April 12th, 2006


Hedera Socks : Question answered AND *NEW* photos by the designer.

Er wasn't sure how to title this post. When the new knitty came out I saw there were a questions on some of the knitting communities about the Hedera socks, in terms of what feet they'd fit (It was just noted it was REALLY stretchy and said unstretched was 7 and 7.5 inches respectively..) And also noticed how hard it was to see some of the design with the way the socks were modelled..

Soo I emailed the designer and asked.. 

I said I'd pass this along. 

- To see pictures of the socks on her real foot, you can look here.  
     For reference, her feet are a 6.5 EEE and she usually just wears 7.5s which are a bit narrow and a bit long.

- Sizing information and modification "instructions" copied directly from the email:
     "The lace is *really* stretchy.  If anything, I am more afraid that it will be too big for smaller ankled people around the ankle area.  If it's any help, when I knit stockinette socks on size 1 needles at 8 stitches per inch, I normally use 60-64 stitches around the foot, and the S fits nicely for me.  The L is half an inch bigger in the stockinette area, so the equivalent for someone who would normally use 64-68 stitches around the foot.  If you are still worried about the foot width, I would recommend decreasing two less times (4 less stitches total) during the gusset decreases."


Anywhoo I figured I'd post and let people know.  

Come to the Dark Side

Pattern testing help....

So, I was wondering if there are any spider-loving, lace-knitters out there who might be willing to help me with a pattern I'm developing. I'd be willing to buy your yarn for the test and perhaps offer some other form of compensation (hand-dyed, handspun yarn? paper crafts?) though I'm not really flush with cash. And of course, my undying gratitude and acknowledgement wherever the pattern might wind up appearing!

As for skill level -- this is for a large triange shawl made from laceweight yarn on (approximately) US size 6 circulars.

Please comment here if you are interested!

EDIT: Wow, thanks for the response! I'm thrilled to have more test knitters, but I don't know if I can provide yarn for everyone. If anyone is interested in helping test the pattern without me sending them yarn, I don't mind providing them with the pattern. The more testers the better, as far as I'm concerned.
steichen - heavy roses

(no subject)

Hi everyone!
It's been awhile since I've made a post here, but I just have one question, be it silly or not... I am wanting to knit a felted bag out of the cascade 220 that I dyed with kool-aid... but will putting the bag through the felting process make the dye fade at all? Any tips would be appreciated, as I have never felted a project before!

Knifty Knitter Question...

Hey all...I usually knit the old-fashioned way with um, needles, but I saw those Knifty Knitters at the store and it got me wondering about knitting looms in general.

Say I wanted to make a scarf quickly but in a tube so that it's double-thick, with the knit/purl/knit/purl "look" (sorry, I knit a lot but it's all very DIY and I never learned the real jargon).

a) Is using a loom going to be fastest method?
b) Would my best bet be to try one of those round Knifty Knitters? Or the more rectangular "fashion" looms that I've seen online? Or does it even matter, since with the round one I would just be "squashing" the finished product, closing the ends, and adding fringe?

Any tips would be greatly appreciated! :)

Picovoli: M1(right) and ssk

Hi Everyone,

You all have been so helpful in the past. I was hoping I could get some tips/techniques on how to do a better m1(right) and ssk. I'm making the picovoli and my shaping is not turning out right. I used the tutorial on knittinghelp.com for m1(right) and m1(left). My m1(left)s turn out perfect, but my m1(right)s make holes. Also, I'm having trouble with my ssks. They look a little wonky especially compared to my k2togs. Basically, one side of my increases and decreases looks good and the other looks crappy. It just makes for an uneven looking garment. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Pattern Request: Pretty Lacey Things.

I come to you, LJ Knitting Gods, with a special request.

1) My mom has loved doilies for-everrr. In fact, I hated them because she liked them so much. But now, I am coming around.

2) Mother's day is coming.

3) I have 800 yards of pretty laceweight that she fell in love with while I was showing it off to her.

Do any of you have a good pattern that a new-to-lace beginner can conquer? It can be a doily, a table-runner, pretty much anything but a shawl. (Mom's not a shawl type of lady.) I have experience reading charts & patterns, and know most of the common types of increases/decreases/whathaveya.

I've searched hi & low, and I just don't know what I'm looking for.

Alright. Ready, Set, GO!

Hurley Shakes It

Last Month = Clueless. This Month = First FO!

First of all, I'd like to thank everyone who helped me get started knitting. I posted a little over a month ago asking for advice on supplies and instructions, and now I'm ready to show off my very first FO! Please bear with me, I'm a bit excited. ;)

Through the help of my LYS (which happened to be about half a block from my house, and I never knew it!) and some great advice from the folks here, I joined a beginning knitting class and got my stitches straight.

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Missing talent, Talent

FO: Lace tablecloth

I finished this project a while ago, but didn't want to post it until I knew that the recipient had gotten it. Anyway, I referred to this tablecloth as the wedding gift of doom for a while, and I think you'll see why momentarily.

This was knitted out of two strands of crochet thread (100% mercerized cotton) and is by far the craziest thing I've ever done. The pattern is adapted from the lace shawl pattern in Sarah Dallas Knitting.

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"Inspired Cable Knits" - how do I inc4?!? HELP!

This book is so inspiring... but I'm feeling a bit lost. I'm swatching the cable pattern for Celtic Icon, which tells me to inc4, which I've never done before. So, I look at the glossary in the book, which only gives an indication of inc2. To inc2, it says "k1,p1,k1 into next stitch"... and I grok that.

Trying to reason my way through this, I k1,p1,k1,p1,k1 into one stitch. That gives me the correct number of stitches for the next row, but it also gives me a GAPING HOLE in the knitted fabric. This leads me to think that my reasoning for inc4 was incorrect...

I tried googling, and ljseek-ing on this community, but I'm getting nowhere. Does anyone have any light to shed on this subject?

Oh, and while I'm at it, what's the correct way to dec4? I'll be getting to that in another several rows.

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ISO a pattern

I have about enough yarn to make a sweater. It's the same type of cotton as sugar n cream. I know, not the greatest yarn. But I have to use it. It's the most beautiful jade green ever. I have NO clue what to do with it.

So any idea's. I dont care, sweaters, toys, rugs, curtains

Anything. Thanks.

(no subject)

was wondering if you knitting geniuses could help decipher a pattern for me... i'm knitting 55 rows for the back of a baby sweater. Next I'm shaping sleeves and here's where I get stuck:

CO 6 st on beg of next 6 rows and 18 sts at beg of foll 2 rows. 124 sts.
K 32 rows

So my question is, after I CO on the 6 new stitches for the 6 rows am I following those stitches with just knitting the rest of the row? CO6 K rest of row, then CO6 K rest of row and so on????

I am horrible at reading patterns!! thanks so much!

Swap: Addi Turbos for Addi Naturas

I posted this is knitswap first but didn't get a good response.

I have a set of US size 3 Addi Turbo circular needles, 32" long. I'd like to swap them for a pair of Addi Naturas size 3, 24" circular needles or size 3 Bryspun circular needles & sz 3 Brittany Birch 5 Inch Double Points. The needles are brand new. I've used them to knit a few rows of my lace stole & find the points too blunt and the needles far too slippery for the yarn I'm using. I probably should have checked before I plunked down the case for the Turbos.

If anyone is interested in swapping, please let me know!