April 26th, 2006

Knitting in the Dark (Pattern Request)

Hopefully someone can help me out...I work in theatre and have a tech weekend coming up on Friday. For anyone who doesn't know, a tech weekend involves me (the prop master) sitting in the audience for ten hours each day watching the show come together (lighting, sound, props, costumes, etc.) Anyway, thats a lot of time to be sitting, so I usually knit(my last show I made a Clapotis). But this time I am at a total loss for a pattern--I'm in the middle of Branching Out, but its not exactly a dark theatre friendly project...

So I was wondering if anyone had a pattern I could feasibly make in the dark. I could do lace with a short repeat (2-4 rows) or a garment in the round, its just that nothing I've found has struck me.

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I was wondering if someone could explain this pattern to me.

Here's the pattern. (PDF)

It doesn't make sense to me. After it says to CO 88 sts, and then knit 6 rnds. Then K1, M1 for one rnd. Here's where I get confused. It says to do the (k1,p2,k4,p1,k3,p1,k4,p2,k1,pm), repeating the 24 stitch repeat to the end. BUT, after the K1, M1 rnd I should have 176 stitches on the needle, so if that's the case then after I do the 24 stitch repeat 7 times I have 8 stitches left in that round so what do I do with the remaining 8 stitches? I hope I've made sense and nay help is appreciated. Thanks!
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Pattern Search

So i was looking around and found a jacket that is going on my "to knit" list, the only problem is that it only comes as a kit that cost $87 plus shipping...so that's why i turn to you!

here is the link to the kit
i googled but haven't really found anything that matches...
i also know about starsky and the belted jacket in interweave but those aren't it! i want it to be plain..
any help would be wonderful.

Help with tension and gauge?

So, recently I've tried starting both Picovoli and Tubey, both of which seemed like good candidates for a first sweater or top. Both times I knit and washed a swatch. I got gauge for Tubey, for Picovoli I realized I couldn't get gauge with the yarn I had and was planning to knit a larger size with a smaller gauge.

Then I cast on and in neither case did I get anything like the gauge in my swatch in the actual knitting.

Tubey has been especially frustrating since I've gone down one needle size and am getting the same gauge: I've started the sweater 3 times now.

This is really driving me nuts and I'm getting very discouraged about knitting in general. My first few projects came out well, but they were things like potholders and scarves that didn't have to turn out any particular size. I seem to be unable to make the jump to things that have to fit, and since what I really want to knit is a few sweaters it's very frusturating.

One of the more experienced knitters at my SnB suggested that I should try knitting a few more projects to get the hang of tension before I start the sweater again. Problem is I don't have many ideas for a project in stockinette except maybe a felted bag (which I want to knit on large needles since the felt will be very thick otherwise: I don't know if that's still good practice). Also, I'm rather broke at the moment and don't want to spend money on more yarn until I've used up some of the yarn I have. (I have yarn for a felted bag but not much else that's large except sweaters).

I've also thought of just trying Picovloi again, since at least for that I only have to knit at constant tension, not knit and purl. I think part of my problem is that I've been consciously loosening up on my knitting so that my knit and purl rows have closer to the same tension and it's messing me up.

Sorry. I guess I'm just really discouraged and looking for advice/encouragement/whatever.

help me fit my bust :)

hello: I am currently knitting a sweater. It's quite basic, i am not using a specific pattern, but fusing many. However, my question is that i am looking for (and can't find) a pattern to increase around the bust. Im looking for a way to make the sweater tailored a bit. I have a large bust, so if i was to make it to fit just there it would look like a bag everywhere else. Does anyone know how i can avoid this?
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Hi, I am just just learning to knit. I guess I am trying to make a blanket. The woman who started teaching me didnt help too much. She told me to make 30 stiches on the needle. I have been doing that, and the stip is getting to be pretty long. When I am done with that stip my only concern that its going to be long, but skinny (30 stiches) and she told me to make about 4 stips and then sew them together. How is that going to look? Won't it look really bad?

Also, I dont get how to read patterns at ALL.

I mean I've seen knit blankets before, and it doesnt look like they were sewed together at all, it just looks like one big blanket...

What shoud I do?

Candle Flames from Knit Picks

Oh, Candle Flames, why won't you let me knit you?

I've tried two times and frogged two times. The first time, I lost count, working off the written pattern. The second time, working off the chart, my lace shifted oddly. I think I must have lost count somehow. Tonight, I'm giving it another go.

A wonderful, genius member of this community suggested writing each row of lace down on an index card, in order to keep better count, which I have all set up and ready for tonight. Has anyone else worked on this piece? Are you willing to give tips to a new lace knitter?

Thanks so much!
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I just realized today that the knitpicks headquarters is literally 20 minutes away from my house... which raises questions like "Why did it take my catalogue a month to get here?" Maybe next time I order from them I'll ask if I can just go pick it up instead of waiting the two weeks. Heh.

But anyway, the catalogue DID get here, and browsing through it I became curious about these books :
Not Just Socks


The 'sequel', Not Just More Socks

I haven't seen them in my local bookstore's considerably large knitting section... nor can I find them on Amazon... so I was wondering if anyone here had any experience with them. I like the idea, but I'd bit a bit worried that they're just full of straightforward patterns like those I could find everywhere else, but with striping yarn substituted. Anyone have any opinions on this book? (Or pictures of projects, for that matter)

Thanks :-)

Oh, while I'm on the topic... recommendations for self striping yarns that are actually SOFT are also welcome... I've been keeping an eye out at the many yarn stores around here, and it seems like all the self-striping yarns (especially in sizes bigger than sock weight) are super scratchy and yucky, which is too bad since they're pretty, and I like things that do my color work for me (especially since it saves on me buying lots of balls of yarn just to get all the colors)

Handy-dandy yarn substitution guide!

Given the frequent questions we see in here from members (myself included) about yarn substitutions, I was quite pleased when the very knowledgeable Carol (the pattern writer, not the guy) at Go Knit In Your Hat decided to write a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to subbing. It's in two parts.

Part I includes the following topics:
Step 1 - Preliminary research (characteristics of original yarn: gauge/yardage/needle size/fiber content?)
Step 2 - Examine your motivations (why you want to sub and not use the original: too fuzzy/expensive/allergy-laden?)
Step 3 - Guiding characteristics (examine the pattern: will your wants and the pattern's needs match up?)
Addendum - recommendation of a book discussing non-wool fibers and their qualities/suitabilities for particular use

Part II includes the following topics:
Step 4 - Shopping around (narrowing your search)
Step 4 and a half - Buy one ball to swatch with (also addresses some reader comments on pitfalls)
Step 5 - Figuring out equivalents (doing the math to figure out skein numbers, etc.)

Disclaimer: I am not Carol, nor employed by her. It's worth reading, though, especially for those easing into thinking beyond a pattern. Go check it out.

Pattern request - flapper style hat

I'm feeling like a dolt because I can't find it, but I'm betting someone here has it bookmarked. There's a pattern for a sort of beanie hat, done in an open lace pattern, that I'm looking for. I can't remember much about it except that I liked it and that it has instructions for both a knit and a crocheted version (in fact, I think the crochet version might be the primary, with a knit alternate). Anyone have the link? My brain is completely failing me today, and I can't seem to think up any successful google searches.

Knitting "opposites"

So the other day I asked a question about how to do right-twisted stitches, so that my Trellis comes out symmetrical down the center in terms of cabling.

Which got me thinking about compiling a guide of knitting "opposites." For example, when you knit socks, you decrease via k2tog on one side, and via ssk on the other, which produces mirror-image type decreases. Similarly, in cabling, slipping 2 stitches onto CN and holding them in front produces a mirror image of slipping two stitches onto CN and holding in back.

So I was going to go through my limited knowledge and compile a written guide like that for myself. Would anyone else find something like this useful? Does something like this already exist? Am I even making sense?

Also, please feel free to add any pairs or sets of opposites!
Illinois hoodie

FO- Fuzzy Feet, felted bag of DOOM!

I finished knitting these objects a LONG time ago. I think the bag was finished about (ahem) a year ago and the fuzzy feet were finished before Christmas. I just hadn't felted them yet. Well, today I finally did it! Whoooo! To follow are some pics and whatnot.

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Ok. I also have to tell you about the Shout brand Color Catcher Sheets seen here. They are amazing! I threw one in with this felting adventure because I was using crazy amounts of vibrant colors and our towels. I didn't want any colors bleeding, so I tossed one in. OMG!!! It was amazing. I took a pic of it too just so you can see it. Remember, they are white when they go in (picture a bounce sheet).

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Now I will need to make the handles for my overnight/weekend bag. Then, I have to make the final decision about attaching them. I bought this extra large eyelet kit at Jo-Anne's and I intend to mess around with them before I try to attach them to my bag. Have any of you tried using this? Did it work well? Any tips for using them? Thanks!

Edited to add: Well, it seems some people are having trouble viewing all my pics. So, I will post the URLs here in order so you can click to see them if you can't load them for whatever reason! :D

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Searching for a pattern

So I'm looking for a pattern, and I'm not sure what the specific name for it is. The best I can describe it as, is a hair net. Or one of the netted items women sometimes wore their hair in, maybe like in the mid to late 1800s. My great aunt wears one all the time, and I want to make her one with some nice cashmere sock weight that I have.

Can anyone help me out ???

Thanks !!!
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(no subject)

I have a question. I just got a bunch of yarn to make a kitty pi, but the pattern calls for size 11 or larger needles. I'm using double-stranded worsted weight yarn instead of the bulky the pattern calls for, so I figure I'd want like size 13 or so. I thought I had some double pointed needles that were really big, but now that I checked, they're only size 9. I don't really want to go out and buy some new ones, because I don't think I'd use them on anything else, and the only place that sells them that big around here is very expensive.

So do you think I could knit it flat and then sew it up before felting? Or would that make it somehow weird?