April 14th, 2006


Pattern Help on first sweater (v-neck raglan)


I've decided to venture into sweaters for the first time. So I found a pattern I liked and bought it (Essential Stripe by wendy of knit and tonic) anyway part of the pattern confuses me. I've googled and searched knitty and craftster but no luck which I'm sure means I am asking a totally moronic question however... In the pattern it says

At the same time, increase for your  V-Neck in the first and last stitch on the needle every 8 rows until there are 6 (6, 6, 7, 7, 7, 8) stitches on each side of the A markers.

Now does thst mean I start that increase on my first right side row? or on row 8? Also since I used the long tail cast one my first row was a purl row is that going to throw off my row counting?

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short row scarf, soaker, crochet bag, UFOs

I was just moving all my knitting supplies to their new home in the "yarn room", which is what I'm now calling our spare bedroom, and it occurred to me that it would be a good time to take a picture of a couple of nearly-finished objects that are just waiting for me to do the finishing. One of them is crochet, but the other two are knitted, so that's ok, right?

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Celtic Cabled Baby Blanket

Hello!  I am working on designing a Celtic-looking cabled baby blanket for my pregnant friend.  I have a couple of questions for you all, as my google search did not seem to turn up much.

1) Do you have any fantastic online resources for knit Celtic-inspired cables?  I have found this one and this aranpaint program, which is great for designing.

2) How long has it taken you to knit a baby blanket? 

3) If you have existing patterns that would work, I don't have to reinvent the wheel.  I'd be very happy for any suggestions!

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So does anyone know how I would go about converting the stitch pattern from Pomatomus into one I could use for a scarf? I'm so confused by this pattern, and to makew things more difficult, the charts are to be knit in the round, which I'm having a hard time converting into something to be knit flat!
Can anyone help?

recent FO's and new yarn!

Well, I got my hands on a good working camera for about an hour, and the only knitting thing I had around was my wrist warmers.
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of course, after i had to surrender the camera, i went out to buy yummy yarns.
I bought Rowan Calmer to make tempting II without the buckle thing, crystal palace deco ribbon to make the ribbon x-back tank, some GGH aspen to make a shrug, and rowan wool cotton to make some wrist warmers for my mom.

Froggin' Eyelashes!

I bought this pom-pom "Sentimental" yarn on Ebay, and it's funky and cool and totally not like anything I'd usually wear, which is kind of the point. I am making a scarf and have finished a hat with it.

So what's the problem you ask? Well, as all relatively new knitters learn, "copious amounts of wine" and "determining guage" don't mix. Instead of looking like a cool and funky hat, it looks like more of a hula skirt for a Cabbage Patch Kid. Trust me, it's beyond repair. I need to re-knit it, which is fine. Except that frogging it has proved to be 1,000 times the challenge that knitting it in the first place was because the hairs(?) of the eyelashes seem to get all twisted up in each other, but it's dye-lotted so I don't want to give up on salvaging the yarn.

Has anyone had any experience in frogging a piece like this? If so, any tips on a less painful method than painstakingly fanning the twisted pieces apart?
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Martini Dish Cloth Pattern?

Hey guys, I have searched google like a mad women. Do any of you by chanse know if there is any links to something like this? Anything cute and hip like that, maybe a wine bottle.. anything that would make a cute dishcloth for my ultra hip older sister.

I found a lot of boats and flowers, I just don't think my sister would like that. Even a shoe would be cute, but a wine bottle, martini or margarita glass pattern (Purl/Knit) would be ideal. Otherwise I'll just be doing a big "R" for her last name.

Also, I got my yarn for Knitty's Tubey today! It's Cascade Pastaza in a beutiful green colour-way. I am stressing about the math tho, I wanted to knit the XS and the pattern is 5 st per inch over stst. This yarn says its 4st, and I can't SHRINK the pattern so I might be getting very frustrated shortly. Plus when i went to the yarn store I forgot Pastaza is not 220 yards so I didn't buy enough and had to GO BACk which well ya know I love yarn stores but wasn't in the mood to drive back!! But I did, can't go having yarn shortage problems... nothing worse then that!

Knit gift for FL Mom

On my way to my knit group last night, I was talking to my Mom about my knitting. She now has a job (or two or three) that keeps her from her former loves of crocheting, needle point, cross stitching, and sewing. She told me knitting reminds her of the mysterious thing that her great-grandmother would do, producing hats, scarves and mittens. She suddenly became excited and told me that she wanted me to make her something so that she could show it off to people and say "Look! My daughter made me this ____!!" The catch is that she lives in South Florida where even during the month of "cold" scarves, mittens and hats are out of the question.
So I turn to you lovelies for some suggestions. She is 45, short (5'1"??) and husky, and is most definitely not a girly kind of woman. I am considering a felted purse, and someone had suggested a sun hat. Does anyone have some other ideas before I give up and embark on a long journey of making an afghan? Thanks guys!
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Shedir Chart Reading Question: Row 54

I'm working on Shedir from Knitty's special breast cancer awareness issue and I've run into a problem at row 54. I'm reading the chart wrong and after several attempts to sort it out, I'm feeling frustrated.

Row 54 begins with you moving the beginning of round marker over one. Then, you cable 3 right (slip next 2 sts to cable needle hold to back, knit next stitch from left needle, purl the purl st from cable needle then knit last stitch.

I've done the first chart repeat no problem. The next repeat I'm having issues. The first three stitches I need to work are a knit, purl and then a knit. However, what I need is a purl knit knit (hold purl and knit stitches to back to back, knit one, purl and knit stitches off cable) Am I massively over thinking? Did I screw up row 53?

I appreciate any help or dope slaps. Thanks.

Gotta Love a Garage Sale!

The Textile Center in Minneapolis is having their annual garage sale tomorrow (FYI!). I volunteered to go to an out-of-the-way yarn store to pick up their donation, so I got to take part in the volunteer sale today. I spent $25 and got more than I probably should have.

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