April 10th, 2006


Book Recommendation Needed

Hi Knitters!

I received a gift card for B&N for my birthday and I wanted to order a knitting book (of course!) I wanted to get a book to help me use my leftover and singleton skeins I have in my stash. I was thinking about either OddBall Knitting or One Skein but I don't know which is a better book. You know, good patterns, good content, etc. So I'm turning to you all to help. Can anyone recommend one over the other? Or even a different book altogether? Help me!

Thanks everyone! ^_^

EDIT: I've chosen to go with One Skein. Thanks to those who offered advice!

(no subject)

This is an acrylic question, so acrylic haters please scroll past.

(Yes, I <3 acrylic. But I also have my fair share of wool and such. So hush. ;-D)

I want to make a shawl from the LB webpage, and it calls for Homespun. LB Homespun is not my fav, because I have noticed it sheds. But I love some of the colors that they have. So my question is: For those of you that have used LB homespun in projects before, does the shedding stop? After a wash or such? If it does keep shedding, Ill just pass on it.

Has anyone made these

Seaweed Socks in self-striping yarn and what did they look like? I'm new to sock knitting and have some Regia self striping yarn and thought about doing them.

Or would it be better to just do plain socks and let the stripes be the focus?
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Twirl by Mora

Size 00 needles - resources?

So I have plans to make some baby socks, from a pattern in Knitting Vintage Socks. The pattern calls for #00 needles. The smallest my LYS had was #0, so I started with those. Nope - these socks are huge. So I started Googling and looking in all my usual places online, but I'm not finding #00 DPNs. Preferably in wood/bamboo - steel ones are too slippery for my taste.

Does anyone know of a good resource for sock needles in this size? I'm knitting for a pair of twins who are on the small side in utero, so I'd really like to knit with the tee-tiny needles. Thanks!
baby jane

(no subject)

hey again!

almost finished my version of the meema's felted bag from SnB. it's pretty much the same thing, except i made mine bigger, and i'm eliminating the handles, and adding a flap and a shoulder strap. so i guess it's going to be kind of a messenger bag, which is kind of what i wanted in the first place, but i can't do herringbone stitch so i couldn't do the one in SnB 2.

two questions:

for a shoulder strap, i guess i should make it garter stitch, right? and probably with smaller needles to make it stronger?

for the flap, ahould i do it in garter so it doesn't curl up, or can i do it in stockinette stitch because i'm going to felt it anyway? or should i do a band of garter at the bottom, and around the sides?



(no subject)

So, a friend of mine is having a baby. I'm really at a loss of something to knit her. Can y'all reccomend something uber cute?

I'm just looking for baby patterns. Just for insparation. Yes, I've googled. No, it doesn't matter if it's a boy, girl. Size doesn't matter. Just looking for cute patterns. Thanks.

glow in the dark yarn

ok, i thought i'd seen this asked before, but when i google searched our community here i couldn't find anything. anyone use glow in the dark yarn? if so, which brand and where did you buy it? i'm making my hubby a plain old wool/acrylic sweater but he wants a glow in the dark charlie brown zig zag on it. i'm guessing it'd be easier to duplicate stitch the GITD portion on after rather than knit with it? any experience working with GITD yarn is appreciated. thansk!

left sleeve vs right sleeve

Change to larger needles and proceed in stocking st inc 1 st each
end of needle on 5th and following 4th rows to 58 (66-62) sts and
then on following 6th rows to 78 (84-84) sts.
Cont even until work from beg measures 20½ (21-21½) ins [52
(53.5-54.5) cm], ending with RS facing for next row.
Shape top: Cast off 11 (12-12) sts beg next 6 rows. Cast off rem
12 sts.

^ Here's my pattern for the sleeves. So when working the right sleeve, should I begin with a knit stitch (after the ribbing) and on the left sleeve begin with a purl (again, after the ribbing)? Or should I start with a knit stitch for both. Because the stitching for the sleeve should point inward right?

Also, I'm counting every 4 rows for my increase, and I'm making the smallest size, so I would end my increase at row 58. I started the increases at row 5 and went up in multiples of 4 (so 9, 13, 17, etc) so the last increase will be at 57 and not 58 right? Am I missing something or is the pattern wrong?


Give something Geeky back

So I've asked a lot of questions and received invaluable advice from the ladies and gents in this community. In the spirit of giving something back, I wanted to share this super-duper geeky fair isle chart with everyone here. I made it myself but haven't had a chance to use it yet. I hope someone here can:
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xmas 2011

adoption gift

A friend of mine is adopting a little girl who will be 18-24 months when she gets her and is currently pregnant with twins. I am *very* new to knitting but would love to make something easy and sweet for her. Any suggestions? If I make blankets, how big should they be? (I don't have any children yet myself)

Thanks so much.

Special Request: Yarn Labels / Ball Bands Collection

I have recently started a collection of the labels from yarn balls, some people call them "ball bands". I'd like to request that the knitters in this group please be kind enough to collect and send me the paper labels from your yarn, and maybe someday I'll have the biggest yarn label collection in the world! ;) I will be entering all the addresses of the people that send me labels into a random drawing and will send some nice yarn from my stash to a few people to show my gratitude for their contribution to my collection. Here's my address and many thanks in advance!

Alexis Knits
18-33 Craig Street
London, ON
N6C 1E9

Sweater assembly?

So, I'm hopeless.
What's the proper way & order to assemble something knitted that has set-in sleeves?
Do you set it out like a big cross & then do the arm & side seams or do you do up the arm & side seams first & then fit the arms & body together or what?
Knowing that the collective brain of Knitting actually knows what to do, I pose the question to you:
How do I put together this sweater?

(no subject)

Hi there. I vaguely remember someone on this community saying Prague had good value yarn (admittedly this was ages ago). I'm in Prague on holiday at the moment, any recommendations on where to go?


if you were a wrap..

like a stole type wrap, lacy rectangle.. how long would you like to be?

I'm making a stole for my daughter as a gift to honor her college graduation. her school colors are garnet and black, I'm using a 3 ply fingering wool that twines a strand of garnet with a strand of dark almost black charcoal gray and a strand of a lighter but still not light gray.. which sounds like it would knit gray with a hint of wine but somehow it works out the other way around, the effect when knitted, from any distance is a really deep red wine color.. it's school spirited but doesn't look that way. :)

anyway.. the pattern I'm using.. I'm not really using.. I've completely ignored the yarn weight and the needle size and the gauge recommendations so I'm going to end up with a completely different garment.. which was my goal. :) the pattern is more or less the knitty branching out scarf, only with 1 stitch instead of 3 stitch border and 6 repeats wide. I used the same brand/weight yarn and the same needles to knit my branching out scarf, and I 28 repeats out of 1 ball of yarn and it blocked to about 5'.. I didn't think to measure it before I gave it away, but it was in that neighborhood and that's fairly consistant with what it was supposed to be, so I figure 6 balls ought to give me about 5' in this pattern, maybe a little more.. and it occurs to me today that I hadn't really thought hard enough about whether that was long enough..

is 5' long enough for a wrap/stole? that's the math I've been going with so that's what I've based my scheduled rows per day on :) and if I need to adjust that up to make it longer, I'd be happier doing it now than 2 weeks from now, it needs to be finished, blocked, dry, folded and wrapped by 5/4 and it'd be easier (or at least more realistic) to force myself to do 5 more rows a day from here out than 20 more rows per day that last week, or whatever.. :)

she's a medium junior sized gal, 6-8, if that's important.. and I guess I could always add fringe to it, if that sounds like it would be attractive and shorten my knitting time some.. I'm sure I could add 6-7 inches of fringe to each side faster than I could add another 14 inches of length to the actual knitting.. I have oodles of the yarn, so that's not an issue.. but time is.. I need a realistic schedule.
upside down is sexy

patterns for super lightweight yarn?

Just today I received some Handpainted Buotone from handpaintedyarn.com. It is so superfine and light but I have no idea what to make with it. I have 6 skeins, so approx. 1560 yards. Their website doesn't mention anything about yarn weight or gauge, and I haven't yet used anything lighter than a 3 (light worsted), but I am guessing this would be a fingering weight.

This yarn is simply beautiful and I want to make something with it that will show off it's unusual texture and gorgeous color (the colorway is Pocitos). But what? I've never done lace, and am half afraid to attempt it, and I am not a shawl person (I am very much a faded blue jeans and plain black t-shirts person), though for this, if the right pattern appeared, I'd wear it. I don't even know enough people who would appreciate the time spent on a handknit piece, so it's not destined to be a gift for someone else.

I need ideas. Possibly a shawl or wrap. Possibly a sweater (though unlikely, as I'd need an XL to XXL, so there's probably not enough of this yarn for a sweater, unless I double-stranded it with something else). Possibly... well, I am already out of ideas. Help!
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prom wrap pattern?

it just seems to be the time of year for prom knitters!

anyway, I have been knitting for years, but i am still considered an advanced beginner.....i can't do DPNs, i have never been taught socks or sweaters.....all i can really do are scarves, bags, shawls, and some hats.  I wish i could learn more, but it's all my mom knows, and there is nowhere around me that could teach me more than that.   I'm a visual learner, so i can't do any kind of internet tutorials.

anyway, prom is coming up!!! My dress is shades of blue, and is very sleek.  i wish i had a picture....

I want a silver shawl, kind of lacy, and relatively quick to make.  if anyone has a pattern idea, please let me know!

thanks much, and happy knitting!
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bitch please

knitty's nautie

*EDIT* - I'm the one who confuses my knits for purls. It's actually the purls that are facing out instead of the knits that are supposed to be facing out.


I'm currently in the process of knitting the coiled shell from knitty's nautie and I've run into something. I officially knit mirror of regular knitting. The beginning was knit in i-cord (and looks fine) and then the stitches were put in the round and are supposed to be stockinette, with the knits facing outward, I think I've got a problem as a result of how I knit. The knitted side is facing out instead the purls of the stockinette.

Should I frog it and purl where it says to knit or do you guys think it's possible for me to turn it inside out with something right now and teach myself to knit right handed?
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sock toe question

I'm almost done with my first sock-- so much fun!
But okay. I have an issue. I'm using the Knitting Pure and Simple Beginner's Lightweight Sock pattern
and I think I want to change the toe closure. The pattern wants me to decrease until I have 8 stitches
on the needles and then gather the stitches and weave in the end. I'd rather graft the toe together, I think.

The decreases are worked in two rows, one with the decrease then one of straight knitting. The pattern reads:

"Continue to knit the last two rounds until there are 32 stitches left." Now work the decrease round on ever round
until only 8 sts are left. Using a darning needle, gather remaining sts and weave in end."

I was planning on working the decreases until there are 16 stitches left and then doing kitchener stitch.
Would that work?? Or should I do a different number of stitches? Also- if I do that when I get to 32 stitches
should I still work the decrease round on every round? Or should I continue to do it in a decrease one round/knit the next

I think I may just be overthinking this but I'd hate to botch this since I've gotten this far.


EDIT: Also, how does one go about blocking a sock?

lace weight woes

I know, me again. I posted last night about Knitpicks's alpaca cloud. I've never knit with lace weight before and I"m finding it difficult. My left hand feels funny from trying to hold onto the stuff. Maybe I'm clenching my hand in a bad way? I did 2 rows and my hands of 59 st each and my hands felt so odd. So I stopped. I'd like to be able to do this, but at this rate, I'm not sure I'll be able to!

Do any of you have adjustment stories or tips to share?

Specs: knitpicks alpaca cloud, size 5 bamboo needles for the "trellis" scarf from IK
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