May 1st, 2006

Morsmordre by pikacharma

Five FOs: Caps, Socks, and a Baby Kimono

Here are some recent projects for your viewing enjoyment.

Warning: The pictures seem to be loading slow. If you're having problems seeing the pictures, check this comment for the direct URLs, which I hope will help. Sorry for the problems!

Edit 5/05/06: The server hosting the pictures has been down for the last couple of days, but is now back up. The pictures should be viewable now. Really. Again, my apologies for any difficulties.

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Just wondering

okay so i really wanna try clapotis from i havent tried it yet because of lack of yarn. would it really matter what type of yarn i use just as long as it meets the right gauge? i think the yarn i have right now is the ribbon yarn for the tank im working on, and some cotton/nylon yarn...with mixes. i'm not really sure what it's made out of because it's old and i threw away the label. and i really have no idea where my LYS is and i dont know *what* yarn would be best for the project and for me to use. like some nice and easy yarn that's easy to work with for someone who's never made this before. lol

thanks for your help :)

Nearly FOs -- Bunny Blanket Buddies

So these little bunny baby toys are knit and stuffed, but I need to still embroider the faces. The pattern suggests using a blunt needle and black worsted weight yarn for the faces. I started to do that, but didn't like how it created small gaps in the knit head, and I worried the stuffing would come out.

Do I have other options for the faces? Embroidery floss and a "regular" needle? I'm actually OK with the plain faces, but "real" faces would be nice to do since these will be gifts.

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New Magknits!

I am in love with the May Magknits

And though it's totally out of season I really, really want to cast on for Hullabaloo, but are the yarn amounts given accurate? 

Do I really only need 288 meters of yarn that knits at a gauge of 12st=4" to make what looks like a long-sleeved, high-necked, long-length (29 inches in length!) sweater?   
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Fruit and Veggie Rattles

I have been wanting to make these ever since I saw the ad for the pattern in one of my knitting magazines. The Jimmy Beans Wool Baby and Veggie Rattles.

I used double-stranded Lion Brand Cotton-Ease (double-stranded to make sure that the stuffing wouldn't show), and size 7 DPNs. The trim on the banana is some Rowan Handknit DK cotton. Each has a bell stuffed inside, which makes a perfect rattle.

These are great little stashbuster projects. And they are fast too, each took me between 2 and 4 hours (the eggplant and orange took the longest, the others were only about 2 hours each). Made smaller (perhaps without double-stranding the yarn), and stuffed with catnip, they'd be perfect cat toys.

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Help received!

I am working on a hat from the Maran Illustrated Knitting & Crocheting book and I need some help.
It says
"Work 6 rows of stockinette St in MC

Work 6 rows of stockinette St in A.

Work last 12 rows until work from rolled edge measures 4.5 in,ending with a RS facing for next row."

OK so heres my question.
when I get to the "work last 12 rows until work from rolled edge maesures 4.5 in." do I measure from the very first row that I knitted?
I was thinking I could just stop when I get all 24 rows done and move on with the pattern.Will that work?

NOTE*Im working this all in one color,I dont really care for the stirpes.

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FO - Komi patterned bag

I just finished a bag for a contest at my LYS. The challenge was to make a bag with yarn available at the LYS. My own challenge was to make it with yarn that was also available in my small stash, as I'm not in a buying mood. I had two ~85% full balls of Patons Classic Merino, and decided to see what I could make from that. I decided that something felted wouldn't work, as that's not a lot of yardage to work with for felting, especially if I wanted to felt a swatch first. I went with a very tightly knit colorwork bag, instead.

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Stupid Newbie Question

Stockinette = one row knit, one row purl, right?

So, when a pattern calls for 14 rows of stockinette stitch, are they actually telling me to knit 28 rows (14 knit, 14 purl), or to do 14 rows alternating knit/purl?

Why does this confuse me so?? :o(

UTA: You guys/gals rock! That's why I posted here, I knew I'd get a quick, easy response. THANK YOU!!!
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cliffs of insanity

Newb Question

I'm a new knitter and have a really stupid beginning question that I couldn't seem to find an answer to in any book I have.

When the pattern says to knit until your piece is so many inches long, how is that measured? Is that so many inches from cast-on edge including the needle or measured to just below the needle?

FO -- Picovoli

This week I finished Picovoli from Magknits. I'm glad to have more summer knits!

On to the stats:
Pattern: Picovoli. I thought that it was well-written and I didn't encounter any problems using this pattern.

Yarn: KnitPicks Shine Sport in Orchid (fuchsia). This yarn made me remember that I don't like to knit with cottons because they are unforgiving on the hands, but it was nice yarn, no knots in 5 skeins. I'm also concerned about wear on this garment because the yarn produced 8975438901743 balls of fluff while I was knitting it. I'll have to see how it holds up.

Needles: #4

Modifications: I added a row of eyelets (*k1, yo, k2tog* across) around all the edges so I would have both picots and eyelets. I also did the neck a little differently, doing a provisional cast-on and then k2tog across from the provisional cast-on to fold over the picot edge so I wouldn't have to sew. Sadly that didn't save me from having to sew down the hem and sleeves (no bind-off!) but that's ok. I was going to add a row of single crochet along the arm holes to alleviate curling, but that just made the row of sc curl over, so I ripped it out.

Other notes: Blocking did wonders for this sweater; my picot edges were curling terribly and the blocking has mostly fixed it.

And a few photos:
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Thanks for looking!

(no subject)

hi knitters,

i'm doing a paper for my health class on injuries retained or aggravated because of knitting (carpal tunnel, etc.), and i was wondering if anyone could let me know about their experiences on the subject.

descriptions of injuries, technical names for things, anything that i could quote or look up would be great. if you're saying anything long that i could possibly quote, i would appreciate if you left your name, but it doesn't actually matter.

anything you have to say at all would help.

thank you so much!



thank you to everyone to contributed! you all helped enormous amounts. i finished my paper this morning and turned it in. i definitely would not have been able to compile enough information without your help, so again, thank you.
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Striped Sock Pattern Questions


I'm currently finishing up a pair of jaywalkers & I'm hunting around for a second pair of socks to try. I'm taking a road trip from Boston to Madison in two weeks & was planning on having some yarn shipped especially for my trip! I'm planning to order from so I can get their custom Lorna's Laces colors.

I've never knit using a striping yarn before & I'm looking for an easy-ish sock pattern that would highlight the stripes. I've checked the knitty archives & magknits, as well as several books & mag's I have. I was debating checking out the "socks on the road" book, but I wanted to know if anyone knew of a nice sock that would really make the stripes stand out? I know jaywalkers look nice in stripes, but I'd like to try something different, also!, I can't knit on two circs or magic loop :D I'm a dork & can only double point!!!

Any suggestions would be really great!! I'm going to keep googling & see what I can come up with! Hopefully the Lorna's is great, I'm excited for it as well :D

Knitpicks Shine worsted...

Hi folks...

I've spent the last 45 minutes searching online for reviews of Knitpicks Shine Worsted (wiseneedle, lj seek, google) because I have a little spare cash in my budget and have been coveting Mariah from knitty for ages. I realize that if I was to use Knitpicks Shine Worsted, the yardage is vastly different than Patons Classic Merino Wool (75yds compared to approx. 200yds) and so I would be spending more money on yarn. However, as Knitpicks Shine Worsted is machine washable, it just might be worth the slight extra expense. Supposedly Shine Worsted looks lovely with cables, and by searching lj seek, I have seen a couple of gorgeous Trellis's from this yarn.

For those that have used it and enjoy working with it, do you think it would work as a light cardigan? How does it handle with repeated wear?

Thanks in advance!

FO: Pinwheel Baby Blanket

I started the Pinwheel Baby Blanket to use up some stash two weeks ago. Recommended for those looking for a portable and basically brainless knitting project that will knit up fast. The start was a little fiddly, but I started it by making an I-Cord out of waste yarn and then once I started the blanket itself, I removed the waste yarn, tightened it a bit and wove in the end. Collapse )