April 27th, 2006

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Mr. Dangly direction question

I am working on Mr. Dangly the monkey. I have knit this twice two different ways and I am just not sure of what I am reading. The pattern says: Cast on 9 stitches, working in Stocking stitch.
[K2, inc by knitting twice into next st] to end-12 st. (so far I am ok)
next line says work 1 row,
[k4 inc in next st] to end 18 st
work 3 rows

and it goes on from there. My question is when it says to work 1 row does that mean purl only? Or does it mean that I always purl back anyway and to work 1 row means to purl back from the increase row then knit a row and purl back? I hope my question is clear enough. Thanks for your help.
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knitting an oval-

alright, i've been pondering the semantics of this all morning, my bf's nephew is turning two next month and is obsessed with turtles. i was going to knit a sweater with turtles on it, but i'm a little too knitting ADD for that- anyways, i'd like to knit him a turtle, but i'd like to complicate things by not just knitting from one end of the shell to the other, but, starting in the middle to the outside. and of course i'd like him to be oval, not round. (could i use a *few* more commas in that paragraph?) i suppose a few swatches would help me figure out if it was possible, but i thought someone here may have tried it before :)
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A couple of FOs

Right now i'm knitting The Opera Scarf (the link is to a .pdf) in koigu kpppm p805 in a relatively tight gauge. It's boring me to death. And to top it off, it's so repetitive i want to knit without looking at it but i can't "feel" k2tog. I have to look to knit. Grrr.
So in a moment of weakness and ridiculously cheap Sugar'n cream (.99 balls!) i decided to take a break and knit up washcloths.
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so that's that. I really should will myself to finish this silly shawl. I just can't convince myself that it's zen-like.

Master knitter?

Has anybody taken classes from the Knitting Guild Association? how were they? Were you satisfied? Did you learn a lot?

Also, has anybody gone to be a master knitter?
How difficult was it? Was it fun? Did you learn a lot in the process? Is it worth it?

Being a mater knitter looks really interesting to me, and an awesome opportunity to learn a lot about knitting.
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Webs interchangeable set.

Hey all. I'm re-organizing the gargantua that is my yarn-craft life (I have a plastic "coffin" full of yarn and random needles from all years, materials, and places in the world)... and I was thinking of condensing my knitting needle collection by getting an interchangeable set of some kind.

My favorite type of needles to work with are bamboo, so that gets me away from the Boye or Denise options that are so standard. The two I have found are the Plymouth compact set, and the Webs interchangeable set. I'm leaning far towards the Webs, because you get so much more for the price, and it's beautifully packaged!, but I couldn't find too much information, like reviews, on the massive intarwebs.

I was curious if anyone had any experience with this needle set and could give me some insight. Thanks!
Knittin' Again

Sock! I Finally Have a Sock!

I started knitting just a few months ago and my dream has always been to knit socks...and I finished my first sock this morning and am getting ready to cast on the second of the pair...no SSS for me!

I made them from a pattern in the Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles by Cat Bordi book and was amazed at how easy it was. There were only a few spots where I got a little confused, but got help from http://www.az.com/~andrade/knit/twocirculars.html.

Here's some photos:

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Question and some pictures

I know a number of you are from Washington state so I am hoping that you can help me out. I will be visiting my cousin in Seattle next week and I'd love to hit some excellent yarn stores. This will be my first time going yarn shopping while on vacation and I am really looking forward to it. Please let me know if you have a favourite LYS in Seattle. Thanks so much :)

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Edit: Thanks so much for great recommendations. I'm not sure where the stores are in relation to my cousin's house but I will definitely try to check out Weaving Works, Acorn Street and Hilltop Yarns. This community really is a fabulous resource.

HTML and knitting

Does anyone know where I can find information for putting progression bars on my blog? I want to keep track of my projects. I've seen this before, but I have NO idea how to do so myself.

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Finished Pattern for Mrs. Weasley Bell Sleeves

Hello All,

A couple of months ago, I wrote this post about my attempts at making Mrs. Weasley's Bell Sleeves from COS.
My first attempt was TEH suck, but with some advice from this wonderful community and the women in my knitting group, I have come up with a pattern.
If you are interested, check out the link. 


ETA: The pattern is crochet NOT knit. I couldn't get the right texture with knitting, even though, I'm sure it can be done.
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So I was making a scarf for someone (a guy) who I'll be seeing Saturday. I need to have the scarf finished by then.

I CO 32, in 2/2 rib, with Encore Chunky.

Now, 30 inches into it, I'm starting to think it's too thin. It's 4". I guess this is more of a plea for someone to tell me this isn't going to look really bad. I'm going to make it really long, and have fringe, so I think it will look okay. Someone teased me about the width, though, so now I'm worried.

Has anyone else made a scarf for a guy with that width and had it look okay? The guy himself is about 5'8" so it's not like it's going to be some huge 6'4" guy because then it would certainly be too small.

Help/reassurance? :o)

Magic Loop method for mittens?

Has anyone used the magic loop method for making mittens? If it works for socks, wouldn't it work for mittens?

I just started my very first pair ever, using size 3 dpns, and I hate it, hate it, hate it! I dislike dpns even when they are a larger size and I'm not at risk for getting puncture wounds.

I promised a pair of mittens to my brother and sister-in-law, and I'd really like to make them these gift without hating the process.

(EDIT to add: FO Spiderweb Capelet) FO: A bed for my phone

I've been lurking forever and decided to finally start posting my projects. :) I made this little one last night so I wouldn't scratch my new phone. I used Bernat Softee Chunky in Pale Antique Rose to make up this little cozy for my phone. I made up the pattern as I went using size 5 circs. It took about 2-3 hours. Only snag I hit was securring the letter on it. It was one of those letters for a bracelet so it wanted to flip around like crazy.

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Edited to add my Spiderweb Capelet from SnB Nation. When I made it I was still a beginner and didn't know what blocking was. I was so disapointed at how small it came out until my best friend asked if I had blocked it. Blocked it? Well after doing that I was very pleased with the results. :) I used Rowan kid classic in Glacier as a substitute.

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yarn substitions - knitpicks shimmer

I'm trying to fill up an order for KnitPicks (free shipping for $40 worth of stuff) because it's someone's birthday soon and I'm hesitant to put it through. See, there's a really pretty lacy sweater wrap in SnB Nation and I want to make it, but he yarn it calls for is Rowan 4-ply cotton and obviously KnitPicks doesn't have that, or anything comparable. Shimmer is similar in weight, I think it might do good in wool, and I think I can get a decent amount of it, but I'm wondering how it looks in practice because the yarn is variegated. How variegated is it with knitting? Does it stripe? Does anyone here think one could make a sweater out of it?

I see "Essentials" is fingering weight too but I'm wondering how soft that actually is and I don't particularly like any of those colors as much as the ones of Shimmer.
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noni bag (carpet bags) question.

Has anyone made the felted smallish baguette carpet bag from noni bags? even if you haven't, you can probably help me with this.

with the exception of scarves, handwarmers, knitted animals, and a kitty pi, i haven't really knitted anything big. i'm still learning a lot of things, and i'm unsure how to pick up stitches. i found an article in a past issue of knitty, but i don't really know what i'm looking for. the directions say to knit the bottom of the bag on the circs flat, then pick up stitches and start knitting in the round.

"Using either the defined or non-defined bottom technique, pm, pick up 12 stitches, pm, 44 stitches, pm, 12 stitches, pm, and then either knit or purl the remaining 44 live stitches."

i plan on doing the non-defined bottom, which means i'll be ending with a RS row, then pick up 12 on one short side, 44 on the long side, then 12 on the other short side. it's knit in stockinette.

any web addresses or explanations would be EXTREMELY helpful.

thanks. :)


you know how moms like certain things? my mom likes cherries. (and cows, but i am not knitting a cow) anyway, this is her birthday gift and b/c its my finished object i wanted to share. that, and some of you lovlies helped me decide how to put the cherries on the correct way. so thank you to all the knitters who helped me figure out how to make this bag come out without bleeding and also to remove unwanted fibers from the white area. thanks!!!

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Paris Loop's Gauge.

I'm having a heck of a time with Paris Loop. I can't find Gedifra Cicco anywhere, so I'm trying to swatch to find a yarn in my stash that might work in its place. The problem is that the pattern lists gauge in cm while everything else in the pattern is measured in inches. It also has you cast on 110 stitches, which at an estimated gauge of 4cm to 12 stitches only comes out to 14 inches(36cm) around your shoulders. Now I know it's supposed to stretch and all, but does anyone else think the gauge is really supposed to be listed in inches, not centimeters? I can't imagine 14 inches + stretch fitting around my shoulders in any kind of comfortable manner.