April 15th, 2006


Quick and cozy comfort sock WIP, foot measurement help.

If you've got a couple minutes and a tape measure, I could really use your help:
I'm making these as a surprise for a friend with little feet...maybe a size six. I've got 9.5s, and don't have little feet nearby to measure. Anyone with smaller feet than me can help, as I can work with that...just need more measurements than my own.

Will you let me know your shoe size, the distance from toe to back of heel, and the circumference of your instep?

I've clearly gone ahead and estimated an instep circumference of 8" (mine are 9"), as that seems to be a 'small' in a few sock patterns. I would prefer to not have to guess on foot length.

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Someone else has probably thought of this.

I'm sure this is not anything new to some people, but it is to me. I'm working on an item for my granddaughter that is quite a complicated pattern. Part of the item is intarsia and part is a very intense cable pattern. At any rate, while working on the intarsia area I realized that I had an item in my craft stash that would make it easier on my eyes. For years I was an avid counted cross stitcher and have several of those metal/magnetic boards and strips for graphs. So I started using one for the intarsia graph, then realized how handy it is for pattern rows. Wish I'd have thought of this much sooner!

Question about Paton's wool

I couldnt find Fisherman's yarn anywhere in town(blarg!) so I went into michaels and bought some Patons Classic Wool. It's merino. It's the natural colour. Is it still good for kool aid dying?

I really hope so!

Mmmmmm, pink lemonaide here I come!

panda bear

Hi, I hope this is okay that I post this, but I was hoping someone might be able to point me to a pattern for a stuffed panda bear. I have been looking so far and I have been unsuccessful.

Thank you!
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Socks with Colored Yarn

Hi... I'm just learning how to knit socks. I knitted my first pair and they are a lot of fun. Some challenging parts and some easy sections. I didn't think they'd be quite so fun to knit.

Anyway, I'm using the colored yarn that has different colored sections. My first pair turned out okay, but didn't end up quite right.

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As you can see, the toes are not the same color.

How can I make sure I end in the same place? I am finding the part of the yarn that starts in the same place, but I didn't write down where I started the heel flap and such. At what color change. So I kinda guessed on the 2nd sock. Aparently I didn't guess quite right.

Anyway, I'd love some sock tips! Thanks.
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Is there anyone here who has made Fiber Trends Peace Shawl? I'm just starting on it, and it claims that on "Row 2 and all even numbered rows: Knit". Is this really correct, or should it be purl stitches? I may be overthinking this, but from the picture it looked like it would be knit sts on the odd rows, and purl stitches on the even rows. Plus, they even make a point of saying that the "First and last 3 sts are always worked in garter stitch for top border", which suggests to me that hey didn't intend to have the *whole* shawl be in garter stitch (not including yo's, etc).

Also, I finished my first pair of Jaywalkers a few days ago, so here are Collapse )
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Pattern help - Magknits

I am currently attempting the baby mittens at this link on MagKnits.com:


I think part of the pattern is missing or unposted (or I am not reading it right).

The last line of the pattern reads:
"After working last row of chart, k2tog."

That's it. Does that mean k2tog all the way around then cast off?

Is there a pattern correction posted somewhere?

Please help!

FOs: Toys!

I'd made these a long time ago, but the pictures I took were so bad that I never posted them. I finally got around to editing them, so here they are.

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They're both from Jean Greenhowe's Knitted Animals and made in Caron Simply Soft.

Scratchy yarn? How To Use?

At a farmer's market I bought about six differently colored skeins of "sheep to knit" wool. As a beginner knitter the rough, itchy, clover snagged skeins looked natural. But now after knitting hats and felting mittens with Brown Sheep bulky, and Lopi, the rough yarn seems impossible. The local yarn shop owner shrugged her shoulders when I brought it in and asked for a pattern for something to use it up! (She's usually more helpful.) Any ideas?
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Yarn subs for Koigu KPM, Judi & Co 1/4 Ribbon, Satin Cord, or Fiesta Rayon Boucle, La Luz?

I just bought the newest Vogue Knitting, and I must say, there are quite a few beautiful patterns in this one! I'm particularly taken with three of them: the pink A-line skirt (#8), the quilted camisole (#7), and the crocheted corset (#10). For the latter two, it appears that the yarn would be hard to sub, so I may have to save these for times I can afford to splurge, because it also is pretty expensive. I know it's a long shot, but I thought it couldn't hurt to ask whether anyone knew of less costly yarns that could be used. I've linked to sites I found carrying these yarns.

Koigu KPM
Judi and Co 1/4" Ribbon (rayon)
Judi and Co Satin Cord (rayon with cotton core)
Fiesta Rayon Boucle
Fiesta La Luz

I know the Koigu would be easy to sub, except that it's all wool, and that's a little warm for spring/summer. Could I use a blend such as Brown Sheep Cotton Fine instead, with good results? Or any better suggestions would be welcome. I've heard knit skirts are not recommended, and this is the only one I've ever considered; it is just too cute!! Is there any chance a knit skirt could turn out wearable?

Thanks so much!