April 2nd, 2006


Irish hiking scarf chart

I was looking for a chart for the irish hiking scarf so that I could practice some simple chart reading and I wasn't able to find one. I was about to resort to printing out some graph paper and just creating my own when I found this useful tool: http://sweaterproject.org/?page_id=602. You can use to turn a pattern into a chart.

Here's the chart it created from the irish hiking scarf pattern :
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hey yall!

i'm still making the meema's felted bag from SnB. Thanks to your excellent and patient advice, it's looking great. I picked up the stitches and started knitting in the round, and even the RT (right twist) is looking right!! this is an unbelievable accomplishment for me. me and this purse are going places, man. but i'm having a slight problem. for some reason, it seems like my stitches are situated backwards. as in, when i go to stick my needle into a stitch, it seems like the back of the stitch is behind the front of the stitch. so, to make it easier, i've been taking the stitch off and twisting it around the "right way" before knitting it. i've gotten good at this, but it makes knitting it significantly slower. does this just come with the territory of knitting in the round, or am i doing something wrong?



Cloth diapers without wool

I keep seeing these cute wool longies and diaper covers that some of the other cloth-diapering moms make, and I'm jealous. I'm a cloth-diapering mom too, but I'm allergic to all animal fibers, so wool is out. Any ideas for cloth diaper stuff I could make that doesn't involve wool? Has anyone tried making soakers/stuffers for pocket diapers out of cotton, for example? Or fitted diapers? Obviously I can't make any of the waterproof components with cotton, but it seems like it might work for the absorbent parts.
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Whats a girl to do?

Hey guys, I am very irritated at the moment because I can't seem to knit a top I want to wear!

I have knit the Chickami, and while it was close it just didn't do it for me, I knit Picovoli and I don't think I'm a fan of top down knitted tanks, then I tried a Dalegarn Trend tank that looked sooo good on the model, but knit up it was so amazingly disapointing.

I have some rowan calmer and I am determined to knit something to wear to the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival. It's enough yarn for a tank top. Any idea's or suggestions?? I want something for fitting but not too form fitting that it's tight. Maybe I am measuring myself wrong.. I'm just so frustrated.. maybe I need to make up my own pattern by measuring a tank top I won but I don't know the rules like, if I should knit it slightly wider for seaming etc. I would probably prefer to knit it in the round for speed, but then I think things seem to have more structure when seamed because of the seams.

ARGH!! Am I crazy? I feel like NOTHING I knit is anything I would ever wear!!
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FO: Fiber Trends Felted Sheep

In case any of you were thinking of knitting one of the Fiber Trends sheep, I highly recommend it. It's great for a last-minute gift (took me about 3 nights of work), and was very well received.

My photos are here. The finished product did get eyes, just not in time for photos...
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ok...so Im buying this

I want to make something lace-ish...like a shawl or scarf maybe...I dont know...I was contemplating branching out...but Im open to suggestions....so please suggest!

I just need pretty patterns for mohair yarn....Ive found 80% mohair...
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Help! I dropped a twisted stitch!

Hi, everyone! I'm working on Clapotis now, in the straight rows, and somehow  I accidentally dropped a stitch several rows back. I went ahead and unravelled the stitch past the missed loop and was getting ready to pick it up with my handy-dandy crochet hook and travel back up the ladder to my needle when I realized that it was one of the stitches that is knit through the back loop every other row.   (I hope I'm making sense here.  I'm still new and not sure how else to explain what I'm doing). 

So, my question for you lovely people is - How do I pick up that column of dropped stitches and make the ones needing to be twisted twisted? Is there a way to do this or am I going to have to frog back 10 rows?

I know that the twisted stitches make a nice edging to the intentionally dropped stitches in the pattern, and I don't want to mess that up. One post I had seen about Clapotis showed that not twisting the stitch could make that edging loose and sloppy. Oh God, please don't tell me I have to frog!!!  


TIA for all the help. This novice knitter really appreciates it!
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