April 11th, 2006


Magic Loop Frustration

Someone please tell me I'm not the only one who has issues with this.

I've spent the last hour trying to get started. I cast on with no problem and get started, following the instructions. That's the end of the smoothness. From there, it gets tight. Or, and this is what caused me to throw the knitting, I end up with a huge (huge! 2"+ and it's only 8 stitches) piece of yarn that I can't tighten up (think joining rounds on double points and not pulling taught), and I know I'm pulling it decently tight.

What the hell am I doing wrong? Am I hopeless? Sadly, this is still faster than working with double points.

All I freaking want is a hat knit from the top down without seams.
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Trouble with Russian Join and Gauge Woes

I haven't posted in a while, and certainly not with any FO's (I had the emergency snail project that I had posted in February...). I'm actually wearing my latest FO right now (my first sweater for me!!), but I've been lazy about uploading photos... *shame on me*.

Anywho, I've got a couple of questions I'm hoping y'all can help me out with:

1. Does anyone else have trouble with a Russian Join letting the yarn ends poke out of the stitches? I join the yarn, and then continue knitting. By the time I've done another row or so, the tiny ends that I've woven back through the strand are starting to come unravelled and are poking out of my stitches. I trim it up, but sometimes it does it again; and that's all while I'm still working on it. I'm afraid that now that my sweater is finished, that wearing and washing it will just make it worse... Anyone else run into this with Russian Join?

2. I seem to have the strangest problem with my gauge. In stitches, I'm right on gauge, but in rows, I'm over an inch shorter than I should be. I read a past post where someone suggested using a different needle size to get the row gauge, while trying to maintain the stitch gauge. That didn't work for me. Also, this is one where row count matters because of what happens next. I think I can accommodate for what happens next, so I may just work a few more rows, but I'm wondering if anyone has any technique suggestions for the way I'm knitting that might help me get both row and stitch gauge (I knit continental). PS-this isn't the first time I've had this problem either, it's just the first time where it's really going to matter.

EDIT: The pattern tells me not to block either, so blocking isn't an option to correct the problem...

TIA for your help and suggestions!! :)

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Pretty, but now what?

I have 51m of this one-off yarn. It's really pretty, but given that I have so little of it, I'm not entirely sure what to do with it.

I'd like to make something that shows it off to its best advantage.

I considered a scarf, but I'm trying to think of something OTHER than a scarf. Maybe a table runner of some kind?

Any thoughts?
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an apology & overglorifying a pair of scarves.

First, my appologies for littering up everyone's friends page w/un lj-cutted pics yesterday. the one time i didn't check my post to make sure it was ok before i ran off to get dinner (mexican!). anyways- for those who aren't totally ticked off, here are some pretty pictures of some springy scarves i made.

ok. sorry again- now we know scrapbook is not our friend? :}

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Question about "Convertible" from the Latest Knitty

Yes, I ran out and bought yarn for this already. I'm a knitting geek. :D

But here's my question. The pattern says:

Loosely CO 103 sts.

K 6 rows.

*Buttonhole Row [RS]: K3, yo, k2tog, k1, place marker, work Row 1 of Lace Pattern 7 times, place marker, k2, yo, k2tog, k2.

Work 23 rows in patt as set, working 6 sts at each edge in garter stitch, and working sts between markers in Lace Pattern.

Repeat from * 16 times more, or until wrap is desired length.

Next Row [RS]: K3, yo, k2tog, k to last 4 sts, yo, k2tog, k2.

K 5 rows.

BO all sts loosely.

Sooo . . . do I do the buttonhole row BEFORE I start the lace pattern (after the K 6 rows)? If yes, how many times? I'm *so* confused. I get the lace pattern, but it's the placement of the buttonhole row that is messing me up. Help!



A few months ago I started making a blue sparkly scarf with some yarn a friend of mine had dyed and spun. Somehow it got put aside and I didn't get back to it until this past weekend. But now I have a pretty scarf. YAY!

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Need a simple sock pattern

Hi everyone!

I am currently working on a Jaywalker sock for my first pair of socks and it is going way too slowly on the pattern parts. It takes me forever to knit one round of the pattern as I have only been knitting for a few months.

What I would like to do is put down the Jaywalker sock and work on a new simpler sock so that I can actually get to the heel and toe part. I have some Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock and Shepherd Worsted and I would like to use either of these to start on a simpler sock that I can finish faster.

I have tried googling and LJ seek and haven't been able to find a simple sock pattern for this size of yarn that is free. I just want a cuff and the rest in stockinette (preferred) or in a simple rib. I know there are sock formulas out there but I am still not real comfortable deviating from patterns. Can anyone please suggest a pattern for me?


LB Homespun Results

Yesterday I recieved 18 comments concerning my question as to whether Lion Brand Homespun sheds or not. 

I read what I could from the comments, and here is what I found:

Four people would NOT recommend LB Homespun, or would not use it again. 
Eight People liked Homespun, and used/still use it for their projects. 

Holds up well. 
"wash 'n wear"

Some pilling/matting
Pain to work with
Any shedding stops when it begins to pill. 
Some projects seem to shed while others dont.

It is recommended to wash your Homespun projects by hand or on gentle in the washing machine, spin out the excess water, and dry in low heat.
The level of shedding/pilling also seems to depend on the project. It seems to appear (but not proven) that crocheted projects hold up better than knitted projects. (Maybe the knots made by the crochet?)

So there it is. I actually did'nt buy any homespun, although I might when it goes on sale. I did cast on for a shawl, but its out of Caron Simply Soft (which I had in my stash). But I would like to make a shawl from it on those rare occasions I get dressed up.
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Request for help

I'm fairly new to knitting and have gone as far as I can by learning with a book. I've looked online and called my local Michaels and have yet to find a knitting class. This astounds me. I thought I'd be able to get personal help easily with the profusion of knitting.

I live in Orange County, CA (Fullerton). Does anyone have any ideas? I'd like to be able to knit more than a simple (very simple) scarf.

FO - Knitty's accordion

Hello all! Thanks so much to everyone who helped me at various stages in this sweater's production (most recently with my zipper question).... which I've been working on since August.

My very first sweater beneath the cut... finished just in time for baseball season, to warm my boyfriend at chilly night games!

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I just broke my size 1 Addi bamboo 16 inch circs halfway through a sweater!!! Does anyone out there have a pair I can trade yarn for? They don't have to be Addi's... just any set of size 1 circs 16" or 12" would do.

My gosh, I hate doing that!

In other news, I'm halfway through the Simple Stripes sweater from Knitpicks, I'm knitting it in the "Storm" colorway (grey/cream/blue) for my stepson... for the third time (Cleo the evil cat attacked the last two attempts.)

I'm nearly convinced that this sweater is not meant to be completed.
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Felted hat for a child pattern?

Hi. Not all that long ago I spotted a cute pattern for a felted hat for a child, and DIDN'T bookmark the page........arggggggggggg. I googled and of course came up will a million results. What I'm looking for is a roll brim felted hat for a little girl. Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated. TIA
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a little creative help here...

hey all...
I was looking to knit some kinky stuff for some friends that are getting married. I found the "sex & the knitty" issue on knitty.com.  I especially like the do not disturb sign and the mask.  I was wondering if anyone knew of a pattern for knitted handcuffs.  I'm a rookie knitter, so I'm not so good at making up my own patterns yet.  Thanks for any help! 

FO Kitty Pi

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ETA: Yeah, so for he won't have anything to do with it...and it seems a bit floppy. I was thinking of giving it another go in the wash but it seems to be the perfect size and I don't want it any smaller. We'll just have to see how the kitty pi crumbles:)

cabled cardigan pattern questions and an FO

Hello, fellow knitters!
I need some advice on a project I'd like to work on. I've wanted to do a cabled hooded cardigan like Mariah or Eris for a long while now, to the point where I actually bought seven skeins of Cascade 220 from Bo Peep's Wool Shop the last time they had a sale. (Speaking of which, they're having another 25-30% off sale this week from the 12th to the 16th, in case anyone is in the mood to buy Cascade for 4.50 a skein. [Note: if you click that link and buy things, I get free yarn. For a non-affiliated link to the shop, go here instead, because really, how often do you see Cascade on sale for 4.50 a skein?]) My problem is that I really like the cable pattern and ribbing of Durrow from MagKnits, which is a man's saddle-shouldered pullover. Changing the body of one of the two cardigans should be easy enough, but I'm not certain about what to do with the hood and cables. Does anyone have any advice on piecing together a pattern from different sources like this? I know I can always frog if things go wrong, but I'd rather try to get things right the first time.

Also, on a completely unrelated note, Collapse )

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how to keep track of yarns [ideas?]

I'm trying to figure out a way to keep track of my stash. I often lose ball bands or end up half way on a project when I abandon it to start something that I find more interesting (I have terrible knitting ADD).

I've started taking a sample of the yarn (like, 6 inches or so), punching a hole in the ball band and then stringing the yarn through that hole. But I don't know where to go from there. I have a bunch of bands with bits of yarn hanging off of them all over my house! (they apparently make particularly tempting cat toys =p).

So how to do you keep track/organize of your stash? What ideas have you heard from other people but have never implemented yourself?
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Need yarn suggestions for MagKnits Slinky Socks!

I stumbled across this pattern from the latest Magknits edition earlier today. Ooh, I love it when I find a pattern I really like. I get really excited, heh. Anyway, so I'm going to make these socks.

The pattern says that it used Regia Nation Colors and Opal Petticoat in the sample, but I've looked for these online and they seem kinda difficult to find.

I'm a noob when it comes to socks, and these will only be the second pair I've ever made... so: what's your favourite type of yarn to use for socks? I want something kinda like in the pattern that will give me small stripes with pretty colours... I'd love it if anyone could recommend some yarn for me.

Thank ye!

(no subject)

so i have looked around, and maybe, probably, missed it but i can't find any site that offers a good photo description, or even a video, of how to do a two color tubular cast on. i recently bought the book weekend knitting. there is a hat that i want to make in it and it calls for this method of casting on. there is a description in the book, but i can't grasp how to do it.
if anyone could help me, that would be great.


I am done with the first sleeve of skully from snb, and those who are familiar with it know that there is an intarsia skull done on it. There were a few sections that were quite loose, so being the idiot that I am, I just tightened(pulled) a few stitches on the wrong side of the fabric. I know how to weave in the ends, but how do I weave in the loose loops in the back that are connected?

probably an annoying question..

I've looked around in the community and in the memories..
Has anyone made Branching Out with acrylic yarn? if so were you successful? what yarn/needle size did you use?
I have a crapload of random acrylic yarn laying around.. and I've recently learned all these stitches and how amazingly SIMPLY Branching Out is.. no matter how intimidated I was at first sight.. and yeah I'm really can't afford any better yarn at the moment.. anything is helpful :D

Hints (or clarification?) for Double Knitting Needed!

Can anyone help me? I'm making my first attempt at double knitting, and I'm completely flummoxed. It doesn't sound that hard, and I thought I was doing it correctly, but it was a total disaster. It wasn't even stockinette on both sides! (It was ribbing I think, but it was so hard to be positive). I should've taken a picture of my failure, but instead I ripped it out quickly to cover my shame. I will say this - I took the needle size down from the recommended size on the yarn in order to make a smaller piece, so I guess that could be effecting things, but I still think there's a more fundamental problem with my brain. Did anyone have any specific problems when learning to double knit? Any light that might be shed on my ineptitude would be greatly appreciated :) Next time, I'll accost your eyes with a photo.

*Edit* Problem solved! */edit*
i think i missed the hole

knit in-the-round help


I posted earlier this week with pictures of my Sparkly Hat FO. As I'd mentioned, I've gotten really comfortable with dpn, especially compared to circulars, and am hoping to use them for more projects. I want to start Voodoo from Knitty, but I have a question about in-the-round technique. When you use dpn and you're knitting, what direction do the stitches progress in - that is, does it move away from you or towards you? Mine always progresses toward me, and because I've never seen or read anything about it, I'm wondering if that's how it's done or if I'm doing it wrong. Just curious. Thanks in advance for any input you might have.

- Anna