April 22nd, 2006

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"Not Your Standard Sweatshirt" yarn substitution math...

Has anyone here made the hooded sweatshirt from The Yarn Girls' Guide to Beyond the Basics, in size L, to know how much yarn the hood uses? I want to work something like that design in KP's Shine worsted, but I don't want the hood in particular, so I'm trying to guess whether 17 balls @ 75yds =1275 would do me instead of the full 1300 for the original yarn, or if in fact I could even get away with a ball or two less. Thanks...
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kitty pi FO

i posted a few days ago the WIP, and now it's finished! i also asked a question about HE washers as opposed to top-loading washers as far as felting goes, and the consensus seemed to be that it took longer (or about the same) time to felt things in an HE washer as it did in a top-loading washer. well, when i used to felt things in the old washer, it took about 3 washes. this took me ONE WASH! i was shocked. anyway, onto the pictures.

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I have a question about felting.
I know about the type of yarn that I have to use.I am not sure about what to use to dry it on.I see people letting there stuff dry on things that I so dont have!
Say I made one of those cat beds and then I needed to shape it.I dont have anything that would be that big.What could I do?

Note I am looking for different ways of shaping felted items when you dont have a bowl,box,table,etc,that size.
Also I have never felted anything,but what im working on now will be felted.(Its just a small purse.I will felt it with bags.)

Ty all ahead of time! ^.^
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Despite a few issues last night with my first attempt at short rows, I was able to finish Knitty's Topi in just a few hours.

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I also just recently jumped into recycled knitting when I found tons of wool sweaters on clearence at my local thrift stores. I think I picked up three sweaters for $2.50 or something insane like that.

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FO: Trellis (and also, I got Big Girl Knits!)

I finally finished Trellis!! I might block it again (I blocked the pieces before I sewed it together), but I haven't decided. I am so excited. This sweater is gorgeous. I can't wait to give it to the recipient. This is without a doubt the most complex thing I've ever made, both in terms of knitting and finishing.

Project details:
Pattern: Trellis
Yarn: KnitPicks Shine Worsted in wisteria

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In other knitting news, I finally got my hands on a copy of Big Girl Knits. Initial impression is very positive. I'm thrilled at the size-positive message it has, and the book itself and all of the models are just beautiful. I love the sense of humor I've seen in it so far. I'm a little disappointed that only one of the patterns is actually in MY size, but being a Very Big Girl, I wasn't really surprised. I'm looking forward to playing around with the patterns. I'm sure I will be coming here for help in adapting. :) I'm so excited that I might be able to knit something for myself other than a scarf!

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Alright...I'm at the verge of crying.

I am TOTALLY baffled at the whole idea of knitting on circular needles. Every tutorial I see shows like 900000000000000 stictches wrapped all the way around and it looks so easy. I don't understand if I need to have a TON of stithes in order for this to work, and not to mention I really dont even understand how to join the stitches if I am doing it. PLEASE HELP! Im on the verge of a breakdown....!

Bubby Bears

Just thought I'd share some bears that I made for easter. I used this pattern http://knitty.com/ISSUEfall05/PATTbubby.html ... They were just too cute not to make. The pattern was easy (although the 10 stitches on dpns were annoying...) and they didn't take too long to make. I did mess up on the grey one... i just didn't read through the pattern so he's a bit shorter. heh. i think he's kinda cute and stubby :)

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Ianto Fucking Jones

Questions on Adamas Shwal and Hooray for me gloves

I’m working on the Adamas Shawl from knit picks and am just about to start work on the body chart. This is the first time I have knitted lace, or used a chart and I am completely amazed at how the yarn overs and decreases turn into nifty shapes (as well as being completely terrified of making a mistake because there is no way I can work back on my own) I know a few people here have made this and I have some questions:

So, I have learned that you are supposed to read charts from right to left, of course I learn this after I have completed the first section going left to right. All sense of logic tells me that, for this pattern at least, this will not do any harm and I should just continue on the way I am going, is there any crazy reason that this is not so?

The pattern says “During subsequent repeats, you will be adding 2 markers and shifting all others” does this mean they will be moving to entirely different positions in the row or just that they shift from needle to needle as you knit?

Thanks for any help!

Also a question for the person who made the Hooray for me gloves in knitpicks shimmer a little while back, how did you get gauge, double stranding? And how many hanks did you end up using? Yours turned out lovely and I have some extra in my stash so I'm hoping I have enough.

Edited to add a photo (which livejournal does not want to display so here is a link: http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y36/wingedbagel/ef15ba00.jpg
there was a slight mishap with the section on the left, but not so much that I am willing to frog back; as soon as it was fixed a life line went in.
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