April 30th, 2006

Help with a pattern, please?

I searched for it through the search, but didn't see my question.

I'm working on Anouk from knitty.com, and I'm not quite sure I understand these instructions...

Front and Back Bodice:
Next row: Work 4 sts in seed st, k1, (ssk, k2)5 times, ssk, k1, k2tog, (k2, k2tog) 5 times, k1, work 4 sts in seed st. (43 sts)

Work dec row EOR 5 times

That's what I'm having a hard time understanding. Would that mean that I would do that on the RS 5 times, while working in pattern? Do I do it on each end?

Thanks in advance for any help you can give. I've been lurking here ever since I started knitting (in September 2005). So many of my questions have been answered just by reading here. You all are such a helpful (and extremely talented) bunch!
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suggestions for tweaking Isabeau

Hey guys. I'm knitting Isabeau ( http://www.chezplum.com/pdf/isabeau_purse.pdf ) for a swap I'm in, and I was wondering if I could get some opinions from others who have knitted it. How does the shape hold up when the bag is full? Does the bottom sag? Or is that not an issue once it's lined? Also, I'm thinking of knitting 2 straps for it (1 long and 1 short) and having the straps attach with a large button on each end so you can change the bag from a handbag to a shoulder bag. Would this be feasible? I've never really done anything like that before...I guess I was just wondering how the bag would hold up; i.e. would the tension be spread evenly enough.

TIA! :)
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very first FO: Stitch and Bitch's Kitschy Kerchief

This is so very basic it's ridiculous, but it's my first real finished object since I haven't cut and woven in all the ends on that scarf you all helped me with a few days ago.

I used much larger needles (size 15) than the pattern called for because I really wanted a more summery look than the tightly knit one in the book. (It also happens to be one of only two pairs of knitting needles I own at the moment, but shhhhhhh)
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Despite its seeming innocence, this thing nearly killed me. Not in dificulty, but in the sheer number of times I suddenly discovered that I was "knitting wrong!". But I wasn't really, I was just really freaking confused. It wasn't until I finished the whole thing that I realized the problem... I was looking at tutorials for english knitters, and I knit continental. I was somehow under the impression that I didn't, but there it is, plain as day, I definitely hold the yarn in my left hand. I have no idea why this was so difficult a concept for me to wrap my head around... and the big question... how the heck did I learn to knit this way without knowing I was learning to knit this way?? no clue, but at least I'm not so confused.

just wanted to add that I got this yarn at Michaels today on some super ridiculous sale for $.99!
It's 100% cotton Sugar 'n Cream in the color Country side Ombre. It is really more like string than yarn, but it works so perfecly for this.
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Question: Hacky sack

Some of my coworkers discovered I can knit (via the article on Stitch & Bitches in the local newspaper) and have requested that I make them hacky sacks. I bought some yarn yesterday and found a free pattern online. The pattern is: http://www.frugalhaus.com/scripts/balls.asp but when I do it, is ends up like a tube.. not a ball. I know this may be a stretch (since I didn't find any hits on Hacky Sack when searching the community) but has anyone done this patterns and can offer suggestions on how to make it round and not... tubular?
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FO - Knitpicks' Faroese Peaks Shawl

At the beginning of the month, I got it into my head to make this shawl for my mom. I had ordered the yarn and pattern way back when I first discovered Knitpicks, but it had been languishing in my stash for months. Well, after finishing a fairly labor-intensive cabled sweater, I was in the mood for something light. I finished it last Wednesday, and yesterday I finally got my mom to model it for me.
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Cast on, cast off

I just did my first long tail cast on and it looks very nice! Is there a cast-off method that matches the look of long tail? I'd like my shawl to look consistant on both ends.

WIP & yarn request

I got one lovely skein of lorna's laces shepherd sock in daffodil from my SP last summer...I've been sitting around trying to figure out what to make from it since then! Finally I decided to make a scarf-sized clapotis from it. I followed the directions I found online for a scarf sized one, though mine was going to be quite a bit skinnier...I also need to do a lot more pattern repeats to make it long enough. I've been repeating the straight rows and am probably up to the 12th or 13th now, and it's just about half the length I'd like it to be...the only problem is that I'm more than halfway through the yarn.

I know there are many knitters in this community whose stashes are far superior to mine...my not-in-use skeins total about 4 right now. However, I have credit at my LYS(which does not sell this yarn) and can figure out some other ways to find things to trade. If anyone has some leftover daffodil shepherd sock, I would be more than willing to figure out a trade or a price for it. I know the dyelots probably won't match, but hopefully we can get somewhat close...either way, I just want to finish this. The trade would depend on how much you've got, but I'd say I need somewhere in the neighborhood of half a skein...little enough that I don't really *want* to buy a full one if I don't have to. So please, if you think you can help me out, let me know!

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Softening Noro Kureyon?

About three years ago I made a cardigan out of Noro Kureyon. I really like how it looks - the trouble is I didn't realize that Kureyon is a little harsh on the skin, and so I can only wear it comfortably with a turtleneck or a mock turtleneck, which means I don't wear it very often. (I'm not very fond of high collars.)

The cardigan's never had a way to close it in front - it's a shawl-collar type thing, with the collar done in seed stitch - and so a couple days ago I thought maybe I'd make a sort of cord to use as a belt to keep it closed with. So I made a felted i-cord. And when I felted the i-cord, the Kureyon got a lot softer, which makes me wonder - is there something about washing that takes the sort of stiffness and scritchiness out of Kureyon? It wouldn't do me any good felting the cardigan, obviously, but is there some way that I can wash the Kureyon that will not ruin the sweater and will soften it up a bit?

EDIT: Are there any other online magazines with free patterns like Knitty and MagKnits, or are those the only two?

FO: Sarena shrug and baby sweater

Two finished objects. The Sarena shrug came from Berroco's free pattern site. I made it out of some discontinued Cara Mia while my husband was in the hospital some months back (he ate some pork from the Korean supermarket, horrible intestinal infection... this is why I don't eat red meat). It was really good mindless knitting since there is almost no shaping and all knitting and purling. I like the shape of it... the back has the length of a normal jacket but the front opens up nicely to just cover your shoulders. I made the larger size though and it turned out too large and it slips off my shoulders all the time so I just wear it at home. I wouldn't mind making another one but definitely in a smaller size.

The baby sweater is sleeveless and knit in the round. This was my own design and I will post the pattern later... size 2T and was made out of fantasy naturale cotton and odds and ends of worsted scraps. I was happy with how it turned out. With the little stripes across her tummy she looks like a Jellyroll in it. My baby is one year old but the 2T size is just a little big and almost her size, she is a fat little breastfed toddler. Just started walking last week so she is starting to slim down though.

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Jumpers, Socks, Felted Purse, Booties (Magknits' Blossom and Sophie, Knitting for Baby, my design)

I've finally finished the jumpers for a friend's twin babies - good timing, as they are going to be born early. A c-section is scheduled for Thursday if my friend can manage to make it that far! I based the pattern on Magknit's Blossom, although I modified it to be knit in the round (thus eliminating side seams) and sized it down slightly so the girls can wear them sooner. I sort of think the side seams are probably useful in helping it keep its shape but I loathe seaming ;) They seem to hang fairly well as-is. Instead of ribbon ties, I used a pretty sparkly yarn and made twisted cords (take a length of yarn, fold it in half, and twist twist twist until you can twist no more, then bring both ends together and let it twist back on itself). I hope they stand up to use; I've written a note to the mum telling her that she can replace with ribbons as she sees fit. With the leftover yarn, I made a pair of socks each with my own pattern, again using the pretty sparkly yarn for ties. The yarn by the way was Knitpick's Shine (sport, I think - not the worsted) in Violet and Orchid. Very pretty, bright colours! Instead of the flowers suggested on the Magknits pattern I just did a crochet edging along each edge using the sparkly yarn again - this helps hide my not-perfect edge, too!

My biggest concern is that the sparkly yarn frays a bit at the ends, so I have tied them off carefully and I may try dipping the ends in clear nail polish to give them a bit of stability. Does anyone have any better ideas? It's not a meltable acrylic so I can't just burn the ends :(

I also felted the Sophie bag (again from Magknits), which is for the babies' big sister. I like how it turned out! Just a few modifications here - I made the bag a little bit taller so I could do the full Fibonacci striping; same number of decreases just spaced a bit further apart. The yarn here was Knitpicks' Wool of the Andes, in Violet and Tulip.

I still had some yarn leftover from the jumpers, so I made a pair of booties for another friend's baby. I used the same sparkly yarn to make twisted-tie ties for those booties too but forgot to take an "after" picture before sending them off. This pattern was from Knitting for Baby, one of my all-time favourite baby books. However the booties look awfully big to me, even though they measure dead-on. Oh well, they're still cute!

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pattern request

Just wondering if anyone knows of a pattern for a child's pullover hoodie with cables... I need it in size 6. I prefer free patterns, but I'm open to suggestions for a buyable one, too... Thank you all in advance!

Also, I just finished up Angelica, my first completed sweater! I used Andean Silk from Knit Picks, and I think it turned out beautifully.
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Pattern request

With school now over and warm weather approaching, I'd like to knit myself a shrug/bolero type garment. I had my heart set on making Glampyre's Mini Sweater but there is no way that I'd be able to get that kind of gauge with worsted weight yarn. I've been searching the internet to find something else I like as much but so far I've had no luck. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated. (Patterns that are free or available as pdf's would be preferable since I'm impatient :P)

FO: Socks

Hello Everyone. I have finally made my second pair of socks. I say finally because it felt like it took FOREVER to knit them. Then I realized that having large feet ( I wear size 11 shoes) means you need to knit a bit longer... haha...
Anyways, I bought some Lorna's Laces in Watercolor, 2 hanks, and thought that I might have enough for two pairs since I was going to make ankle socks. Well, my gauge was all wonky and I ended up using size 2 DPNs and two strands of the yarn held together to get the right size. I am so glad that I did. It made a beautiful sock. I must have knitted a bit tighter on the second sock because it was a bit more snug than the first. I am going to wash them and shape the second sock so that it matches the first.

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My online knit and crochet buddies have been encouraging me to finish some of my UFOs. I have so many hanging around and I need to finish them.

So, here is my encouragement to you: FINISH IT OR FROG IT! :) either way, you win!

Have a great day!
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First Sweater!

Collapse )This started off as the Child's Placket Neck Pullover from Last Minute Knitted Gifts by Joelle Hoverson. I decided to knit this as practice for the Hourglass Sweater, so I altered the construction a little. I left the placket in, just in case a big-headed baby ever needs to put it on, but I started working seed stitch trim at the collar while I was still doing the raglan decreases instead of doing a choky-looking neckband like in the book.

I also changed the placement of the raglan seams slightly, shifting all seams one stitch toward the central axes of the front and back of the sweater, rather than placing them in the sleeves.

While I'm happy with all the techniques and skills I applied while making this sweater, the roughness of the stitches of the final product leaves something to be desired. However, as there is no baby waiting for it, and I made it from stash yarn (and thus without investment), I can't complain too much.</p>

Also, if you're interested in acrylic yarns, please check out my post on knitswap. I need to get rid of the stuff, but I figured I'd give swapping one last chance before taking it down to Goodwill.

EDIT: After Kitchenering the underarm seams, I ended up with biggish holes between the end of the raglan "seam" where the decreases are and the line of grafted stitches. I sewed it up as neatly as I could, but is there a way to not get that hole in the first place? Or is there a best, easiest way to fix them?

Increasing and decreasing in seed stitch?

So, I had plans to knit Picovoli with a border of seed stitch around the necks, armholes, and hems. It sounded pretty and non-curly.

So I had to frog the first attempt for gauge issues and will likely have to frog the second attempt for missing an increase or two. (Oops.) I may also have gauge issues, I didn't get far enough to tell. Third time's a charm... I hope?

But besides the missing increases I also discovered I wasn't really satisfied with the way the bar increases the pattern calls for looks in the seed stitch. Instead of looking all cool like it does in stockinette, it just makes everything look messy, like I messed up somewhere. I have enough problems with things looking like I messed up where I actually messed up, I don't need things looking like I messed up where I didn't! :-)

So I was wondering if people had suggestions for a better looking increase to use in seed stitch than just knitting front and back (or knitting front purling back, or purling front knitting back)? I was also wondering if decreases would look better: a friend suggested I do a provisional cast on at the neckline -- it's knitted top-down -- and then do the seed stitch with decreases afterwards.

Of course, at this point just starting the thing all in stockinette as written and adding a crochet border is starting to look better and better.

I'd appreciate any advice. :-)
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