April 5th, 2006


Do the Funky Chicken!

Okay, so, let's just get it out in the open right now, shall we? I'm a great big goony freak. I absolutely LOVE the Chicken Viking Hat. The crappy part about this hat is that it's for a baby. Granted, who wouldn't want to make their baby look like they've got the butt-end of a raw bird on their head? Good times, I say. Good times.

Here's my thing, though. I'd love to have this in a grown-up size. I've got friends who'd wear it, and wear it proud. Improv-ers are insane. They just are. So, has anyone ever sized it up? How tough would this be? Would it suck to do, or would it be relatively easy? It's also made of cotton. How would it translate to wool, or to a cotton-wool blend (like Sierra or something like that)?

Please, think of the chickens.
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"uniting the sleeves" questions

I'm planning to unite the sleeves (quote EZ)for a jumper knitted in the round. I'm OK with raglan sleeves but am not too sure if I can do the same for set-in sleeves?

I kept running through the process in my mind and cannot see any major problems except sewing at the shoulders might be a little tricky. If I were to place my markers and follow the decreasing instructions as given for the sleeves and body (pattern written for flat knitting)can anyone advise me of any hiccups that I may encounter? Do I work the decreases 1 stitch from the edge?

Another WIP was knitted in the round up to the sleeves and then knitted back and forth. My sleeves are ready to be sewn onto the jumper body but I've decided not to bind-off just yet till I get some opinion from the experts here!
I want to try pick up the stitches from the body and then do a 3 needle cast off without showing an obvious joint on the shoulders. Is there a particular technique I should use when picking up the stitches?

Thanks in advance!
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Dear Livejournal

Almost Done...

I'm almost done with my third project...just gotta find time to put the tassles on it.
Does anyone find that they get almost to the end of the project and find it hard to do the last little bits?
I should have a picture up tomorrow night if I can get home tonight and get the tassles done. http://www.jlbff.com/knitting

One quick thing...
If I take an original pattern and tweak it to be my own pattern...is it good to reference the original pattern or can I take credit for the creation? For instance Collapse )
Theresa 2008

I need help with the Soleil pattern please.

I know many of you made Soleil a year or so ago. I'm finally getting around to it and I have a question that even after searching I can't find an answer to. After the increase rounds it says "continue in st st until body measures 12[other measurements] inches. My question is, does that include the lace work or is the pattern only referring to the st st after the lace work rounds? If it includes the lace work, I'm at 12" exactly. If not, I need to keep going. Help? :)
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FOs -- Lace bookmarks and dishclothes

Thanks for your previous advice on starching my lace bookmark. I decided to go with the epsom salt method, and it worked pretty well. I used a 1-1 ratio of salt and boiling water, mixed well so the salt dissolved, and then let the water cool a bit before dipping in the bookmark, blotting and blocking. I think I could have done a better job on blocking the rectangular bookmark as some of the YOs aren't very clear, so I may try that again. The saltwater mixture gave the bookmark "body." It's not stiff now, but it's not completely floppy either.

I've also been knitting up several cotton dishclothes to practice fun stitch patterns and also to give as a gift to my mom, who really prefers using cotton dishclothes.

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seeking wisdom

Hello, wise and honorable knitting community!
I am seeking advice on Tubey from this winter's issue of Knitty, found at http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEwinter05/PATTtubey.html
If any of you have made it, could you answer the following questions?
1. Did you use the recommended yarn? If not, what did you sub and did you need more/less yardage?
2. What size did you make it in? Did it fit well? Was it as stretchy as the pattern said it was?
3. Was it a fun knit, or did you not really care for it?

I am a "broke college student" that would need to knit this up in an XL, so i was wondering about other yarns (less expensive!) and fit (hard to find a good one!)



A novel product -- Yarntainer?

Does anyone here use these? Are they practical?

I wonder because the concept just fascinates me for some reason. I saw a similar product line at Target (craft storage section) and nearly had a ca-KNIT-ption because of the shear novelty of it. Yarntainer...still makes me smile. :-)

EDIT: I wasn't planning to buy one. More just marveling at the novelity of it and wondering what others thought. I too have much better use for the $.
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knitting a circle from the center outwards

I'm working on a garnstudio pattern which calls for me to knit a big circle for the body of a sweater. IT's sort of like the kitty pi pattern. Anyway they said to cast on 8 stitches and ditribute on dpns and then increase every other round. Well for stability I cast on the 8 stitches and just knit without joining in the round for 2 rows and then joined. I did this because I always have an issue with the first few rows of knitting in the round.

The result is a hole in the middle of the fabric which i am trying to figure out how to best fix. I have a fairly long tail but dont really see a way to thread it through and fix the hole without ruining the shape of the sweater (circle).

Does anyone have any suggestions?
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lace shawl/wrap patterns?

what are your favorite lace shawl/wrap patterns? i'd like to start one and i'm curious what patterns people like better than others. post websites, books, pics, blogs, etc. i appreciate it!
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Picking up and knitting

So I am picking up stitches around the neckline of the sweater I am knitting. The instructions say "pick up and k 59 stitches". Does this mean I am both pulling the yarn though the bound off stitch and then transferring the loop to a second (left) needle to knit the stitch once more before moving to the next pick up? That's what it seems to be telling me but It looks strange and is rather awkward to do.

Thanks for any help.
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what to do with this yarn . . .

if you were two balls of this yarn (http://www.patonsyarns.com/product.php?LGC=classicmerinowool) in leaf green (it's really a more vibrant, leafy green than it looks on the site), what would you want to be?

i bought it to make liesel, but it's just not doing it for me, even with blocking it looks too crowded.

if it makes any difference in your suggestions, i also have a ball each of the same yarn in dark grey mix and new denim (or demin, if the site is to be believed).

thanks, in advance, for your help!

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Is it just a bad idea to try to make clapotis out of sock yarn?

I ordered three skeins of sock garden from KnitPicks with intentions of turning it into a clapotis. I guess I didn't really think about just how thin it is when I ordered it.

What'cha think?