April 1st, 2006

skull bag WIP

i wanted to post again and thank you guys for the help you've given me lately, i know i've been asking quite a few questions but i really appreciate each response. i've been working on my bag (link here) and i'm pleased to say that i've learned how to work fairisle in the round and use a chart! it may not be a big deal to you guys, but it's huge to me. so here is a picture of what i've done so far!!!!
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i'm so excited, i can't wait to finish up the rest of the chart, work on the mitered bottom (EEP SCARED AGAIN) and throw the damn thing in the washing machine!! haha.

again, thanks so much for your help. i love this community. <3

Using worsted weight for SnBN Candy Striper Bag?

I've been really wanting to make the laptop case in Stitch n Bitch Nation for a while, but since it's so much easier for me to come by worsted weight yarn than bulky weight, I've been unsure about yarn subs. The yarn called for in the pattern is Lamb's Pride Bulky. I don't have an LYS and thus am limited to the internet, and I'm a college student so I'm cheap. WEBS has Cascade 220 on sale for $4.79, and I've found the perfect colors (pink and green, to go with my Vera Bradley bag!)

My question:

What sort of a difference would substituting a worsted weight yarn for a bulky-weight pattern do, when it's felted? Would it make sense to double up the yarn while knitting it? What, conceivably, would this do to the gauge (I know obviously I should swatch, I'm just trying to get an idea)? Would it be better to just suck it up and buy the bulky yarn?

Also, if anyone's made this, I'd love to see results, I googled but only like 1 result came up, and I think that was a pre-knitting question.

One more question--I made my boyfriend a pair of Fuzzy Feet with some blue Lite-Lopi (oh, how I hate this stuff). Unlike when I made my own Fuzzy Feet (same yarn, different color), I felt forgetting to felt them. After washing them for 4 hot wash cycles, they were only slightly shrunken, and still had almost all of their stitch definition. My Fuzzy Feet, on the other hand, only took about 2 or 3 wash cycles before they had shrunk almost too much for my feet. Do you all think that leaving them out would conceivably had anything to do with their failure to felt? Or am I just impatient and need to wait a bit before giving up on them?

Thanks everyone!
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Anyone tried Bristow?

So the last issue of Knitty is still a source of entertainment to me. I've seen all the patterns a billion times, but keep looking back at them.

So I'm doing this last night, and I see Bristow. And I like it. I'd like to try it, but first, I'd like to ask if anyone here has tried it. Any difficulties? Suggestions?

The yarn I'd be using is Paton's Classic Merino. I'm veg, so I try to stay away from silk, and I already have like 8 skeins of the Merino, which is why I'm not using the recommended and very lovely yarn.
knitting kitten

Knit Instructions for Peeps. Two FO's and project notes.

Knitted Peeps
Converted from crochet instructions by Jennifer Dunne

Use a bulky-weight yarn on size 10 1/2 needles. (One Peep will take about 12-14 feet of yarn, depending on how tightly you knit.) You'll need something to stuff it with (because of the small size, you can use cotton balls) and a black magic marker to make the eyes.

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Cast on 10.
Rows 1-3: Knit 10.
Row 4: Add 3 at beginning of row. Knit 10. [13]
Row 5: Add 3 at beginning of row. Knit 13. [16]
Row 6: KFB. K6. KFB. KFB. K6. KFB. [20]
Row 7: Bind off 6. K14. [14]
Row 8: Bind off 6. K8. [8]
Row 9: Bind off 8.

Your knitted work will look nothing like a Peep at this point. :-) Your final knot of the bind-off is the crown of the Peep's head. Rows 7 and 8 are the tops of the wings. With right side out (pick whichever side looks best to you and declare it the right side), join the top of the head with kitchener or other flat join, then join back of neck and tops of wings. Stuff the head, and get it looking right. Join most of the remaining Peep, leaving enough space to stuff it. Shape the Peep as you stuff. Finish the join, and bring the yarn up through the body of the Peep and out the front of its face. THIS IS IMPORTANT! Knot the yarn to make the beak. You may need to catch a stitch on the front of the face to hold the knot close enough, or double-knot to make it big enough. The beak is what makes it look like a Peep, so take your time and keep at it until it looks right. Using the black magic marker, add dots on either side of the head for eyes.

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FO: Legwarmers

Northern California and spring are not getting along right now.. It has rained nearly every day this month.
But I wanted to wear skirts. The solution? Legwarmers. I am ENTIRELY too lazy to actually take time to knit them, but my first sweater ever was Tempting & it didn't turn out so hot. It was already partially unravelled, so I cut off the sleeves & bound them off again. They keep my legs nice & toasty.
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DDR bunny

Penguins in love

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Here is a picture of the valentines day penguin along with the other one I made for my boyfriend. Sorry it took so long to post a picture. I kept having to bug my boyfriend to take pictures. He never did but now that I have my digital camera I can do it. I hope everyone likes it.

I am trying to decided when to make them a baby out of gray fun fur.
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Finally - Knit Olympics FO

Here are the final pictures of the sweater I knit fo rthe "Knitting Olympics". I finished and blocked this a while ago but just never got around to posting anything.

This is White Lies Designs Heather.
100% Merino - White Lies yarn in Lilac.
I think I did the 36" size but I can't remember now. I don't have a picture of it on me because I made it for my sister who is a bit bigger than I am in the shoulders, breast and torso area so when I put it on it looks horribly dumpy.

This was my first adult sweater and I am very proud of it. There are only a couple bits that I could be happier with but all in all, I think it looks pretty dern good.

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Drops Moebius Shawl Pattern

I'm moving right along on the drops moebius shawl, and I have a question for all you knarly knitters out there. At the very end of the pattern, on the last round, it says to increase every 4th stitch. Why? I look at the picture, and it doesn't look ruffled, but is that what they're going for? I wanted to clarify this before I reach the ribbing section, and hoped that someone on here has made one before. Why in the world would you increase every 4th stitch on the final round?
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A Big "Thank God"

A few months ago, I showed a local yarn store owner the last major shawl I had designed and made before my hands got really bad. The yarn is a cashmere merino mix something I had picked up, I think, at the Weaving Works in Seattle sometime in the early nineties. Back when it was still novel to find lace weight yarns in yarn shops, now every good one seems to have a huge selection.

When we were folding the shawl to put it back into the box I had brought the shawl in, both of us saw a loose end. Our eyes met, but neither of us said anything. My heart dropped. I wondered what I had snagged the shawl on the last couple of times I had shown it to someone.

It was only now that I was brave enough to look, hoping that I wouldn't have to do some major repair on a shawl I didn't have the yarn for anymore. The snag had looked like it was a good four or five inches long. I finally spread it out on my bed, and looked very hard for the snag. I wasn't able to find it at first. I ended up lifting each corner, to see if there were any hanging threads. Finally, I found it. It was just the beginning tail, unwoven from the body of the fabric. Thank God.

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Before I send them an email, does anyone know if there are any problems with jklneedles.com ? I placed an order for a single set of sz 1 DPN's on 3/05, got a confirmation email immediately. On 3/16 I finally got an invoice for payment (I had opted to pay through Paypal, since my computer sometimes acts up with her form, so I wanted to make sure I didn't get charged twice or something) Over 2 weeks later, I still have no needles. Their site says that they shop priority....which should take 2-3 days. I also know they have a sale that just ended, so that might have interfered. Anyway, does anyone know anything?

And so this isn't entirely void of knitting information, my current project is a pair of the "Jaywalker socks" that are so popular right now, which are beautiful but ultimately too loose on the size 2's I started them on. I'll probably end pu ripping the three inches and redoing it when I get some smaller needles. I'll also probably do M1L and M1R instead of the suggested kfb's because they look a little too wonky to my eye. Anyone else tried paired increases?
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Note to self

When machine felting, make sure that the machine is not set on "machine handwash"...

On the other hand, it's nice to know that it is so gentle that there was no loss in stitch definition.

(Please tell me that I'm not the only one that goes on autopilot. "Wool + washing machine = handwash, cold/cold, short cycle...Wait, I'm felting!")

Knitting Needle Case

Hey all,

I am not a knitter, but I have a knitting question and I thought that you might be able to give me some feedback. : )

I sew and would like to make a knitting needle holder for my friend (who does knit) for her birthday. So my question is what do you look for in a needle case?

I've found the following pattern:


Which I was thinking I could modify to have two carry sections like the top one on this page:


I asked her what needles she has and she said:

"I have two pair of 10 and one each of 6, 7, and 8, all 14 in long. I also have two lengths of size 7 circular, a set of 7 DPNs and a 6 in. pair of size 7. (can you tell I favor a size 7 needle in projects?) ... a pair of really pretty wood needles for Christmas that I think are a size 10, but I'm not sure of the metric conversion. And I'm probably going out tomorrow to buy another circular needle because I need one that's longer; 36 in for a sweater."

Also, what other tools do you use for knitting? I am assuming scissors...but what else should this have pockets for?

Thank you in advance!
EDIT: Thank you for all the help! I have some idea of what I am doing now. : ) I will make sure to come back and post a picture when I finish it.
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Yarn for illusion scarf?

I originally posted this on novice_knitters, but I've had no replies, so I thought I'd ask here, too:

I need a yarn substitution mentor. :)

Due to allergies and sensitive skin, I can't work with pure wool or pure acrylic. (I'm still working out my tolerances for blends. So far, a 50/50 cotton/acrylic blend seems okay.) This means I have to work out substitutions for a lot of projects.

Luckily, I have a few lined up, but I've been trying to plan out what I want to do (so I can take better advantage of yarn sales and so on) and I'm having trouble working out what would be good to use for an illusion scarf.

For one of my other scarf projects, someone suggested alpaca, but I read that alpaca tends to 'halo' and that seems like it might mess up the illusion effect. Would it, or is it not that bad if you're talking about a reasonably non-fluffy yarn to start with? What other alternatives are there that would make a reasonably useful scarf (for fall/winter wear)? Easy care is a plus. :)

Also, what's the best tutorial for charting illusion designs? I've seen a couple, but I'm not sure I quite get the hang of which rows are doing what. :) I think it's just a case of reading about it in a few places until it clicks.

Binding off when the pattern doesn't match

I am making Anniversary Sweater from Knitty. It's set up so that you have 2 knit selvage stitches, 2 purl, the 4 stitch cable, 2 purl, 2 knit, and so on until the end. Both front and back end with 2 knit then 2 knit selvage stitches (so 4 knits total). However, while binding off, I noticed that the vertical lines don't match up--the major lines are 2 stitches off. Looking at the pattern, I believe this is how it's supposed to be, but it bothers me. I'm wondering, should the vertical stripes be in line with each other or should they be off? If they should be lined up, did I screw up the pattern or are the selvage stitches bound off differently? I can't tell from the picture what is supposed to happen, so I come to you. TIA!
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