March 31st, 2006

knitting kitten

Knitted PEEPS!

OMG -- just got the Berroco newsletter this morning, and they have a pattern for Knitted Peeps! (Well, they're called Knitted Chicks to avoid trademark issues, but the way they're positioned side-by-side, it's clear they're meant to be Peeps.) They are *so* cute! And a single ball of Plush knits up a six-pack of Peeps, just like you'd buy in a box at the store.

My dad is addicted to Peeps' marshmallow-sugar goodness. He is *so* getting these for Easter!
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How to machine-wash swatches in the round?

Possibly silly question:

So, I'm swatching for Picovoli using the "psudo-round" swatch techinque: you know, do it like i-cord, with long threads stretching across the back of the piece.

Now, this is a machine-washable cotton yarn, so I want to machine-wash the swatch. (And hope that it gets a LOT larger in the washing, since otherwise there's no way this yarn will knit up at the proper gauge...)

Here's the silly question: how do I wash this thing in a machine without ending up with a huge mess of tangled yarn across the back of the swatch? Will popping it in a lingerie bag do the trick? If so, will that make the swatch do something different than the finished garmet (which will presumably not be washed in a lingerie bag) will do?

Yarn substitution for Bunny Blanket Buddy

Lion Brand has out a pattern for this cute Bunny Blanket Buddy, and it looks like it could be a relatively quick knit and good gift for my many friends who are having babies these days.

But I'm not keen on using the Velvetspun yarn. It is really soft and feels nice. But it's chenille, and has all the worming issues of chenille. A baby toy like this is likely to end up in a baby mouth, which I'm thinking is not such a good place for chenille yarn.

Any suggestions on a baby-friendly chunky yarn substitute?

Question about yarn bloom...

Me again, with more questions about my most fantabulous yarn (read more here). :)

One of the main reasons that I chose this yarn was the beautiful way that it bloomed after being washed. I saw before and after pictures of a Rogue knit with this yarn and the washing made a huge, beautiful difference in the cable definition. I would like to wash the yarn because it is quite smelly, but I am concerned that it won't bloom again.

The concept of yarn blooming is fairly new to me, so I don't know much about it. If I wash this yarn and then knit up Rogue, will it still have the same lovely effect on the cabling when I wash it again, or should I just deal with the smell to save that effect?
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Tye-dyeing wool yarn

Well, I bit the bullet and dyed my first yarn batch! You can see the results here (it's a slideshow, dial up users may want to view my flickr page instead.

Lessons learned:
1. You can actually have too much yarn! Especially when you don't have enough dye! (Four skeins to dye from a five-shirt kit isn't happening, people!)
2. Gloves, paper towels, easy-to-tear plastic wrap and garbage bags are a girls best friend.
3. Dyeing is very messy- potentially scary inside, but very easy! I can't wait to try more ways to see different results!
4. I highly suggest the Jaquard tye-dye kits you see in the stores. Friendly, easy-to-follow directions for novices, everything is pretty much included and made nearly idiot-proof.

A BIG thank you to everyone who posted to my original questions a few days ago! This is all from your help!
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Knitty sweater pattern problems

I am working on Forecast from knitty: and I am having a couple of issues.

I am quite a bit into the pattern and now I realized that I am probably reading the chart wrong. I am reading the blank rows as a knit instead of purl on the WS--as a consequence, each repeat of the chart is twice as long and the pattern ends up stretched out. I am also to the point where I need to put the sleeve stitches on waste yarn, but I don't think the armhole is big enough so I am thinking of extending this section before I separate the sleeves. My row guage was correct when I began. This is my second sweater and my first one ended up being too big (I picked a larger size than I needed) even though I thought it would be small, so I don't want to make the same mistake again.

I am a full skein into this project and I am wondering if I should start over. I am a little worried about frogging bobbles--will it ruin the yarn (I'm using Cascade 220). I want a sweater that will fit right, but also looks nice. I suppose I am asking for any advice that you super knitters might have.

pattern design curiosity

the other week.. last week, I finished my (first?) branching out scarf from knitty, I showed it around, you may have seen it. :)

so I have been toying since with making another one, or doing something else lacy, because it was kind of a kick. so I decided I'd like to do a wrap, and after wandering around for a few days looking for a pattern, I came across the lacy leaf wrap on the lion brand website.

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I Need Some Great Ideas!

Hi all. My friend's baby is being baptised on April 23, and the Catholic Church requires the baby wear something white. Since the christening gown is actually gold, my friend has asked me to knit something that can be used to cover the gown while the ceremony is taking place.

Does any one have any suggestions for something that I could knit, that's not to elaborate (I don't have a lot of time and I'm not a fast knitter)? I googled christening shawls, baptism shawls, and baby capes, but so farI haven't seen anything that would fit the bill.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

Edited to add: The gown itself does not need to be white, and I'm not sure if it's this particular church or the Catholic church in general, but they did specify that baby had to be wearing something white.

Row gauge

Okay, so I'm working on Trellis in KnitPicks' Shine Worsted in wisteria. I love the yarn, I love the color, I love the pattern. So far, so good, right?

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I realized after finishing the back, that while my stitch gauge is dead on, my row gauge is way off. Like, the back is a good inch longer than it should be (more if I measure it holding it up). This wasn't apparent when I did my swatch. For now, since at this point I've finished half the front as well, I'm just going to press on with the pattern exactly as written. If the sweater looks horrible, I can write it off as practice--cause the baby it's for isn't due until July. :)

That said, any idea how I can fix my gauge? Changing needle sizes would just mess up my stitch gauge. Is there another way? Or am I doomed to just try and alter every pattern I try and make where row gauge is important?

I should mention, this is only my second attempt at a sweater. The first attempt looked a little weirdly proportioned too--I'm betting I had the same problem then as well.
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OTN: Pink Camo Scarf

Here is the picture I am working on for my nearly 17 yr old son. He picked the colors and yes, he is. LOL 8-D But I was looking at it and thought it might work for pink camo? Maybe squares and use different shades of pink and grey in alternating squares? I'm new so feel free to laugh! Collapse )

Colorfast felting?

I'm working on my first felted project, Knitty's French Market Bag in Lamb's Pride worsted. It's going pretty well so far - I have a few more rounds of the CC left before I join on the MC.

I'm starting to get a bit concerned though, because the CC I'm using is a dark green (Turkish Olive, the label says) and it's starting to bleed onto my bamboo needles and white cotton row marker. The MC I had planned on using is hand-dyed Lamb's Pride worsted in shades of green, blue and brown. I'm worried that since the dark dye is coming off on my needles that it will also bleed badly in the wash when I felt it and turn the rest of the colors muddy.

Is this something I need to worry about? Or should I just have faith and see what it looks like in the end?

Thanks, wise knitters!
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