April 13th, 2006


Nautie Nautie

i found most of the things in the new knitty...just...eh. but! nautie was so weird and cute that i couldn't resist. plus i already had the yarn (dollar yarn from target, four strands held together) and needles (clover size 9). anyway, nautie is my first knitted toy, first time doing I-cords, and first project done on dpns (besides the crowns of a couple of hats).

two pics behind the cut!
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ISO Contact Information for JKL Needles

Does anyone happen to have a telephone contact for JKL Needles (208 Church Street, Concord, NC)? I ordered some needles from their website (www.jklneedles.com) at the beginning of March and received half my order, but am still waiting on the remainder; however, my umpteen e-mails and contacts via the website that I've sent over the past month have been ignored (and, well, the website hasn't been updated since February, either).

And, in case anyone wondered, I don't recommend ordering from JKL Needles. :P


Blocking Before Finishing

I just finished the back portion of my first sweater thing (cardigan/shrug really), yay me! However since it's in stockinette it's curling quite a bit. I was wondering, should I block all the pieces up before I finish the garment, or finish first and then block? The pattern is knit flat with Wool-Ease thick and quick, and it calls for a ribbed border added AFTER construction. What do you all think?
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(no subject)

Aaack! I saw this post and remembered I had one skein of a very lovely laceweight yarn that I wanted to try working with, but I don't think I have the card that would have the yardage on it. "No biggie," says I, "I'll just look up their web site -- for I know they had one -- and see what it says a single skein of laceweight is."

Except -- now I can't find the site.

It was an Australian company, I want to say it was called "Kookabura" -- it definitely began with a "K." The colorways had names like "Finch" and "Guava". I tried Googling for "kookaburra yarn," then "kookaburra laceweight," but no such luck -- I keep getting directed to a wool detergent, and that's definitely not it. They had a lot of different weights of merino. The web site had a black background for the most part and sorted their colorways depending on the dominant color.

(Edit:) comeonbringit found it in about two minutes. Thanks! Leaving this up in case anyone wants to see the site.

LYS return policies should be changed!

In most (all?) LYS, needles and pattern books are NOT returnable, ever. I understand that a business can have it's own rules but my question is why. Patterns are protected by copyright in the same way that books are. All bookstores accept returns on everything except dated magazines which are not allowed to be sold past the monthly/weekly date.

I feel like this is a nationwide rule that needs to be changed. It is entirely possible to mistakenly buy the wrong needle size, to come back the next day and then to have someone say, sorry no returns. I think this gets to the issue of customer service. You should be completely satisfied with your purchase. Every company should strive for this so I believe that if an item is in its original packaging and original condition all such returns should be honored no matter what it is.

What is the deal here. If you can sell it again why not take it back? If you are comfortable that you are selling a good product why not have a return policy. I had an incident at a LYS in maryland when I first started knitting 3 years ago where I was convinced to buy a specific length of circular needle to make a hat only to find out when I got home that they were too short to manipulate. I returned the following day and the woman told me, once you open the bag and the residue from your fingers touches the needles we cannot take them back. THAT is crazy, and I have never been back since. I was especially upset because I was a new knitter and was not told that they were not returnable nor was this policy written legibly anywhere in the store or on the receipt.

Anyhow, bottom line. I think stores should accept all returns as long as it is in resellable condition. Does anyone agree?

pick up and knit afghan, Threads of Compassion

So, I am working on a Coronet hat for my sister. And this is actually the first time that I have ever picked up stitches. I think it is such an awesome technique, and I wondered if anyone out there has made an afghan using it? Knit a square, pick up stitches on one side, maybe in a different color, knit another square, keep expanding it in all directions until you have the size and shape you want? I guess there would be some seams, since you only pick up stitches on one side. Still - has anyone tried something along these lines? Maybe a scarf?

Also, I wanted to mention a knitting charity that I think is awesome, Threads of Compassion. The concept of this charity is that you make something to be given to survivors of rape as they're going into emergency rooms, like a really soft scarf. You can either mail them stuff in Chicago or work with your local rape crisis center. Good stuff.
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(no subject)

Does anyone have advice about Knitty's Broadripple sock pattern? I'm confused at the heel direction where it says to repeat these two rows 17 times. Does the designer mean 17 or 34 rows, do you think? 17 rows seems too short, but 34 rows seems too long. I've had no luck trying to contact the designer or Knitty.
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FO- Pedicure Sock

Ok, I've never had a pedicure and I don't really anticipate getting one any time soon. However, when I saw the pattern for a pedicure sock here, I knew I was going to have to make one. And wouldn't you know? I just happened to have a skein of Patton's Classic Merino Wool in my stash that was going to work perfectly! Now, I've only finished the one so far, but it was unbelievably quick and easy to knit up. Anyway, here are a few pics of my progress and notes.

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One thing I was surprised to learn is that there is an inch difference between the start of my pinkie toe and the base of my big toe. So, I had to make it a little short if I was going to have my pinkie toe even partially uncovered. It's not a big deal all told, but it was surprising to realize. Overall, I enjoyed the pattern. I've not made socks from worsted weight yarn before and I'm amazed at how quickly they go. I can't wait to start the mate.
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Yarn for work socks

I'd like to try to make my DH some work socks sometime in the future. He wears boots to work (not steel toe, just a roper-type boot) and likes his socks over the calf. He wears out store bought socks pretty fast and I was just wondering if there was a good sturdy yarn I could make him some socks out of that was also reasonably priced. Acrylic would be out of the question since it gets quite hot here in summer and that would make his feet too hot.

He works for the street/sanitation dept of a small city mostly working off a backhoe. He also does a good bit of concrete/asphalt work.

Would it even be feasible to try?

blocking seed-stitch

hi ladies and gents,

quick question: do i REALLY need to block a seed-stitch scarf? i just finished a 5-skein kureyon seed-stitch scarf, and as it's very, very long, i don't know where in my tiny apartment i could lay it out to block it. i was thinking of just steaming it. what do you think?
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I have been given some yarn, some with labels and some without. Most of the lables are in another language, and as such... I have a few questions.

1) What is "viskoosi?" (It's the fiber)
2) Is there any way I can determine what kind fo fiber a yarn is made of, if it lacks a label?

This month from the mods...(ADMIN)

In this issue: Community info, cutting photos, yarn porn post suggestions.

Item the First:

cuidado_llamas has revamped the knitting Community Information Page. It should be easier to read, and easier to find useful posts from the past. Check it out, you might discover something new!

Item the Second:
Recently we've had posts going up with pictures that aren't behind a cut. This usually involves some nagging from the mod team, and sometimes we have to delete posts. We don't enjoy nagging people or deleting posts, but we have a lot of members who live places where internet access can be unbearbly slow, and it's out of kindness to them that we do. If you make a photo-heavy post, please take a moment to check the main knitting page or your friends page to make sure your cut worked before leaving the computer. Find out how to do a cut on the community info page, or in the LJ FAQ.

Item the Third:
There've been a lot of "flash your stash"/yarn porn posts this month. Some folks love 'em, some folks hate 'em. But there are a few things you can do to make sure fewer people will hate your post. Collapse )
Thanks for being such a great group! And happy knitting!
hey dere bootyfull!

to st st or not to st st, that is the question!

Has anyone else made the Punk Rock Backpack from Stitch n' Bitch? Did your straps curl horribly because of the stockinette stitch? How do you get St st *not* to turn everything you make into a giant tube? I was thinking I would make the straps in garter stitch instead, since that's how I did the gusset, but I want my backpack to look like the picture! Waah!

Any tips for me? Thanks in advance!

(no subject)

was wondering if anyone has used knitpicks main line before? how does it do in terms of pilling?

i've purchased other knitpicks yarn before, and for the economy of them they are pretty wonderful. but the alpaca blend i used before did SHED alot all over the couch etc. grrrr!

(no subject)

I've decided I'd really like to learn handspinning, and I've been looking at a bunch of the little drop spindle beginners kits (with the books and small amounts of fleece), which I think might be a good deal (I don't want to invest too much until I know I like it) so I thought I'd ask if any of you have any recommendations...there are a ton of kits and I can't tell which are better deals/have better instructions/etc. If any of you have had particular success with any of them, please let me know :-)

Edit: I ordered a kit from Annie May on ebay, two people recommended her and they looked like a really good deal so.... we'll see how this works out :-P

Loop-d-loop Braided Neckpiece Question

So I am almost done knitting this, but it is curling like a mofo! I know it's because it's in st-st (with 1 row of garter or ribbing at the edges) and even the one in the book looks curly, mine is waaaaaaaaay more curled. Has anyone made this? What method of blocking did you use to make it less curled? Did it help a whole lot?
Bah! i wanted to finish it to wear tomorrow.
EDIT: I'm using debbie bliss cashmerino chunky if that makes a difference in blocking methods.