April 8th, 2006


100% merino for socks - question on wear

I spoke with my mother yesterday about my latest yarn get. (Yes, my mother is still considered my sage of all things knitted/yarn... what can I say, it gives her something to do!) I picked up 100% merino superwash sock yarn. She told me that it will wear out in the heel quickly because there is no nylon in the yarn.

Is this true? And if so, what are my options to keep this from happening. I don't mind switching out with a different color/yarn with nylon in it in order to save these socks. I love the colorway and don't want to screw this up!

Thanks for all your knowledge!
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what to buy?

A local craft store with a great knitting section (almost as good as my LYS) is having a 50-75% off sale on knitting implements (not yarn). I'm a relatively new knitter, and most of my supplies were inherited from a knitting aunt. I own:

Sizes 1, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 (2 sets), 10.5 (short), 11, 13, 15, 17. All are metal and about 16 inches long, except for the 10.5 set, which is 10 inches, and the size 17's - which are plastic

Size 9 DPNS

Size 6,7, 8, 9, 10, 10.5, 11, 13, 15 in an old Boye circular needle set. I think the longest cord is 18 inches or so, and the shortest is 8.

(J and H crochet hooks)

[2 large stitch holders (i love these), 1 small stitch holder]

OK, so..Ive been wanting to try out wood needles, and try my hand at lace knitting (otherwise - i like chunky, instant gratification projects with big yarn and big needles :P). I'm on a tight budget and I don't really have any lace patterns in mind yet...so can anyone suggest some good, useful buys? I'm eager to try DPNs too, but I'm worried of dropping too much money into them without knowing if I'll like them. Also..would longer circular needles be a good buy? I keep hearing people talk about using 30"+ sizes!

Thanks for any feedback :)

Help With Alpaca

I bought some GORGEOUS 100% Alpaca off Ebay. Now mind you, I've only been knitting for 5 weeks. This is a very thin yarn and I am trying to knit a scarf. I am not trying to do anything fancy.. .just knit and maybe a row of purl too.

However! This darned yarn has LEGS! It is like trying to sew with silk. Gets up and runs away from my oncoming needle. I started out with a 10 and that was just UGLY so I switched back to a 7 (circular and metal). Should I try a bamboo needle? I want to knit two scarves (one for each sister) for Yule this year.

Can anyone give me some suggestions? I do know that I tend to knit tight.
Could that be an issue?
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Boyfriend Socks

This would go on my knitting blog, except I know The Boy reads the knitting blog (he likes the picture of me on it and he seems generally fascinated by my knitting = KEEPER).

I decided that I'm going to make The Boy a pair of socks. I actually found one of his socks lying around my apartment. I started kicking myself that I gave it back to him - until I found it's mate! In my apartment no less! mwahaha!!! Now I have ankle measurements, length measurements and circumference measurements!!!

I WIN!!!

Any suggestions for male sock patterns? I'd rather not do something so boring and simple as stockinette - though obviously I won't be making a pair of lace socks either. Just welcoming suggestions...
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Prom Wrap Pattern Suggestions

My senior prom is May 20th, and I'm going with my friend since my boyfriend wont be able to make it. She's wearing a black dress, and I'm hopping to wear this dress (if I can find it.)
So what's the question you ask? Since our dresses don't clash, I was thinking about making two wraps -- in the same colors of both of our dresses, but for the other one to wear so we match even more? I hope that makes sense. IE: Black wrap for me, gold & white one for her.
So far, the only gold/white yarn I've been able to find is karabella gossamer: gold/white, black/gold.

I've looked through the back entires on things made with this yarn, and found an "I Do" in the gold/white. I just don't like how it turned out so fuzzy in a shrug, so I'd rather use the yarn as a wrap.

Basically, know of any quick, easy, stitches or patterns I could knit up into two wraps using this yarn? Or, do you know of any other yarns in the gold/white colorway that aren't as fuzzy as gossamer, maybe a cotton blend (I guess I don't like mohair too much, or the thought of it all over my dress)? I've looked all over and can't find anything. I take that back, I found a few other karabella yarns -- but I can't find them for sale anywhere.

Any suggestions I'm willing to take!

Knitting a sphere?

Hey. I am trying to make a spherical sort of toy, but I'm not sure how to go about this. I googled knit sphere, but nothing really comes up. :p

What would be an appropriate pattern for this?

Would I just keep increasing by 1 stitch until I reached a wanted diameter and then decrease until I got back to the end of the sphere?
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FO (1/2 FO?): Aran sock

I stumbled upon Clanarans.com somehow and though it's completely false, I found it rekindled my burning desire to knit an aran. I'd really like to make the one that supposedly corresponds to my name, but there's no way I'm paying them $90 for a kit. Really, as a starving college student, I don't have the money for a sweater's worth of yarn or the time to knit it. So I appeased myself by making an aran-inspired sock.

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yarn problem, Baby Ull

I'm knitting a baby jacket out of Dale of Norway's Baby Ull, and in the first ball so far I've come across two places where the yarn is poorly spun or something. It's all fuzzy in these places, and the plies have come apart. It is showing up in my knitting, and I don't know what to do about it. I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem or if you think it'll straighten itself out somehow when I block it. I took a couple of pictures, but the problem didn't come across so well. It looks a lot worse than it does in the picture :/

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Favorite yarns for summer?

I'd like to knit a hat as a gift for a friend. What I have in mind is something like I've seen Muslim men wearing, but not as stiff. Their hats seem as if they'd hold their shape off of the head, but I'd like to knit something a little stretchier and softer (like a toque/toboggan type hat). That would be easy enough, but I'd like to knit the hat from a more Texas-summer-friendly yarn than wool (which I know would be beautifully stretchy and nice).

So, what are your favorite yarns for summer? I'm open to cotton, linen, blends, whatever. Just keep in mind that we have many consecutive days of 100°F weather with considerable humidity. Anything warmth-trapping is going to be uncomfortable. I have a sort of embryonic design in my head. Probably knit from bottom up, with solid portions at the bottom, then some simple eyelet mesh, finishing with a solid top decorated with spiral decreases. There will be some airflow from the mesh, but I want to make sure that it's cool enough to wear comfortably.

I'm also open to the idea of using handspun cotton. I've never spun cotton, or touched handspun cotton yarn, but maybe it would be stretchier than commercially spun cotton yarns? I don't really have enough experience to know, and the gift needs to be finished in a little less than a month, so there's not all that much time to experiment... Any knowledge on the matter would be much appreciated.

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Advice re: Booties, Jumpers, Hats (Magknits Blossom, Knitting for Baby)

I've just finished the 2nd of two of my version of Magknit's Blossom. I used Knitpicks Shine (the dk-ish weight version) and I have about a skein and a half left in each colour (magenta and purple). I thought maybe I could squeeze out matching booties and hats, so I set about using a pattern from my favourite baby-knitting book EVER, Knitting for Baby. They call for a gauge of 20 sts/40 rows = 4" in garter stitch. I hit this dead on for stitch gauge and close for row gauge (about 38 rows = 4"), and the pattern says they fit a foot size 3 1/2" (which my sources say is a 7-8 lb baby, the size I am shooting for). Tell me why, then, these booties look like they would fit a 1-year-old?? They measure about 4" long (that's an 8" ruler in the photo) and about 4" high with the cuff folded down, and they're pretty stretchy... it seems like they will just DWARF a newborn's foot, I can fit my fist in them. I don't think it is a pattern glitch I just can't believe they are so big.

Can any parents out there (or anyone, really) comment on whether this is a realistic sized bootie for a newborn? I know they aren't meant to be socks, they just seem rather large to me. I may frog and just knit socks with a row of eyelets for a tie.. I dunno. Also could parents (or anyone) advise on whether you would prefer a ribbon-tie closure for the jumpers, or a crocheted tie, or a cast-on-cast-off tie, or something else (not i-cord for the love of my sanity)? Just curious which is easiest to use.

Also, for the embroidery on the jumpers, I'm thinking magenta-on-purple and purple-on-magenta daisy-chain flowers, with stems of grey... how would that look - any thoughts?

Finally, I'm not sure if I have enough yarn left for hats as well since the booties are much larger than I expected. I do have a skein of grey Shine, which I bought to embroider on the jumpers with. I may have enough if I stripe or detail the hats somehow; can anyone recommend a good infant striped hat pattern (newborn size, possibly ribbed)?

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Question--Magknits' Eve

Not that I will actually get around to knitting it any time soon...

Did anyone make Eve, from the March 2006 issue of Magknits? If so, I'm wondering about the yarn used. The Red Heart (ugh) used to make it is discontinued, and it says substitute a bulky-weight yarn. But it also says to use size 4 needles, which doesn't seem to make sense to me. The gauge is 16 stitches to 4 inches, which would make sense with a bulky yarn (even though, of course, the yarn I want to use for it is NOT bulky). But wouldn't that end up with a really, really thick, tightly-knit fabric if I were to use the recommended needles? Any help you all can offer would be very much appreciated!!

P.S. I'm planning on using my Christmas yarn--100% alpaca, in a light worsted weight, from Smiley's Yarns, for this sweater. If I ever get around to making it. Yeah, right.
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