April 25th, 2006


Altering Knitty's Tendrils

I'm hoping one of y'all could help make sure I've calculated this correctly. I want to make Tendrils as a gift for a friend, but I only have 600 yards of yarn and the pattern calls for 850. I like the long length so I figure if I take out one repeat of the bead sections so there will be 4 instead of 5, I'll get closer to the length. The pattern seems to easily adaptable because there is a section that is repeated 4 times in the pattern. So if I only repeat this three (3) times I will end up with a tendrils that has 4 beaded sections, right?

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FO - Nautie! EDITED!

I couldn't resist knitting Nautie, so here is my little stash-busting prehistoric huggable beastie. My roomie, Tori, is stealing him to take to her geology class in the morning, I can't wait to hear what the Geosciences majors have to say about him!

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I loved this pattern, and I want to knit it again now that I have the particulars down. Its well written, and it was so much fun seeing the shell come together! Bonus? It impressed the heck out of my boyfriend's mother, hooray! Awesome project to use up some Caron's Simply Soft, and a wonderful excuse to have the boy check out knitting shops in his town.

But Zoidberg wishes I'd knit a friend for him. Poor Zoidberg.

Edit! My room mate's class adored him, and her professor tried to steal him by hiding the poor little guy behind the projector screen. Nautie = much amusement for geoscience and other such fossil hounds.
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stupid question I fear

I just joined the community and am very new to knitting. I am knitting a scarf for my sister and had an idea for it that I have no idea how to implement. I'm sure the answer is very simple, but I don't want to mess it up. I've tried the memories and googling, but so far no luck.

The idea is that I want to make a slit in the scarf to pull one end through.
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I don't know how to knit the scarf so that it will split in two like I want. I'm using very bulky yarn and size 15 (10mm) needles so I think it will need to be about 12-15 rows (the scarf is 20 stitches wide).
I thought about just slipping a stitch in the middle to the other needle, but when I thought about it more it didn't seem like that would work...
Any ideas?
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more sock help, Holly Sock's

I love how these socks are coming out, but I feel so frustrated with the pattern.(PDF) I'm stuck here at this part;

Place all instep stitches onto one needle. Slide half the heel stitches onto an empty needle
so that the heel stitches are divided between two needles. With one needle that is holding
half the heel stitches, pick up 15 chain loops on the left side of the heel. With the other
needle that is holding the remainder of the heel stitches, pick up 15 chain loops on the
right side of the heel.
Knit one round, maintaining lacy rib pattern across the instep stitches on needle 2.

I have the instep stiches on one needle. I slid half the hell stiches onto another, so there are 7 stiches on each needle. Now, normally when I pick up stitches, I use the active yarn. Now I notice that the pattern doesn't say to pick up stitches, it says to pick up loops. Does this mean that I don't use the active yarn and just pick up the loop and put it on the needles? And if this is the case, it will leave my active yarn in the middle of a needle, with heel stitches on one side and picked up loops on the other.

Am I missing something here??

Doing some practicing

I finally finished my other striped sock-this one, to be precise. I don't have a picture of the pair just yet-the socks are at home and I'm not so it'll be at least tomorrow before I can "prove" I don't have SSS ;)

I started a little experiment yesterday-I'm trying two socks on two circs to keep from having SSS. I'm doing them toe up-using short row toes. I had to do each toe seperately first then got them both on the same needle and used my other circ to pick up the live stitches from the provisional cast on. It seems to work, I just had to be careful to get both of the socks going in the same direction and to remember to use the right yarn end for each sock. I'm doing the top of the foot and will be doing the leg in the seaweed sock pattern. I plan to do a short row heel but I'm not quite that far in yet. So far so good. I'm just using some RH baby yarn for practice until I can get some more sock yarn, I plan on visiting KnitPicks sometime soon.

I also started a community, lonelysocksclub where we can talk about lonely socks and finishing that elusive second sock that so many of us seem to have. Come out and take a look.
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3 questions: ruffles, K1B, and celtic designs

I have three questions on upcoming projects that I keep snagging on.

1. I want to create a drawstring pouch or dice bag knit in the round that has ruffles at the top. Or at least a wavy top edge. I've been making it by setting up groups of 12. I then:  k2tog k2tog k1 m1 k1 m1 k1 m1 k1 m1 k2tog k2tog. But it's not working as I'd like. Is there a better way to create to ruffle or is what I'm doing the way to go and I'm just not committing all the way?

2. I'm working on a pattern that calls for k1b. In the legend it reads "Knit one below. Insert needle into st below next st on left-hand needle and knit it in the usual way, slipping the st above off needle at same time." This makes me nervous and since I don't know any knitters locally that can help me (and I can't make it to my LYS anytime soon), I just wanted to confirm with people that I'm understanding this. Looking at http://www.thedietdiary.com/blog/lucia/291 it looks like "slipping the st above off needle at same time." just means to let the stitch off the left needle like you would if you had knit it. Is that correct?

3. I'm planning on a using fair isle to create a very celtic pattern--a celtic knot, maybe. But I'm not finding anything that interests me. Does anyone have a design they like? It doesn't have to be a knit piece or a chart, just a drawing is fine I can make a chart from there.


felting cleanup question

i just felted a black, white and red purse. (i posted about this the other day, the cascade pastaza), anyway, the colors did not bleed, thankfully, however, some of the "hairs" from the black have attached themselves to the white. before i attach the cherries, i want to clean it up without making it worse or brushed out. what is the best way to do that? i have a stickie felt brush, but i hesitate to use it without someone saying "go for it!"

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knitting vintage

pattern request

this is a plassard pattern i really want to make. i suppose i could probably find the book (plassard book 42), but would it be available in french only?

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anyone know of other similar patterns (easier to obtain & definitely in english? this pattern uses plassard's pichenette, a mohair blend (similar to rowan kidsilk haze).

Knitted airplane?

I'm looking for a pattern for a knitted toy/3D airplane, and after a long time on google, all I could find were people talking about knitting ON airplanes. If necessary, I guess i could wing it (hehehe) but I'd much rather have a pattern to start off with. Free or in a book would be best, but I'm up for anything!

Thanks so much!

Arisaig: The Phantom FO

I've been searching for pictures of a completed Arisaig cardigan online, and for some reason, it seems like I can't find anything! Lots of just-begun and half-completed projects, and lots of sleeves, but I'm starting to wonder if anyone has ever managed to successfully complete this pattern. I am in love with the idea of a brown and green Arisaig for this fall, when I have more experience with knitting clothing (I'm currently working on Orangina as my first real clothing project). Have any of you successfully finished an Arisaig, or do you know of someone who has?

I also know people had some problems with the larger sizes, but the creator of the pattern said she tested them again, and that the math still worked out and she wasn't going to change the pattern. So that should still be okay. I just thought it was weird that I couldn't find one FO!

yarn counts?

What does it mean if a yarn is listed by "count" instead of guage or name (such as worsted, etc.).

I found Merino yarn on this site, and the price is approximately US$98 for a kilo. The yarns are described as "110/2 count" and "500/3 count".
Sing out

Thank you and progress pics.

Thank you all so much for your help with my scarf issue earlier. I got it worked out, and I am oh so proud of myself! haha
I am terrible about starting rojects and never finishing them. This was originaly going to be my sister's Yule present (Dec) and then her birthday present (Feb) and now I'm hoping to have it finished for her graduation (May). At this rate she should at least have it by next Yule.
Anyway I'm pretty proud that I'm not giving up on this even though its ridiculously simple compared with most of the stuff I see on here.
Here are pictures of how I did the hole in it that I was talking about here
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I realized that since I was already switching colors between two balls of yarn, I could use those to do the hole without having excess cutting and such. I plan to cut, tie and weave in all the ends after I finish the thing.
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I've searched all over and can't find anything so hopefully someone can help me. I'm in search of ANY pattern for anything that has anything to do with the following:

Outer Space
Solar System
The Moon..etc

Any of these or anything similar would be GREATLY apprciated! Thanks so much!
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