April 19th, 2006

Silk Resources

As summer nears, I am eager to knit some sleeveless blouses. One pattern that I have owned for many months is Annie Modesitt's Silk Corset. In the pattern, Modesitt recommends a worsted weight 100% silk yarn, specifically ArtYarns Regal Silk. I'm a 48" bust, and my size requires approx. 900 yards of silk. To knit this corset in Regal Silk would cost around $130.

I googled "silk yarn" and Lambikins.com has a house yarn called "Passion" that retails at 10.95 for 150 yards. That is about half the price of Regal Silk. My questions:

Has anyone knit Modesitt's corset?
Did you sub a yarn; which yarn?
Has anyone ordered from Lambikin.com; are they repudiable and quick?
Has anyone knit with "Passion"?

Thank you!

Baby sun hat pattern?

I'm expecting my first child this fall after moving to Phoenix. I don't know much about living in Phx, but I do know it's hot, and sunny. ;) I have some nice organic cotton yarn and I'd like to make a little bucket hat for the baby, probably around 4-6 months size. Any pattern suggestions? I can crochet as well, so feel free to suggest crochet patterns though I usually prefer the look of knitting.


Knitpicks Adamas Shawl

I actually finished this a while back, but posted it only to my own journal. I thought I'd post links here in case anyone is thinking of making this shawl.

I had two posts of details and "fixes" to the pattern that I did. The first post is rather long, the second very short and had to do with balancing the double decreases.

This was a "beginning" project for me because my hands were bad enough that I had dropped knitting lace for some seven years. It certainly got me back into the hang of it.

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Happy kitty

Best way to sew up a teeny sock seam?

So, even after discovering the wonder that is long tail cast on, I was still having some trouble with my sockapaloooza socks...I kept making stupid mistakes, so I'd rip it out and restart it 100 times trying to get it perfect. But I kept having problems when I tried to join that first round, it kept getting twisted and messed up (using magic loop and this is my first time knitting with sock yarn and size 1 needles...argh) and I was getting so frustrated, so I made the decision to knit the first inch or so flat, then join, and that's been going well (finally).

But now I am wondering what will be the best way to seam it up when I'm done with the sock?  I've never seamed anything before, and since these socks are for someone else, I want them to look as nice as possible. I also don't want the seam to dig into her leg or rub her weirdly or whatever since it's going to be in the tigher ribbing portion of the sock...(the cuff is 1 x 1 rib, the rest is knitty's thuja pattern).

Does anyone have any advice on the best way to do this? Should I seam it with the same sock yarn, or should I use thread? And is there a certain kind of seam stitch that will lay flatter and be less obtrusive than others? 

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kyoto sweater

I have always wanted to knit a sweater (came close once but the yarn was 14
bucks a pop wow...) anyway I was looking through the
knitty website and I came across this
sweater. It
looks fairly easy and I could probably knit it on two needles except for the
circular part has anyone attempted this sweater and is it hard or fairly easy?
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Pima cotton for washclothes...or mercized

I was looking at the pima cottons on Knitpicks and was wondering is there any reason you can't use them for washclothes? (In the past I have used Sugar & Cream and MF 1824.) Actually, can you use mercized for the same purpose? I keep thinking pima is ok but mercized isn't but to be honest I don't really know much about fibers. Thanks.

soy silk and beginner's lace

So because the LYS didn't have the sock yarn I was looking for at the time, and because one of my secret ambitions as a knitter is to knit with any type of fiber that can be knit with, I picked up three balls of Soy Silk Phoenix in the 'passion' colourway instead. It's 175 yards a ball, so it works out to be 525 yards.

I'd like to do something lacy like a smallish wrap - something bigger than a scarf but smaller than a large shawl. I have yet to tackle lace so I'd like it to be reasonably simple to intermediate.

Any pattern suggestions would be great! Thanks.

felting a purse....

i am making my mom a purse for her birthday. i have felted before, but i want to make the purse a little special. she loves cherries so i picked up cascade pastaza in red/black & white. i want to do the base and 2" on the sides black, about 5 " center white and the remainder black red & white stripe. so hear is the question....

i want to put cherries in the white section. is it better to do intarsia and then felt or to felt the bag first and then knit cherries onto the bag without felting the pieces? or maybe there is even a better idea?
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Embroidery, knitting, and loose ends

For those of you that have embroidered on your knitting; what do you do with the loose ends that you have left over? More specifically, if you were going to embroider something like a face on a teddy bear or other such stuffed item, and if you knit the item in the round, what you do with the ends so that your embroidered eyes/nose/mouth/whatever doesn't come undone?

Pelt me with stones if this is a stupid question, but embroidery is not my forte, with or without knitted fabric.

Thanks in advance.

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I'm working on a set of simple garter stitch washcloths for a friend whos moving into her first apartments. I'm using S&C cotton yarn. The question is, is there a "technical" way to thread in the remaining "tail" at the end of my project? Usually with eyelash yarns its very easy to knot it and fudge it, but I am not farmilair with a good way to do it with a yarn that shows off so much (including mistakes!)

mamo-chan and usako

FOs (1st socks & lace) and questions (acrylic yarn?)

I recently made my first pair of socks as a birthday present for my best friend - I've made her scarves and a belt in the past, but she doesn't really wear them. So I asked her - what would you actually wear? And she said socks. Machine washable socks.

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ok, a question: I taught one of my friends to knit this past week (I taught her continental! Which I can't do because I find holding the yarn in my left hand very uncomfortable. I was so proud that I could teach it, though. She found it much more comfortable than English.) and to thank me, she gave me two skeins of caron simply soft, one in bright pink and one in bright purple. Would making baby clothes out of 100% acrylic yarn be way too hot for a baby? One of my friends recently had a baby girl. I gave her a blanket, but this yarn makes me want to make her little dresses and things. I know a lot of people have commented on how hot 100% acrylic things would be. Yet, when I search baby patterns, quite a few appear to be made of acrylic yarns, so I'm confused. I'm really bad at fiber content things.


Jewish knitting?

Now that my knitting skills are developing and I am more confident, I am looking to knit more meaningful pieces for friends and family.

My mom recently converted to Juduaism and I would love to show my support of her journey through knitting. Does anyone know if there are traditional knitted items for the Jewish faith? I googled for a while, but didn't find any answers. I am open to everything; mostly I would like to get an idea of what types of items may be traditionally knit by the Jewish.


Opinions on LYS classes please

I'm trying to help plan the class schedule for the LYS that I work at and I'd really appreciate your thoughts.

What kinds of classes do you wish you could take at your LYS? What types of things (techniques, projects, etc.) would you like to see offered? What type of class would you never enroll in? Have you taken a really awesome class that you'd like to recommend to others?

Thanks for your feedback.

Looking for a pattern-- capelet/cowl/hood -- any ideas?

Almost finished with my first sweater (pictures to come, yay!) and I am thinking about my next project:

I have this gotland roving that I spun into yarn, and if anyone doesn't know what gotland is, it's this great gray color wool that you will be super familiar with if you are a geek like me and liked the Lord of the Rings-- that's what they used to weave the cloaks out of for the elves, hobbits, and a bunch of the other characters.
( http://www.stansborough.co.nz/sb/lotr.cfm )

Anyway, not a weaver, but I have spun up a bunch of yarn, had a wonderful time doing it, and am NOT planning on trying to make a whole cape! (it would cost as much as buying one, and a knit cape isn't really practical, I don't think?)
I am looking for more of a pattern that is like a cowl, I guess... that goes over the head like a hood, loose, but can be a scarf, but everything I find is very "Old lady doesn't want to muss her hair in the wind" and not at all LOTR uber geek. Maybe something with a little lace too it, but not a whole lacey thing, because while I spun this very thin, I did ply it, and it's a little too hairy to be a good lace weight yarn. It's closer to DK.

So I thought I would submit to you, my knitting army, to see what ideas people have. You always have the best ideas.

Thanks in advance!
Edit:(Oh, and I'm a size 18/20, so don't suggest anything that would only look good on a lithe elven maiden...thanks!)
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Vogue Knitting Leaf Lace Scarf FO

This is the Leaf Lace Scarf from last summers Vogue Knitting, with some minor alterations:
*I used a bulky instead of DK weight yarn (I used KnitPicks Decadence 100% Alpaca), and so only did two pattern repeats across instead of 3
*I joined the two halves at their cast-on edges instead of at their ends, and did fancy leaf-points ends instead of straight ones.
I used 2.5 skeins on size US 10s, and it's QUITE long, and wide. It's very soft, but doesn't hold it's shape well and still kinda smells funny (from the mill), even after I washed it. I'll air it outside before I send it.

It's for my boyfriends mother as a Thank-You-Gift for sending me ALL her mother's old knitting needles and notions and a bunch of yarn!

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Tubey question

Question for those of you who have made Tubey: What size are you and what size did you make?

Based on the comment on the page that the designer has a 36" bust and made a small, I was planning on making a medium -- I have a 38" bust, mostly torso rather than bust. :-) However, thinking about it more, I'm a little worried. That seems like a LOT of negative ease, and while my I think of my current favorite sweater as tight-fitting, I think it still has positive ease. On the other hand, I want something sleek-looking that will look good with stretchy jeans, and with a neckline that big, you don't want it too loose.

I was wondering if anyone had any words of wisdom? I want to make it with a beautiful 70% merino 30% silk chain yarn I just bought on vacation, if that makes a difference.

I cast on on the flight back from the trip and when I asked some more experienced knitters (not suffering from wishful thinking) to measure it it turned out to be a slightly larger gauge than the swatch. So, I'll likely have to frog what I've done... but that's another problem altogether.