April 17th, 2006


FO: sleepy bear in bunny onesie

Just in time for Easter (which for me is next week).

This is a sleepy teddy bear wearing a rabbit onesie. He's for my niece. And, yes, even though he's wearing pink, I still say it's a he :)

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For those of you who are interested in the technical stuff, I made the pattern from Debbie Bliss's Teddy Bears. The beige bear is Bernat Satin, and the pink is Caron Simply Soft.

A note about the book: the bears are adorable, but I hate the way Debbie Bliss does some of the patterning. She has you knitting things in two parts that could easily be accomplished in one with increases and decreases. It's not a hard knit, but there are ALOT of pieces and ends to weave in.

Knitpicks in Canada and a sock question

After reading all the nice reviews of Knitpicks' yarns prompted by a post yesterday, I'm just wondering if the Canadians on here feel the same way. Is their stuff good enough that you're willing to pay 7-8 dollars US for shipping? And, out of curiosity, how much do you usually buy to make the shipping costs worth it? (It may sound cheap of me to say that, but being in grad school with the end far from view means I need to be fairly frugal.)

Finally, to be a little bit less exclusive, how long do socks made from their 100% merino sock yarns last with regular use (with or without elastic)? It takes me a few months to make a pair because I only work on them when I'm taking the train (once or twice a month), so if they wear out within a year it seems like I'd have wasted a ton of time.


Look Ma, it's a sock!

I've crocheted a couple of pairs of socks and have practiced on knitting them but this is my first knit sock out of sock yarn. It's Regia, don't know the color name but the color number is 5759, it's blues and greys.

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The other sock is on the needles and I'm at the heel flap. I've got a pretty decent identical twin, so far. I did it just to see if I could, we'll see when I get into the foot and toe shaping.
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I have one 25g 100m Ball of 80% Mohair 20% Polyester. It's light pink and I'd like to make something out of it to test whether or not I'm able to wear it next to my skin. I thought about Branching Out from Knitty but I'm not sure I have enough yarn for that. And I'm reluctant to buy another ball because I'm not sure I will be able to wear it.

So, has anyone made Branching Out with 25g of Mohair? How "large" was it? Does anyone have a suggestion what else I could make from just 25g of Mohair? I'd really like to make a scarf.
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baby colors & all seasons cotton sub

My biology professor is going to have her second baby in June, and it's a small, fun class so I wanted to knit her a baby sweater. I'm on the prowl for something fairly unisex, since I don't know the baby's sex. I am strongly considering Trellis, but am not done with my search.

On to the questions!:
1) All Seasons Cotton is way out of my price range. I know the standard subs are cotton-ease and TLC cotton plus. I was wondering if KnitPicks Shine worsted would also work - it looks a bit heavier. Just going on the numbers, I would GUESS that it would work, but has anyone ever used it in place of ASC?
2) I'm all for destroying the gender binary and not making pink/blue clothes for female/male babies, but I figure not all moms want their little boys wearing purple sweaters with "eff the binary" duplicate-stitched across the back in pink. So, I was thinking a bright yellow-green (actually, in the Shine, "green apple") would be fairly ambiguous, and would flatter the mother's olive skin, should the baby inherit that. Does that seem like a good color choice?
3) What are the baby safety rules about buttons?
4) I'm terrified of doing cotton/wool substitutions, because of the huge weight difference. Is it negligible when it's a cotton-acrylic blend?
5) Obviously, if you have suggestions for patterns, I'd take them

I think that's all. Thankies!
let me hear you

baby vest pattern

I was hoping someone here could help me find a pattern for a baby pullover V-neck sweater vest. You know, like an adult V-neck sweater vest...but for a little baby boy. Even if it's a book recommendation, any help would be great.



Sock yarn

Does anyone have recommendations for self-striping sock yarn that does NOT have those weird little white bits? I was hoping to find some at the yarn store today, but no luck... I ended up with some pretty varigated rainbowy stuff instead, which is nice, but not what I was hoping for. They had lots of sock yarn but it was all either solid or that weird fakey fairisley stuff.

(I'd also be interested in knowing about self striping not-sock yarn, actually. Can you tell I'm a bit lazy?)

knitting is hot


Ive been so busy lately I haven't had time to post this picture! I finished the Anouk I was making for a friend and you can see it below the cut. I love the dragonfly button I found for it for the shoulder. Be kind!

Hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend.

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Theresa 2008

Finished object: Twisted Knotwork / Celtic Heather scarf

The project: A scarf for a donation to Christmas in April for their fundraising auction. Christmas in April funds the rehab of properties for low-income and no-income people with medical or otherwise defined hardships. Collapse )

Here's hoping it raises some cash at the auction, which is this Friday night!

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Circulars vs. DPN's?

So I've finished my first scarf, as well as two little cozies for my iPod and my digi. I think I'd like to take a shot at something in the round (I can't quit looking at Nautie!). However, I have some equipment questions before I dive in.

Can you knit everything that calls for DPN's on circular needles? Or are there some project that just require the use of DPN's? If so, could someone explain why?

Any more basic information on circulars and DPN's would be helpful.

As a side note, do people who ger used to circulars start to just knit EVERYTHING (flat and round) on their circs?

Thanks for the help. :) Back to my swatches!

EDIT: Thanks for all the great answers! I need to head to the store! Now...if I only knew which sizes to buy...
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Knitpicks yarn and projects, stage two

Ok....so Im buying a lot of yarn from knitpicks (57.50 to be exact...bless gift cards), and I've narrowed it down to 4 yarns thanks to the people here

Andean Silk
Shine Sport
Andean Treasure

I need one last bit of advice.

Out of these four...what are your favorites? What dont you like about them? What projects have you made? Was it worth the *expense*

knittingreview isnt the best resource....so I go to the people

Now to find my camera so I can show you all the pretty things I learned to make last week
BBC animated!

Spring scarf

I decided to make my mother a birthday present this year.
She teaches textiles so here was NO way that I could have used cheap yarn and gotten away with it! (not that I EVER would of course... *ahem ahem*) I used Plymouth Yarn Baby Alpaca Grande in colour #3317 - a really great bluey-greeny-grey- it's beautiful! Of course it looks nothing like the colour that you're seeing in these photos IRL.

It was my third FO and my first attempt at knitting flowers.

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I used some interesting beads that I found at JoAnne Fabrics for the centres of the flowers as well. I didn't block the FO at all I wanted the yarn to stay nice and fluffy.

It was a hit and now my auntie wants one just like it... what have I gotten myself into?!
Still- she may trade for one of her quilts!
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No good deed goes unpunished!

This weekend I decided it was high time I cleaned some of the "extras" out of my stash. The extra skeins that I bought thinking I "might" need them for that sweater, poncho, baby blanket, or whatnot. I swear the darn things were "breeding" in my yarn bins. Not quite sure what I was going to do with them, I put them in a big bag...which didn't accomplish a darn thing. Then I put them in a wicker laundry basket. They looked cute! Finally I decided to take the whole thing to an assisted living center on my route and donate it for any residents who might like to knit or crochet.

So this morning I bring the basket into the reception area of the Center and speak with the receptionist. As it was the "activities co ordinator" (Elaine) was standing there. She was quite pleased and told me there were several residents who would really enjoy the yarn. I was feeling quite proud of myself. A group of ladies had wandered up to see what was going on. They were oogling the yarn and Elaine explained that I had donated it and that anyone could help themselves to a skein. One elderly woman poked at a few skeins, picked one up then put it back and said "Well I Think your Crazy!". Dead silence. She then added "thats a perfectly good basket!".

Plus size knitting

Hello everyone! I'm new ... and on a mission!

Can anyone point me in the direction of online patterns ( free is prefered ) for plus size womens' sweaters? My mother is a larger size and I can't seem to find anything that goes above a 1x.

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Me and my bright ideas. Or, how to complicate simple patterns with handspinning.

I just bought Last Minute Knitted Gifts by Joelle Hoverson, and I'm already planning on going completely counter to the premise of the book.

Rather than buying the Manos del Uruguay called for in the Men's Zippered Raglan, I'd like to spin the yarn for this sweater. I have 10 pounds or so of Falkland wool, about 10 of Merino, and whichever I choose, I also have plenty of dye to color a whole sweater's worth of wool. Plus, it's handspun and kettle dyed. Paying for someone else to do that when I have a spinning wheel and kettles and dye in my house seems foolish. Now, here's the problem. I'm not sure of the wraps per inch of Manos, and I've never knitted with it or even seen it, so I need some frame of reference. I could guesstimate, but I'm trying to make things at least a little easy on myself.

Same story with the Hourglass Sweater. I could drop $100-150 on the Noro Cash Iroha, but why bother when I can spin perfectly good wool-silk blend singles myself? Also, I made a tiny scarf out of that yarn (which I have since given away and therefore cannot measure it myself for cloning), and it was itchy. I don't want to spend my time knitting an itchy sweater.

So. The questions. Can someone with a beautiful, fancy stash and a wpi gauge tell me the wpi of Manos del Uruguay and Noro Cash Iroha? Thank you kindly. I searched for this information via almighty Google, but didn't find what I was looking for. If someone has better search terms, please feel free to share them so that I'm not forcing someone to measure yarn in the middle of the night.

cross-posted to spinningfiber and knitting. Sorry to those whose scroll buttons I have inconvenienced.

avoiding excessive curling

I'm in the process of making Bobblicious from Knitty - I'm about one fourth the way through the long reverse stocking stitch area between the two bobbled cuffs, and of course, its curling.

I know the curling won't be visible anywhere other than the neck, since otherwise it'll be joined together to form the shrug's sleeves, but I was wondering what effect knitting just slightly more loosely or tightly for the last few stitches on either side would do. It seems like knitting a little more loosely in the edges would cut the curling down a little, but I just wanted to check with other knitters first :) I'd much rather have a softer curl at the neck of this shrug than a tight curl, and knowing would help me out a lot with other projects, too.