April 7th, 2006


You slipped what?!

I hear so many different things spreckled around in random posts, and I was just wondering if someone could clear this up for me in one large lump of information.

I'm working on Broadripple right now, and I'm at the heel where you *sl1, k1* for the RS and then sl1, p across for the WS. Now, with every slip, I have been slipping as if to knit. I intend to continue doing this just for continuity, and on the second sock, but I have a few questions and scenarios that I would be very appreciative of if answered so that I can do things the right way next time. Thanks!

1. As a GENERAL rule, how do you always slip if it's not indicated in a pattern? I slip as if to ______.

2. Let's say you are working in stockinette now, and have been slipping the first stitch on every row. If you are on the right side, do you slip the first stitch as if to knit, or slip as if to purl? If you are on the wrong side, do you slip the first stitch as if to knit, or slip as if to purl?

3. Would the answer to question 2 be applicable to many other scenarios based on the stitches on the RS and stitches on the WS?

Thanks in advance! I'm jsut so curious because I've heard so MANY different things.
Ianto Fucking Jones

Sorry for the lame question

I am trying to decide on yarn for a sweater and am debating between Elann Highland Wool, Knitpicks Wool of the Andes, and Knitpicks Mainline
I've not used any of these and I have some concerns (which is reason #42 why an instantaneous teleportation device would rock, immediate testing of yarn):
-Wool of the Andes does not look nice in the sample swatch on the site, and I hear rumors of itchiness
-The Elann looks nice knitted up but again seems like it could be itchy
-They both seem like they would be very hot
- Mainline, cotton so not as hot, but I disliked the feel of the only cotton I have tried (admittedly this was Sugar n' Cream)

Can anyone who has used this dispel or validate these fears, provide a glowing recommendation for any of the yarns?

I might end up buying a skein of each to see what they are like, but I am poor and want to start the sweater soon so I do not know if that is a good idea.

[Edit] The sweater I am planning is tubey I was going to do Sesame but changed my mind just as I was about to order yarn.
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I need a little help with the Clapotis

So this sounds dumb to me...but I have tried it many times, and think that I keep messing it up, because I can't get past the first couple rows.

How the heck can I start out with two stitches and then end up with a bunch of them? I don't think pfb makes much sense to me. Also for slipping stitches and psso.

It's late, I'm probably not making much sense myself, but if someone can explain those a little bit further I'd be extreamly greatful. Thank you.
bitch please

a revelation

I was having loads of trouble with the Hurry Up Spring Arm-Warmers and just had a thought. I knit continental style (left-handed). The pattern called for me to sl right needle through next 3 sts as if to k, k through the front, back and front of all 3 sts. So would I sl left needle through next 3 stitches and then k through the back, front, and back, if that makes sense? Do I basically just reverse directions?

Really, has anyone knitted the Hurry Up Spring Arm-Warmers in this (http://www.cobweb.net/~knitting/lefties.html) knitting style?

Subject lines (yes, it's more ADMIN stuff) and a poll

Just a quick little reminder: it helps everyone if you can make your subject lines a little more specific than just "help" or "pattern?" I don't mean to pick on individuals here, but just to use yesterday afternoon as an example: we had two nearly-consecutive posts entitled "patterns?" and "pattern suggestions." I have to admit that my brain just slid right by those. I'd suggest something like "spider web patterns?" and "seeking physics related patterns." If you need help with a specific design (e.g., Clapotis, the One-Skein-Wonder), mentioning that in your subject line is a great help, too.

Doing this will:
1. make it more likely that if someone *does* have an answer off the top of their head that they will notice the question.
2. make it easier for someone else who might be looking for the same idea in the future to find the post. This is a big part of the value of the community, all the collected knowledge we've got. But since there's so much, anything we as individuals can do to make it simpler is a boon to everyone.

ETA: P.S. And tags! I forgot about tags. Things should be set up so that you can add one of our pre-existing tags to your post. Only the mod team can make new tags, but if there's one you need, let us know and we'll add it to the list. We've also got a member of the mod team who specifically manages tags for us and occasionally goes through and adds tags to particularly helpful posts. But go ahead and add 'em yourselves, too!

And now, the poll:

I've been pondering putting together a post with reminders of how things work around here that would go out to the community once a month (or every couple of months, or a few times a year...). It would probably duplicate a lot of the stuff in the user info: how moderation works, the photos-behind-a-cut rule, cross-posting rule, etc. I know a lot of mailing lists have monthly reminder posts, and I'll admit that seems sort of often. We don't want y'all to feel like we're stomping around here all of the time. On the other hand, it might help with the "hey, did you even read the community info before you joined?" feeling we can get. It would go behind an LJ-cut most of the time so folks who've been around a long time don't have to scroll through the whole thing.

Poll #706037 Knitting admin reminders?

Should we have a regularly recurring "reminder from the mods" post?

That would be so annoying!
That would be so helpful!

If you think it's a good idea, how often?

I already said it would be so annoying!
Once a month would be OK.
Every other month.
Whenever it seems like we really need it.


I've been checking out some spiderwebby knits like this shawl by Lisa Souza and this bowl by Crochet Memories.

Now, I'm looking for something similar-ish in a free pattern, because ordering stuff to Australia from the US is a real pain in the bum, but so far my travels have turned up naught but patterns that don't look particularly cobwebby at all.

Does anyone know of anything?
kobolds ate my baby

baby DROPS 13&14

Just a heads-up for those of you who were waiting. The Swedish/Danish/Norwegian version of the newest DROPS catalogues are up. This is the one with all the adorable baby stuff, the one that was only supposed to be one, but it seems like they had so much feedback. They just incuded everything from the preview and made two babyDROPS catalogues this spring.

Which means...

Translated into English version should be about a week or so away.

eta: *grumble* someone might have said something about forgetting the links.

Copyright Question- Stitch patterns

I think I know the answer to this but I want to double check...it's not something that's good to risk, ya know?

Anyway, I just bought the "Big Book of Knitting Stitch Patterns" (a "stitchionary" if you will), and I was wondering... if I were to use one of their fancy stich patterns, let's say a lace, and make a scarf... could I sell it? Could I publish the pattern? What if it's something more complicated, like a sweater? I mean, this book includes simple stuff like stockinette, but it's also got some pretty complicated fancy stuff that I haven't seen everywhere. Obviously you can't copyright garter stitch, but can you copyright a particular fancy-smancy cabling sequence? I'm wondering where the line is drawn, if there is one, since I'd like to eventually start designing my own patterns...but I bought this book specifically so "my own patterns" wouldn't all be in boring stockinette and ribbed stitches. I can't find any copyright info in the book, besides the publisher and stuff...but it's a BIG book so I may have missed it. This book, if it helps.

Thanks :-)

Why oh why did I do this?!

I think I already know the answer to this question! I have one sleeve left on the anthropologie inspired "caplet" (shrug!). I knit the da*ned thing with two strands of some Caron simply soft I had lying around. It's curling like a mo' fo' along the front edges 'cause it's primarily stockinette... der. Did I just waste 4+ hours of my life knitting up a big, fluffy donation to Good Will?!


I should have waited for my merino to get here. At least then I could block it. I think simply soft is the devil in acrylic sheep's clothing.

Turning a Heel

So I'm trying to make a sock (actually a pair of them) from the book Knitting Vintage Socks and it talks about turning the heel and short rows. I've made a pair of socks before but the pattern I used didn't mention turning a heel or short rows. I live in the middle of nowhere in Montana and so there's no knitting store I can go to for help. How do I turn a heel and what are short rows?

knitty's danica scarf question

i've attempted to start the danica scarf from knitty three times now, but i keep frogging it because it seems like i'm making a mistake.

on the rows that are either "pick up and purl 9 stitches" or "pick up and knit 9 stitches" there are more than 9 stitches available to pick up...i think there are around 16. this is leaving rather large gaps in between the squares.

is this normal, or can anyone tell me what i'm doing wrong? (or, did that question make any sense at all? :) )

Hurry Up Spring Armwarmers from SnBNation: ribbing question

I'm making the Hurry Up Spring armwarmers from SnB Nation, and have finished casting on and distributing my stitches. I was all ready to start when I read, closely, the first set of instructions:
Join, and, beginning and ending with k1, work in 2x2 rib until piece measures 1.5" from beg.
I have 32 stitches cast on. That should give me 8 repeats of 2x2 rib, ending with a purl, NOT a knit. Then the next row would be exactly the same, as it's in the round.
So what is this end with K1? Of course it starts with a K1... well. 2 knits actually. But otherwise, I'm confused by these instructions. Anyone have clarification for me? I'm sure I'll feel silly in a little bit... ^^;