April 16th, 2006

purchasing yarn for a knitting class

I just signed up for a knitting class (to make a garment) and paid 65 dollars. Is is the norm to have a store require you to purchase yarn from the store as well in addition to the class fee? I have so much yarn and I just thought I would bring my own yarn or buy it if I needed to from the store. But since I have yarn allready I though it would be totally fine to bring that (apparently not). I did not anticipate it to be a requirement to purchase new yarn as well. I just want to know if this is how its done in other yarn stores as well.


felting question:

I have a bag I'm finally going to felt, as well as 30+ little knit items of all different colors. Can I stick a bunch of small items together in a mesh bag, or will they literally stick together when they felt?? Do I have to do the little ones one at a time, in separate bags? I'd love to hear your wisdom before I mess up months of work!

Thanks. :)

Yarn querie...

I got four balls of yarn yesterday from Wally World. Two Bernat Baby Bubbles and two of Red Heart Treasure. Now the Bernat comes with a pattern and I was planning on doing it for DD. But the Treasure? It looks like a triple yarn. An eyelash, a ribbon ladder and a metallic. I have no clue what to make from it, but I do want to make something for DD.

Any ideas?

Knitty's "Convertible" yardage?

I'm planning on knitting Knitty's "Convertible" in the near future, and I was wondering if anyone who is working on (or already finished!) it could give me more information on the yardage. The pattern specifies 2 skeins of BMFA Bambu, which comes out to 800 yards. I'd like to use yarn that I spun up myself, and I only have a little over 700 yards. Will that be enough to complete the pattern? TIA

fix my toes, please

i thought that i'd finally dive into the world of socks and chose this pattern as a starting point. However, i made the mistake of not reading through the entire pattern before i begun and now i'm at the toes and there appears that part of the pattern has been omitted.

Any one care to wager a guess as to what i should do after finishing round two? i assume that i'm supposed to repeat both rounds for a time, but if i do so until there are 16 stitches, would i wind up with a riddiculously pointed toe?


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Hey everyone.

I'm looking for help in finding a pattern for an elegant, laceweight stole to knit as an accessory for my prom dress. I just bought the fabric for it yesterday, and I'm really excited.

The thing is, I'm having trouble finding patterns of lace stoles that I like, and that I could knit in a month. I'm generally a pretty fast knitter. I finished a 6.5 foot Harry Potter scarf in the round in a little over two weeks, granted, that was all knitting, and no purling.

I want something that's very open, and that would grow a ton with blocking. I'll probably go a needle size up or two if I feel like it might take too long, and if it's not open enough.

Does anybody have any ideas? I've looking all around the internet, but my Google-Fu has never been something that's very good. I've already looked at knitty, the patterns on knitpicks, and about.knitting.com, or whatever that site is. If the pattern is free, that'd make me even more happy.

If all else fails me, I'll design my own, and pull out all my stitch libraries. If you know of a great online resource for good stitches, by all means, post a link to that as well, please.

Thanks for all your help!
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high efficiency washers and felting.

i just moved into a new apartment a couple of days ago and was excited to see we were provided with a high efficiency washer. however, i got to wondering about how well (if at all) it would felt wool. i want to make a kitty pi, but i'm not sure if i will if i have to felt it by hand or something.

for those with HE washers: how many cycles do you generally go through compared to a top-loading washer in order to felt a knit item? twice as many?

thanks in advance. :)
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Slip stitch help?

Hi everyone,
I'm a newbie and I have what I think is a "selvedge" stitch question. The pattern says
R1: Sl 1 knwise, [k2, p2] 3 times, k7, sl 1 knwise
R2: P8, [k2, p2] 3 times, p1
This (to me) means at the end of R1, the yarn is hanging off of the second to last stitch and the last stitch has nothing done to it. So how can I Purl the first stitch of R2 if the yarn isn't hanging off of that stitch?
If anyone can help me, I'd be very thankful!

aidez-moi, s'il vous plait


My friend Jeanne is expecting a baby boy in mid-June, and I have *no* idea what to knit.

I nearly finished a hoodie for the tot, but I wasn't pleased with it, so I frogged the whole thing (and now the Lion Brand Cashmere blend just sits there, mocking me.)

I considered the pinwheel blanket, but knowing J., she'll not find it masculine enough, and it will end up unused (and unloved, in my opinion.)

I've also considered the E. Zimmerman Side to Side garter stitch baby cardi, but that didn't thrill me either.

If you've knit for a baby boy, or if you've ever wanted to knit a specific something for a baby boy... please provide input, because I'm running out of time, and being pregnant myself... my brain is very much on holiday somewhere in Fiji, I think.

Help with socks

I have been trying to start a toe-up sock for the last hour. I was trying to use the figure 8 method described here:

The best I ever ended up with had 1 set of 8 stitches on one needle and then when I went to knit onto a second needle I only had 7 stitches on the other needle (the one with the original figure 8 pattern) and I had the yarn all tangled up.

*sobs* I have no clue what I am doing wrong but I am definitely really frustrated. Should I just give up and do top-down socks? Does anyone have any tips on this pattern or some idea as to what I may be doing worng? Also, when the pattern says start knitting on the top needle, which needle does that refer to?

Thank you for any help you may have!
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