, slip next stitch from left needle to right needle, bring yarn to front, slip stitch back to left needle) turn your work, and purl back to one stitch before ribbing pattern. Wrap next stitch (with yarn in front, slip next stitch from left needle to right needle, bring yarn to back, slip stitch back to left needle) then turn your work. Work back to within 4 stitches of ribbing, wrap stitch, turn, work back within 4 stitches of ribbing, wrap, turn. Continue until six stitches are wrapped one each side (for a C Cup; see notes for larger cup sizes)."

My question is, continue what? Continue working back and forth to within four stitches of knitting? Do this six times? Or do I keep going in by a few stitches each time, until I've got six distinct stitches wrapped? What does "continue" mean? The language isn't particularly descriptive for people who aren't experienced with short rows.
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Acrylic Yarn for Washcloths?

I have just inhertited a huge yarn stash. Most of it is acrylic or acrylic mix. My boyfriend's parents are moving in to a new house and I was thinking about making them a set of washcloths. Can I use the acrylic yarn? Everything I have read recommends cotton but no one mentions acrylic one way or the other.
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I just squeed all over myself!!!!

I got home today and spied a box (and a rather large one at that) on my doorstep. I was sooo excited; I rushed inside and pulled it off of the porch. Unfortunately, I had to pee sooooo bad, so I had to wait to open it for a minute. When I picked it up, I had noticed that it was from I has a feeling it was from my best friend, Wendy, since I've never ordered from them.

I finally got to my box an hacked at in insanely with a pair of scissors. Then I saw it.....THE YARN. I mean, duh, it was yarn, but this was THE YARN. THE ROGUE YARN. ALL NINE GLORIOUS, GORGEOUS, FLUFFY, PERFECT SKEINS THAT I NEED FOR ROGUE. It's.....beautiful. I love it more than words can express, so I should let the pictures do the talking..... 

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It's Bartlett's 2-ply wool in Lt. Sheeps Gray. I had looked at just the other day and was heartbroken to see that this color has disappeared. Turns out it was because my friend had bought them out. This was a great birthday suprise. :)

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lace scarf ideas?

So, for my birthday I got this beautiful Alpaca Seta yarn which is a combination of alpaca, silk, and rayon. I think I have just the right amount for a scarf, and I have decided I want to do a lace one. I checked on knittingpatterncentral and some other sites but couldnt find what I was looking for. So I turn to you all for your pattern ideas for nice lace scarf patterns, preferably free. I have done lace before, so more complicated patterns are ok. thanks in advance!

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does anyone know how i would go about making a star out of yarnovers? i want to add it as an accent to one of the projects i'm working on, but don't know how to space the yarnovers out so that they look like a 5 pointed star and my brain is starting to melt.

help please!

crazy stitch

I saw a scarf made from a stitch I've never seen before and it totally baffled me. Hopefully someone can explain it to me.
It looked like stockinette, but it didn't curl at all. The most unusual part was there was no reverse... both sides of the scarf were the "good" side with the v's. No bumps. It also really didn't look like two pieces stuck together. I'm curious.

In which our heroine should have known better

I am having a baby in October. Yay! Time to knit adorable things! Except, of course, that my three best friends are having babies before me, two in July and one in August, and so clearly knitting for them must happen first. I'm knitting for people roughly in due-date order, although that gets a bit sticky because jessicac and our very own emmacrew are due literally five days apart. (And somewhere in there I need to make time to knit warm hats for my crazy brother and his friend Justin as they drive across Asia this summer. But I digress.) Jessica is technically due first, and she is having a baby girl, and so I am knitting tiny baby girl things.

In particular, I'm knitting her the Button, Button sweater from Minnowknits Too. This sweater, btw, is freaking adorable; as the name implies, it features four beautiful buttons of the knitters choosing, prominently displayed in a double-breasted style. Plus, it knits up at 4 stitches to the inch, which means it's a very quick knit indeed. Three balls of Rowan All Seasons Cotton (bought on sale!) will be enough for the sweater and a matching little hat. Perfect.

The back went smoothly, no problems there. Cast on for the right front, follow the instructions, finish in a day. Cast on for the left front, la la la, work as for right front reversing neck shaping, totally cool. Just as I'm getting ready to do the three-needle bindoff for the shoulder, my eye brushes on the next instruction for the left front -- the most hated words in knitting patterns ever:


Oh, lord. What did I for. . . oh, LORD.

Yes, that's right, ladies and gentlemen. On a sweater called "Button, Button", I forgot to knit the freaking buttonholes.

How many times have I commented here and told people to be sure to read the whole pattern before starting? How many times have I clucked as people fell into the "at the same time" trap? Well, let this stand as proof that there is nobody here so advanced, so expert, so above-it-all, so. . . so modly so as not make elementary mistakes.

And if the others on the mod team ARE above it, well, I don't wanna hear it. I'm too busy licking my wounds as I rip this tiny sweater front back to where the first buttonhole row SHOULD have been.
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Yarn Reviews? Rowan Hand-Knit Cotton

A friend of mine started a project in Rowan Hand-Knit Cotton, but sort of lost her steam when she heard that it pills a lot. I promised her I'd ask around.

So... Have you used Rowan Hand-Knit Cotton? How did you like? How is it wearing?

Thanks in advance for all your input!
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Will wonders never cease?

I've just moved back to my hometown (or what passes for one, for this wanderer), after being away a mere 14 months. There are two new LYSs, and the original LYS has moved from the funky, dark, musty old shop where it was only open when you weren't there, into a large, well-lit, easily accessable building.

Grand total: Three LYSs in dinky ol' Bellingham, and they all seem promising. I'll report back after further investigation. I can already say that at least one carries Brittany birch dpns in a good array of sizes, as well as several other niceties.
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Felting problems? WOTA

Has anyone had "difficulty" felting Wool of the Andes?

I completed knitting Sophie the other night, and have spent upwards of an hour trying to hand felt the sucker. I've finally lost about 50% of the stitch definition, but it's not enough. I've shocked it with HOT tap water, and COLD tap water, but I've yet to put the kettle on to do a boiling/ice shock. I've also rubbed, scrubbed until my hands turned to prunes using dishsoap.

Any tips/suggestions most welcome (short of buying a washboard)

Caveat: I do not have access to "free" laundry facilities, so I'm stuck doing it manually.

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ETA:  I can still see holes in the fabric...