April 18th, 2006


Illusion Knitting

I just watched the Knitty Gritty episode on Illusion Knitting, and I think it's the coolest thing *ever*!! I have images of a hidden triquettra running through my head, and if I can find a pattern maker that will help a dummy like me make a pattern, I may just try it myself...

I was wondering if any of you have any illusion knitting FO pictures, or tips on Illusion Knitting?

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Theresa 2008

Insomnia and knitting

I thought I would share this for a giggle...

My day was packed with things yesterday that, by 10pm, were still making my head go "whrrrrrrrrrPING!" So as I lay there in bed I explained to my dear husband that I am dead tired but my mind won't stop, at all, and he should just go to sleep. He tries to distract me by humming a few bars from both "It's a Small World" and the theme song from Barney; I explained to him that if he was trying to greatly anger me so I would never sleep, he was well on his way. ;) So he finally settled down, and my brain switched from business thoughts to knitting thoughts -- patterns I want to try, patterns I wish there were, which kind of yarn I really want to use for said patterns that I want to try, and all sorts of other knitting goodness.

I think I got to sleep around midnight after jotting down notes that came to me, quite brilliantly, for a lacy pattern for a tank shell. God, it's a gorgeous piece of work including a sort of Battenberg lace edging and a scoop neckline to match it, form fitting and flattering, probably in bamboo...

Unfortunately, the notes I wrote last night? I was probably half asleep because wow, in the light of day they do not make sense at all. None, I tell you!

Ah, insomnia and knitting.

I blame my husband's humming for the notes being completely disastrous. *nods to self*
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an oldie-but-goodie pattern....

back in the fall someone posted a free pattern of a scarf witht he most beautiful stitch. it looked like a criss-cross effect. i know the pattern used slip stitches on the knit rows but for the life of me... i forget the rest. i need to track it down b/c i started a beautiful scarf and, i "put it in a safe place" b/c the yarn was so pricey and i didnt want the kitty to get it, i just found it and cant remember how to finish! here is the pic i took when i was working on it... any guidance would be so great! thank you!

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Yarnmarket.com and Addi Turbo needles

Has anyone here bought fromYarnmarket.com? There are some items there I'd like to order which I'm having trouble finding elsewhere, but the site doesn't look likes it's updated often: it still has Christmas shipping instructions up, for example, which makes me wary of ordering from them.

Specifically, I'm looking for Addi Turbo needles, sizes 0-4 with 47" or 60" cords.

And that leads me to the other confusing thing- the chart on the Skacel website says US sizes 0-2 aren't made with 60 inch cords, the longest they come is 47", but Yarn Market says they carry these (perhaps fictional) needles, and even lists a price.

So, can anyone confirm the existence, or non existence, of size 0-2 60" Turbos, or tell me about a shopping experience with Yarn Market?

Update: Thank you for all the helpful comments! It's cleared up all the confusion I had, and provided helpful tips I wouldn't have though of. :-)

Knitty's Boogie, lengthening

I've decided to finally make something for myself, namely Boogie (cabled vest) from Knitty.

However, I want to make it longer by about four inches.

I think I know how it will work, but this will be my first time cabling (except swatches) and also my first time extending the length on anything more complicated than a scarf.

I should be able to extend the back (which is mostly stockinette the whole length) easily enough by just knitting more before decreasing for the armholes. I'll do the back second so I have an exact measurement of the front extension to match it up.

On the front, there is a cable panel up the middle. If I just repeat rows 5-16 of the cable pattern, twice, that should give me a little more than four inches (depending on my row gauge).

Is that right? The first rows are just the beginning of the pattern and aren't part of the repeat, right? I am a little unclear on Work even, maintaining continuity of established pattern until 13[13, 14, 15] inches from beg.

Thanks in advance. I'll be getting yarn for this today and getting started. Whee.
Theresa 2008

FO: Soleil

I finally got around to making Knitty's Soleil pattern. Details and photos Collapse )

I think I'm going to try the pattern again with a different fiber choice, perhaps bamboo... I'm not sure. The creative wheels are turning. ;) I'm happy with this for the most part, and I wore it for Easter at the in-law's, and I would wear it again.

Cross-posted to my journal and knitting.
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FO - Deep V Argyle Vest

Pattern Deep V Argyle Vest
Designer eunnyjang
Size 44" bust
Yarn Reynolds Lite Lopi in colors 441 and 264 (I think..I don't have the ball bands handy). I had 1 ball of the MC and 2 balls of the CC leftover
Needles Crystal Palace size 4 circs and dpn's.
Mods Left out some waist shaping since I don't have much of a waist. Compensated for a growing row gauge by performing neck decreases more quickly. Didn't reinforce the steeks with crochet (yes, you read that right). Disclaimer here: Do not do like me unless you have an extremely sticky yarn like the lopi. This will not bode well for nice slick yarns.
Thoughts on the pattern Many people are having issues with row gauge on this pattern, so I'd repeat the advice to swatch carefully so you don't have issues. I blame all row gauge problems I had on my lack of careful swatching, so my bad. The pattern is extremely detailed for the newbie steeker so I really appreciated that. I also want to shout out a big thanks to Eunny for charting the entire sweater. A less thorough designer would have just told me to continue the pattern through the shaping, but she gave me every single stitch on a chart. I love it. It kept me from making stupid mistakes like forgetting to start the arm-hole shaping while I'm busy thinking about the neck. I'd recommend this pattern to anyone.
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Nicolas Cage

knotty noro?

Has anyone out there every had a problem with Noro's Kureyon? I bought three skeins to make Knitty's french market bag and so far I've gone through two, but I've come upon three spots where the yarn is tied together in a knot! And the colors of the joined strands aren't even the same! I know it won't hurt the bag's look too much once it's felted, but for what I paid for the yarn, I'm disappointed.
kids garden

stuffing in toys-

I'm making a small(ish) toy, for a baby, but mostly for the mom, and i'm wondering about stuffing, a lot of times when i make toys i'll just stuff it with extra yarn, do you think that would be alright in this case? in case of washability, will it get more squished than a normal stuffing alternative?
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