April 6th, 2006


Lopi Tote question

I'm working on this: http://www.helloyarn.com/lopitote.htm

On the handles, it says "On the next row, k 10, cast off 20, k20, cast off 20, k 10."

Okay, I can figure that part out. But then it says, "Next row, knit around, casting 20 sts. back on where you cast them off in the previous row."

I have absolutely no idea how to cast on the stitches that I bound off previously. This is my first time knitting in the round and trying to do something like this. I wish there had been photos to show me what this is supposed to look like, but I'm lost.

Can someone please help me? Thanks
[Brit&Justin] let you down

i think this is related to knitting.

i just have a question about a possible knitting injury, so if this isn't allowed, feel free to delete, lovely mods! :)

so i was at work last night (i hostess at a restaurant), standing around, nothing to do. and i was rubbing my hands and at the base of the middle finger on my right hand (not actually on the hand, but at the very bottom of the finger), there's a hard ball under the skin. it's really tiny, but it's hard as a rock and it's kind of freaking me out. one of my managers said it may be a wart, but my mom (who lives out of state) says it's a callous from my yarn rubbing it. i thread the yarn over my pinkie, under the two middle fingers, then over the index finger. i guess i pretty much guide the yarn with my middle finger i suppose, but it doesn't look like a callous to me, as it's under the skin.

has anyone had one of these? any insight?

thanks in advance. :)
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Thinking of divorcing my husband to marry long-tail cast-on...

I've been trying to knit my first pair of adult sized socks for a couple weeks now, and having no luck. I'm using magic loop and I kept having these problems where my cast on-row would get all stretched out of shape and make the sock look weird, so I'd be convinced I was screwing something up and I'd rip it out and start over only to have the same thing happen again every time...

Then I got to thinking that maybe I wasn't screwing up, maybe my cast-on was inadequate. I never learned any type of cast-on other than a knitted one. I thought it always worked fine (other than hating how my cast-on row always looked flimsy and holey-which I thought was something I was doing wrong). When I made my first pair of socks (baby), I used a knit cast-on, but I was using thicker DK weight yarn (and not the teeny fingering weight stuff I am using now), so maybe that's why it seemed sturdier.

So I went to knittinghelp.com and looked at the cast-on videos and came across the long-tail cast-on. I watched the video a few times and practiced it and soon I was a master at casting-on this way! Oh my God, it was SO FAST. SO much faster than knitting on!! And the edge! It's so substantial and non-stretchy-out-of-shapey! And not holey! It looks *awesome* and my sock is flying along now! I cannot BELIEVE that something as simple as a different cast-on technique could make such a huge difference!

What I want to know, is can I use this cast-on all the time, for any project that doesn't specify a different cast-on method? Is there any sort of project I wouldn't want to use it on? Are there any downsides to this cast-on, other than the potential to run out of yarn if you don't estimate enough?

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I recently subscribed to IK & the first copy I received was really beat up by the PO. The cover is creased down the middle & dog eared & the back cover is creased & ripped. The inside pages are also folded, like the whole think was jammed in the bottom of a mailcarrier's bag for awhile (ahem...). Anyway, I requested and received a new copy & I hate to just recycle this damaged one when someone could probably use it. The patterns are all complete. I would ask that you cover shipping through Paypal at probably around $3.00. Email me if you want it...

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(no subject)

Thanks everyone for your help in some past posts… too much help to respond to all of your comments individually, but I've gotten book recommendations and all sorts of niftiness.

The sweater I was going to design, I've already begun the process of consulting with my friend about it and we both know that's gonna take a couple years, probably. As for this sweater, I decided to go ahead and knit it in two pieces rather than adapting it to knit in the round, even though it was "self-striping". (It looks like the "stripes" are so wide that it won't make much difference, and someone had a great idea that if the stripes didn't match up to knit a thin strip in a contrast color that I sew in in between the front and back, and that may look really cool. I'm probably going to knit up the two pieces and see how it looks, and decide after I see it.)

I have a new question about that yarn, though -- the gauge called for in the pattern is smaller than the gauge this yarn is getting. I've gone down two needle sizes and it's still a not enough stitches per inch; I'm afraid to go any smaller on the needles because the fabric would get too stiff.

So it's time to re-write the pattern to reflect this. I'm assuming it'd be a logical step of "see how many stitches per inch the pattern called for, see how many stitches you are actually getting per inch with the yarn you're using, see how many inches the cast-on edge is supposed to be and adapt accordingly", but I was wondering if there are any good tutorials for "adapting to your yarn" so I can double-check and make sure I'm not forgetting something really obvious.

I don't need to have this be "done" until July 4th (it's red, white, and blue -- I usually don't "dress for the occasion" on that day, but I just saw the yarn and figured this year I'd be all cute for a change), so there's plenty of time.

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KnitPicks Shine Worsted pinks?

Hi all,

I'm wondering if any of you have purchased KnitPick Shine Worsted in Blush or any other pink-ish color. I really want to get some for a baby blanket, but on my monitor none of the colors look truly pink to me, and I wanted to know if in real life they are pinker than they appear onscreen. If none of them are really pink, I'll probably end up going with the purples.


(no subject)

I very much need a puffin pattern. Penguin won't do, it's got to be a puffin. My local enormous book store and the couple of knitting stores I've looked at don't have that World of Knitted Toys book, so I was hoping someone here who owns it could tell me if it's got a puffin in it (if it does, I finally have my excuse to order it from amazon :-P)

Otherwise...if anyone else has seen a puffin pattern, let me know. Thanks much :-)

Yarn dyability question...

Hi folks...

I have been wanting to get some superwash sock yarn to try my hand at hand dying and have been perusing my options for brands. Since Halcyon is only about 40 minutes away, I thought that maybe I would take a jaunt down there to pick some yarn up. The yarn that caught my eye is Limbo, which is listed as being DK weight and superwash. Hoping to get some opinions of how easily this yarn dyes and wears, I played with google and found that according to yarndex, Limbo is actually worsted weight.

So, I am hoping that someone here can enlighten me a little... both to what the real weight is and whether it dyes and wears well. Any thoughts would be wonderful... even suggestions to other yarns that Halcyon has that I might want to consider.

Thanks in advance!

converting lace to in the round

So, i'm trying to convert the rose leaf pattern from flat to in the round, and i think i have it right, but i've never done this before so if you guys could check look at it and see that would be great (i cant figure out to do a swatch in the round)

the flat version

R1: yo, k2tog, k1, yo, k5, yo, s1-k2tog-psso, yo, s1-k1-psso, s1-k2tog-psso, (k1, yo)x2, k3
R2 + all even: yo, k2tog, k1, p15, k3

in the round
the even rows are the ones i've changed, becuase thats whats on the wrong side in the flat verion. and heres my conversion

R1: yo, k2tog, k1, yo, k5, yo, s1-k2tog-psso, yo, s1-k1-psso, s1-k2tog-psso, (k1, yo)x2, k3
R2+ all even: p3, k15, p1, ssk, yo

thats how i figured it out, and it makes sense in my head, but if its wrong please let me know :)
BSG - Gencon 2006

Store review: Main Street Knits, Pleasanton, CA

Main Street Knits
205 Main Street, Suite A
Pleasanton, CA 94566

A friend from out of town was in Pleasanton for a training class, and I had at least a half hour to kill. I'm rarely in the East Bay, so I figured I'd see if I could find a yarn store around, and lo, there was Main Street Knits.

The store was easily found, and there was a good amount of parking to be had. It's next door to a British Food store, which was unfortunately closed for the day :(

The ladies in the store were very nice, and friendly and pushers helpful. I mentioned lace, and "Well, there's this book and this book, and have you ever seen this designer?" So.. I ended up with a new book and a new pattern. DAMN THEM ANYWAY. :)

The store is somewhat weighted towards Berocco and Karabella, but there's a decent selection of other yarns, including some sock yarns and some Crystal Palace and Debbie Bliss and so on. They also carry some Jordana Paige bags and a lot of Addi Turbos.

The store is pretty tiny, but I still ended up in there for about 45 minutes (I'd allotted about 25 originally) and enjoyed myself.

Editted: Book: The best of Knitters' magazine, Shawls and Scarves (mostly because I went OOOO at the very first pattern and well, doom.)
I also got the Fibertrends River stole, but the pattern seems to have already gone missing AUGH.

LYS in San Antonio?

Hello knitters.

I'm going to be in San Antonio next week for the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest. The hotel we're in is on the Riverwalk and my transportation options will be limited, but I was wondering if there were any great yarn stores I might be able to check out while I'm there. Or, for that matter, if any of you lovely people might be going too.

Uhoh! Sadie found the scissors!//Me

The joys of a LYS!

I come with a few yarn pictures!
Three pictures of my new baby, some Blue Heron Rayon Boucle in Bluegrass. I just found a LYS store about 10 minutes away from me and this was my purchase (of the month. It was expensive 0.0). I also picked up some addi turbo 16" circulars. The sad thing, though, is that now that I've found the store, it's closing! But at least this will prompt some nice sales. Now I need to find another lys. How do you all find them?! Gosh!
I was wondering what to do with my new lovely yarn. I was thinking maybe the dragon scales scarf, but I don't want to waste all the loveliness on another scarf. Perhaps a shawl (though it won't block, but that's all right with me)?

Something else I'd like to share:
I work at my local library as a page and in a few weeks we're doing a sort of reading group on the YA book "Chicks with Sticks (It's a Purl Thing)". So one of the librarians asked me if I would like to come in and help her teach the 7th graders how to knit. They all have to supply their own needles and I'm bringing in some of my scrap yarn and the librarian has some more. We're only going to teach them how to knit garter stitch squares and when it's all said and done we are going to put all the squares together to make a quilt for charity. I'm very excited. I hope at least one of those girls will walk out wanting to continue knitting.
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Cotton Sock Yarn

My Project Spectrum is waaaaay off!!

I am attempting a Jaywalker sock using On Line Supersocke 100. The yarn content is: 45% Baumwolle, 40% Shurwolle, 15% Polyamid (I believe it is in german). I think this is cotton, it feels that way and there is NO stretch to it. The label suggests a 2,5- 3,5 needle (I think). Now, the Jaywalker pattern states that you sould cast on using an Opal yarn with size 1's for 76 stitches. I am using size 2's and my sock is waaaaaayy to big!
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FO: Cabled Hat, and mourning winter knitting projects

A few days ago I decided I really needed an orange cabled hat. But now that I've finished it, I realized I won't get much more time to wear it before it's too warm! And now all my ideas for little wrist warmers, mittens, and entrelac scarves will officially have to wait until fall. I guess there's always my Branching Out scarf ...

I got the pattern from d-made.blogspot.com and added a folded brim. The pattern was written for sportweight yarn, but I knitted it up in some worsted Brown Sheep Nature Spun (French Clay) and it worked out just fine. This was my first cabling project, too (cabling is super easy!)

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Knitting molecular models

I'm taking the final section of Organic Chemistry, yay! One of our assignments is to make an ~24" model of a preapproved organic compound, and give a presentation on it. The deadline is April 19 or 20, so I may not even have enough time to do what I was thinking, which is knitting my model, of course. It has to be between C10 and C25. I really don't know how to go about this; I know I'd need to knit and stuff a bunch of little spheres and tubes for the molecules and bonds, and then join them together. Has anyone ever done anything like this, or have any ideas? I googled for how to "knit a sphere," and variants of that, with no luck, although I did find a super cute pattern for a non-spherical purse, and I also tried "how to knit a ball," and found this pattern: http://www.rochesterknitting.org/Patterns/ball.htm
But it doesn't say how large the final ball is, and I'd like to use worsted weight acrylic I have lying around, or sport or worsted weight cotton, which I also have here. What do y'all think?

toe up socks and heels: which do you prefer.

I think I'm going to tackle toe up socks. Two at once on two circular needles no less.

Up until now I've only done top down socks, heal flaps and gusset etc.
So I go out and search through millions of patterns. And now I am left with even more questions.

I've found patterns that have the foot gusset/heal flap thing. And I've found patterns that use the short row heel.
And now I don't know which ones to try.

It must be late, because I'm having trouble visualizing which would be better.

So I'll ask you:
Which kind of heels do you prefer in your toe up socks?
Short row or flap? Why?

When I made my top down socks I remember the heel being kind of boxy, and I didn't like that.
But I liked the extra stitches it gave for ease around the top of my foot, where it's thicker, I always have trouble fitting socks around the instep.

Is there some combination that I'm missing in my sleep deprived state?
...maybe i should just go to bed.
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