April 29th, 2006

Sorry, another yarn request...

Can anyone recommend a non-animal fiber yarn that could be used for lace? I want to make Knitty's Branching Out for my aunt, but her husband is terribly allergic to just about everything under the sun. I was considering making it in cotton, but I don't know how well it blocks (if at all, since it has no give). Are there any other fibers I could consider that would do well for lacework?

Thank you so much!

EDIT: THANK YOU! You all are so incredibly helpful, I really appreciate this! <3<3<3
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Tea dyeing

I'm finishing up my Clapotis today, and I knitted it in a pure white yarn. It's too darn bright, so I thought about tea dyeing it to blunt it down and give it a bit of a ilght tan to it. I know that tea will gradually wash out in the laundry, and I know that a vinegar rinse sets other dyes.


If I tea dye my Clapotis and give it a vinegar rinse, will that "set" the tea dye? The fiber is a cotton/acrylic blend - 51% cototn / 49% acrylic

TIA for all the help. I'll post pictures of it as soon as it's finished and I'm done dyeing. :)

EDIT: Thanks to all who responded. Your help is very much appreciated! If I have enough yarn when I finish, I will swatch and see how the tea works. If it doesn't look right, you'll see pics of a snow-white Clapotis in the next couple of days. :)
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Invisible Cast-on woes

I need some help please, I'm confuzzled.

I'm trying to learn the invisble cast-on, and I'm confused. All the pictures and videos I've seen (knittinghelp.com, eunny knits) have the waste yarn all along the bottom while the working yarn in around the needle, and yet when I am trying it, my working yarn and waste yarn are around the needle. As soon as I release the tension by letting go of the yarn in my right hand, the yarn just unravels itself form the needle. I know there's also a crochet style, but I do not own any hooks. Can someone help me please? Thank you.
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Firefly socks!

OK, so it's my partner Martindale's turn for a Knitted Goodie from me. He wants socks. No problem. What sort of socks would you like, dear?

After some thought, he announces that he'd like "Firefly-themed socks". Any idea what sort of Firefly-themed socks? Nope, that's up to me. So that week my other partner Artyem and I watched through the entirety of the Firefly DVDs looking for something that could be turned into a sock theme. It wasn't easy, I can tell you. But here's what we came up with.

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LYS in Mid-Wilshire Los Angeles?

I feel like a dope posting this, I did try the search feature and couldn't come up with much of anything.

I'm in Los Angeles for a few days helping my mom recover from surgery. I'm in the Mid-Wilshire (west center LA) area and will probably only have time to sneak off to one closeby yarn store (I'm about a mile east of Larchmont Blvd). Does anybody have any suggestions?  I haven't been to a yarn store here since 1992 and well... a lot has changed.  For one, I'm no longer 12 years ond, and am much less likley to be followed around by hostile staff who have this look like I'm going to either steal or ruin the yarn. (although I will always remember the black chenille purse with the ornate beaded tassles I made for the ends of the drawstrings.)

To give a bit more knitting content here... I made my brother a hat with Rowan Spray which is a wool and acrylic blend.  I know it won't felt, which is great, but what I'm wondering is... will there be any harm done throwing it in the washer?  I know he's going to eventually and I just want to know the level of treatening warnings I should employ.  It may not make much difference, ominous threats about washing KnitPicks Wool Of the Andes went unheeded, but he LOVES my hats and apparently wears them everyday, no matter how hot it is outside.  Fair isle wool hat outside skateboarding in july... only my brother. :)

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was wondering if someone could help with this (seems like a simple question that i should be able to figure out but grrrrrrrr i'm really bad at visualizing!). is neck shaping usually done on the neck edge or the sleeve edge?!!

De-Glow FO

So, this is the first FO that I've posted here. It's a felted bag, made with Brown Sheep Lime-Aide and some black sport weight wool yarn. It's a small bag for my friend, Emy. Big enough to fit a credit card, cash, and ID - just what she needs when she hits the clubs in London.

Follow the radiation glow .... ( I do hope I'm doing this "under the cut" thing right. )
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movie knitting

a couple of weeks ago (or sooner) someone posted about movie knitting. i cant for the life of me find that post.does anyone have it saved or remember where it's at? if not, here is my question.....

im heading to the movies and i want to knit something other than a scarf while there. what do you knit when your watching a movie at the theater? i need something simple, no pattern reading, but good enough to keep my fingers busy!!

thanks! :)
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To frog or not to frog?

I'm seven inches (about 50 rows) into the front of a sweater. It's a pretty intricate pattern (the Galway Guy from the Spring 2005 Interweave Knits). However, due to my own scatterbrainedness and the fact that I changed part of the pattern to make it easier to knit, I've got a LOT of flaws along the edges and along two or three sections of the pattern. Would it be worth frogging and redoing it to make it look right? What would you do? It's my first sweater, it should be beautiful, and I'm kinda twitchy about all the flaws.

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So I've completed something around a dozen rows on this baby blanket.
I'm using Lion Brand Pound of Love, 100% acrylic.
I saw a lot of comments on what kind of blocking methods (if any) work on what fibers here.
So... When I'm done this blanket... what do I do to make it all lay flat, and make everything look even? Because, believe me, it's looking really bumpy, and in the first three or four rows, there are spots where I alternately knit too loose, just right, or too tight (and I'm sure I'm still doing it too).

Rowan felted tweed color substitutes?

Hi all,

This is a multipronged question about either substituting colors and/or yarns.

I want to knit the Napramach bag from the Folk Bags book, and the pattern specifies Rowan Felted Tweed. I can find three of the colors (#133 midnight, #141 whisper, #145 treacle) but not the others.

These are the colors I still need to find:

#144 conker (a dark orange-red)
#136 corn (yellow)
##140 Arctic (gray)

I haven't found anyone selling these colors online, either. Darn it, I need only one ball of each color!

Does anyone know if these colors still exist but just under a different name? I've checked the Rowan site but this info isn't listed in the yarn substitutions section, and the company never answered my email question. (grrr) alternately, which of the existing line of Rowan felted tweeds would make an acceptable substitute?

Does anyone know of completely different tweed DK weight yarn that would work? Either a different Rowan yarn or yarn from a different company? I think Rowan yarns are just beautiful but I've never worked with them before because it's normally out my price range, but I wanted to treat myself to this bag.

The hat


Hey you guys!

I've got two questions/requests for you.

1. I've just really gotten into knitting socks, and I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of some good yarns/websites for sock yarns.


2. I'm knitting the shop model of a tote bag kit, and as recompense I get the amount of the kit in store credit. The bag is really cute (in fact, oogling over the cuteness is what led me to the job in the first place), but something that is normally out of my price range. My question is, would you use this opportunity to buy a kit to make the bag for yourself, or use the credit towards putting a dent in getting some really nice yarn to do something big that would otherwise not be affordable(maybe some alpaca for a sweater)?

Thanks in advance for the input!

Knitting at work.

I work in a call center and several new people transfered onto my shift at the beginning of the year. After a couple of weeks of relaxing they realized they were bored and asked me to teach them to knit. Fast forward to today.
One of the girls was plugging away on a garter stitch scarf when she announced that she was thinking of ripping it out and doing a sideways garter scarf because this was just boring. I looked at what she had and quickly described a basic envelope purse (The scarf is about 8 in. wide and she was 4 in. into it at a pretty tight gauge)
Suddenly she is revitalized!
It's so cute!
It's been really interesting teaching half the shift to knit (plus the 2 girls I 'reminded' how to crochet). I wasn't sure I could teach! (I had no doubt that they could learn, it was my abilities I doubted.)
Our manager is even getting in on the act, she's going to bring in yarn so we can knit for the preemies. (We're a hospital call center)
On that subject, if anybody has any links to 2 needle hats, booties, etc. for preemies and newborns, we'd really appreciate it!
bye bye

WIP Help--Legwarmer

I'm working on my second legwarmer from Stich 'n Bitch Nation's Roller Girl Legwarmers for my sister. I'm using Plymouth Encore yarn on 5mm needles. I finished one no problem. The second one is becoming a problem. It's not pooling right. What am I doing wrong? Tension? The dye lot? Any advice would be nice. Collapse )
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