April 9th, 2006


Noro felted bag search.

I'm hoping you lovely knitters can help me. A week or so ago I was digging around the net and came across a felted bag, which I'm 99% sure was made from Kureyon, I fell in love with it and thought I'd bookmarked it..... It seems I didn't! I can't find it again which is the way of the world.

I believe it was a kit, rather than just a pattern with colour recommendations. The bag was a checked patten, Bright pink horizontal and vertical crossing lines with a darker colour (I want to say royal/ navy blue) squares in between. it didn't look very big... certainly not Laptop size, more what my friend would call 'keys, cash lippy and ciggie" size.

I know Noro of whatever sort changes colours so I may be remembering the colours slightly wrong, or only remembering the most striking colours. I am fairly sure it was Kureyon as I was googeling "felted bag Noro" and remember thinking that the colours didn't seem change very often considering it was Noro.

Anyone any idea what I am on about? Was it Noro or a totally different yarn that was used? Help.. Please, I need to make this bag!
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Yarn Crawl...

I too am guilty of a yarn crawl yesterday. I went to Patternworks in NH. My knitting guild went on a field trip. It was a two hour drive from Stoneham, MA. Boy oh boy did we ever have fun. I spent a little more then I had planned too. I went to get Lorna's Lace Helen's lace. It came with a pattern, but now I am starting to wonder if that is really what i want to make. Oh well, I will figure that out then. I bought some Koigu to make a neck warmer and 9 balls of Classic Yarns Cashsoft that was on sale to make myself a sweater. I also bought 2 set of turbo needles. I think that is about it. I am now off in search of a sweater pattern for my Cashsoft yarn. Has anyone knitted with it? How do you like it. That is all for now.
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Socks - heel rubbing through :(

I made some 100% wool socks a few months ago, and despite only wearing them a few times the heels on one are already rubbing through. This is particularly sad because they were my first pair of socks (and thus I didn't know to use a heel stitch or reinforce the heel). Does anyone know any tips (other than not wearing them!) for how I can prevent the heels from rubbing through completely?


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FO- Lanaknits Shell Border T-Shirt

Hey everyone!

Last week I finished the Lanaknits Shell Border t-shirt and thought I'd share some pics with everyone. This was my second FO that wasn't a hat or a scarf (the first being knitty's tempting) and it was so fun to make! (even if all that straight stockinette was mindless and tedious!)

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Cowboy Hat

Advice before I start

I'm considering making the Booga Bag for my mom (because she gets everything, damn her) and possibly one for my sister (because she gets everything that Mom doesn't!). It'll be my first felted project. They recommend Noro Kureyon, but seeing as how I like to pick my own colors (for very specific reasons), I'd like to use Lamb's Pride. They both use similarly sized needles and all that, blah blah blah.

Here's my question, though. The pattern calls for size 10 1/2 needles, which I have. If I were to use the 10 1/2s, would that make the bag more flexible than if I were to use the 8s that the yarn recommends? Or should I just suck it up and do a swatch to see which I like better? (Ugh, how I hate gauge swatches...)

My first adventure to a LYS (with small review)

Hello! My name is Karen and I live in Northwest Arkansas. There is only one LYS around here that I know of. Hand Held: A knitting gallery

Yesterday I went into the store and looked around. I seen all this yarn that everyone talks about on here that I have never witnessed with my own eyes and hands. Like Noro, Debbie Bliss, Lorna's Laces, There was some Jaeger yarns and some recycled silks. I was in heaven. But I was parked by a parking meter so I had to hurry along. I found some Collapse )
Can you guess what I am going to be Collapse )heheheh Sock Pattern suggestions will be appreciated. I am always looking for a good toe up pattern.

For those within driving distance to Fayetteville, Arkansas...

Hand Held is a clean and inviting store and the people there are really nice. I cannot really compare this LYS to any others because all my yarn shopping experiences happen to be either online, Wal-Mart, Hobby Lobby or the occasional find at a thrift store. But I can tell you this, the yarns look well cared for, everything was clean, there was quite a bit of books and patterns to buy. Lots of knitted samples so you see what the yarn looks like knitted up and lots of smiles. They also have a really mellow black kitty that is probably the supervisor. ;) They have knitting classes too. There was one going on while I was there. The lady teaching seemed to be very knowledgeable.

Anyways! Hope you all are having a great day of knitting!

*EDIT* There for a minute, I didn't have the pix behind a cut... sorry!! **EDIT AGAIN** pix should work now!
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working with alpaca cloud

I'm working with Knitpicks' Alpaca Cloud for the first time (for Trellis in Interweave Knits) and man, is the stuff slippery! I've never used such a thin yarn before, and I'm finding it really difficult, especially on the purl rows. I knit continental, and I purl continental unhappily. I'm using size 5 Clover bamboo needles, if that makes a difference. Any tips for how to make it go easier? Thanks!

(Another update/clarification: it's slippery in my hands, not so much the needles. I imagine it'll get easier with time, but so far it's giving me a headache!)
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MagKnits Short Row Rib--2 colours?

Has anyone tried MagKnits Short Row Rib scarf in 2 (or more) colours? I just started, and I don't think it's going to work, but I wanted to check for tips before I frog it and start again! 
I'm working with WotA in Winter night and Chestnut, so have moved down to 5mm needles...I'm not too worried about getting right on the same size.
(and, if anyone has done it and wants to point me to pics...)
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Stitch crazy.

Ok, I want to buy a new stitionary (or two, yay borders gift cards.)

I have the Readers Digest, and can get Barbara Walker's first treasury from the library.

I've drooled over the Harmony Guides on Amazon, and the rest of the Barbara Walker books.
But I don't know which ones to get.

What are your favorite stitionaries? Why? what would you suggest I get?

I don't want something that is just going to be repeats of what I already have.
I really like the panel and insertions section in the reader's digest book, and now that I'm addicted to toe up socks, I'm looking for simple but eye catching lace to throw into the mix.

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mother and child


Hi there,

I'm designing my first pattern (for a top) and have reached trouble about the sleeves. The design features set-in sleeves, and I have no idea how to go about it. I've looked at a couple of patterns but I don't want to just copy (copyright infringement or something), and the only sweater I've knit was a top-down raglan (see blog @ http://magic-fingers.blogspot.com).

I couldn't find anything on designing knits in various bookshops, nor on the Internet. Should I just scrap the plan for the normal sleeves and do a top-down raglan?

Please help! I am so excited about this project (just bought the yarn, it's scrummy!) and just majorly confused re: sleeves.

Thanks in advance,
Anushka xxx

(no subject)

Hey everyone! I'm in a bind and I need some opinions from all of you knitting goddesses. Heres my issue: I'm going to my boyfriends Senior Ball on May 27th and I have a "Robins Egg Blue" dress (bright baby blue). I'd rather MAKE a little handbag rather than buying one since they're so ridiculously expensive. I have some light blue knitpicks wool of the andes that I was planning on knitting with a strand of baby blue fun fur. Anyone have pics of what felted wool mixed with eyelash yarn looks like? Or could anyone suggest a good idea of a small bag? It can't be holey since I need to put little things like lipgloss and keys in it, so thats why I was siding with a felted bag. Please help....examples would be awesome!!!
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Burn the ends of mysterious yarn?

I picked up a beautiful yarn today to use to make twisted cords as ties for my jumpers (great idea, kudos to the staff at Hilltop Yarns (east) for the suggestion). I've no idea what it is, the label says "Venus collezione S Charles filati d'italia" made exclusively for Tahki Stacy Charles .. so it might be called Venus? Anyway it's 95% Viscose/Rayon (I think the label is telling me those are the same thing) and 5% polyamide. It's care instructions say hand wash, box-with-a-horizontal-line, triangle-with-an-X-through-it, no iron, P-in-a-circle, and box-with-a-circle-in-it-and-an-X-through-both.

My question is this: The yarn frays. I've made the twisted ties and knotted each end, then snipped them so the ends are intentionally fraying. However it reminds me in a way of the kind of nylon-like ropes used for various things, the kind that you burn the end and it melts and holds together quite nicely. Would a Viscose/Rayon and Polyamide blend yarn behave this way? Can I burn the ends to melt and seal them? If so, how do I do it - just hold it over a flame for a second until it starts to melt? Do I need to worry about it catching on fire?

I know there are a bunch of burn test websites and I've googled - Rayon seems to be linked with flammability in childrens' clothes so perhaps this is not a good idea - but I am mostly confused by the Viscose/Rayon thing. Are they interchangeable terms?

Thanks for any advice!!
Red Streak 2

Sockapalooza Sharing

I started knitting the first sock for my Sockapalooza Pal. FINALLY. :) I started on Friday night, knit for a couple hours on Saturday and have knit for about 2.5 hours today. I'd say I've knit about 6 hours total? One of these days I should time myself with a stop watch and only count knitting time, not time I get up do something and then sit down to knit again. I'm about 1/2" or less from decreasing for toes and then done! It's amazing how quickly I can knit a sock when it doesn't involve a stitch pattern.

It started out like this on Friday night: Collapse )
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