May 2nd, 2006


your favorite knitting (pattern) book

Hello knitters! My birthday coincided with my tax refund this week, and I am feeling wealthy. I am also about to finish my current project, so I figured it was high time to treat myself to a new knitting book. I am an intermediate knitter looking to expand my skills and try some new things-- the only books I currently own are the two Stitch N' Bitch ones, though I've made a number of things from Knitty as well. Specifically, I am interested in relatively hip garment projects-- not so much in quick-project books like Weekend Knitting, and though I hear Vogue Knitting is the knitter's bible, my impression from Amazon is that it's a reference & not a pattern book. I wouldn't mind something that was explicitly teaching techniques if it also came with a lot of patterns, though!

So, what do you recommend? What is the one awesome pattern book I cannot live without? Thanks so much for your help!
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Toe-up Socks FO and Handpainted Yarn

I just finished my first pair of two-at-a-time-toe-up socks. I like the toe-up shaping, and it's easy, but I think I'm better at doing kitchener on the toe than doing a nice, loose bind-off for the cuff. I made the cuffs short on these because I generally like my socks short, but also because I started getting antsy. If I do them cuff-down, I can make the cuff longer while I'm enthusiastic about the pattern, and by the time I reach the heel, I'm locked in to finish the foot and I can't skimp. I learned a lot about sock construction, but I think I prefer top-down in general.

Either way, I love these socks.

More fun and pictures after the bump =
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mattress stich with purling?

is there some way to do it? ive googled and checked memories and didnt see anything. they only mention knit stitches. SnB mentions garter stitch but thats not really the same.

also how do you finish the "top" of the mattress stitch so the seam doesnt all unravel. once again, SnB doesnt really mention that part.


Rowan felted tweed update

HI Everyone,

A few days ago, I posted a question about substituting yarns for some discontinued colors of Rowan Felted Tweed for the Napramach bag in the Folk Bags book. Thanks to everyone's responses, I was able to track down the colors I needed, including the single existing skein of Conker left in the universe. You guys rock!

I had also sent off the same question to Interweave Press. I didn't receive a response, so I thought my question was overlooked or ignored but it turned out the editor had forwarded the question on to Vicki Square, author/designer of the bag in question.

Here's Vicki's response to my question:

"I had some leftover Rowanspun 4 Ply from the Persian bag. It's a fine gauge, but used double I get the same gauge as Felted Tweed: 26 sts = 4" in stockinette. I went on the Rowan website, and it looks like Scottish Tweed 4 Ply and Yorkshire Tweed 4 Ply are the same gauge (where did Rowanspun 4 Ply go?) For color I would use the following if I were making the Napramach bag again:

Yorkshire Tweed 4 Ply #272 Butterscotch to substitute for Corn Scottish Tweed 4 Ply # 017 Lobster for Conker Scottish Tweed 4 Ply #008 Herring for Arctic (This looks like a slightly darker grey onscreen, but it has nice flecks of color in it.)

Alternatively, Yorkshire #273 Glory (a less saturated color) could substitute for Conker; Yorkshire #270 Stainless or #267 Sheer could
substitute for Arctic, and Scottish #002 Machair could be used for Arctic. (All these are lighter greys, and somewhat difficult to assess the actual differences onscreen. #002 Machair would be my choice of a lighter grey.)

I can only assume that a double strand of Yorkshire and Scottish Tweed 4 Ply will knit up the same gauge as the Rowanspun I sampled."

Vogue scarf pattern help

I have started to knit the triangular scarf from the small Vogue Knitting scarf book. Only a few rows into the pattern, I've come across something that I cannot figure out.

Bottom Point
Cast on 2 sts
Row 1-Knit
Row 2-Inc 1(k into front and back of st), k1----3 sts
Row 3 and 4-Knit
Row 5-k1, inc 1, k1----4 sts
Row 6 and 7-Knit
Row 1-Inc 1, k1, yo, k1, inc 1----7 sts

I get through row 7 and have four stitches. As far as I can figure, to complete the first row of the Body you need FIVE stitches! Am I reading this pattern wrong? Perhaps I'm doing the "inc 1" wrong(this is my first time doing this stitch)? Also, this "problem" seems to continue, like even if you can get 7 stitches the next row requires nine and so forth.

If anyone could help me figure this out or knows how to read this pattern, I would be SO thankful!!!

EDIT: Thank you everyone for all your help!!!! I was doing my yarn overs incorrectly, but have now been properly informed and just finished a few rows of the pattern and its working great. : D
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new to lace

Hiya, knitters!
I tried valiantly to resist the lace bug. I reasoned that it was too fussy, and I screw up terribly when I try to read charts.
But in the melee of yarn shopping in Duluth this weekend, 2 skeins of Misti Alpaca Lace (about 875 yds total) in kelly green snuck in with my other purchases.
Can any of you guide me to beginner-friendly free lace patterns on the net? Any tips or tricks of lace knitting would also be much appreciated.
TIA, all!
And HAPPY MAY DAY (yesterday. i'm a little disorganized due to finals this week.)!!!!
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FO - Peacock Feathers

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Pattern - Peacock Feathers Shawl by Fiddlesticks Knitting
Yarn - Zephyr wool/silk
Needles - Addi Turbo 4s
Started at the end of August 2005. Geez, it took me a long time to finish this. The ever increasing rows were disheartening, but I love how it turned out. It's pretty massive, but I'm tall and large, so it works for me. I didn't make any modifications to this project.
All my blog posts on this topic.

All my photos of this project.

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BBC animated!

In need of advice

I would love to make a v-neck sweater, my first sweater ever, out of some really great Cascade Bollicine Lampedusa (colour #5) that I found on sale at the LYS.

I would love it to look like the free pattern Asymmetrical Border Pullover on Cascade's website, however, that pattern uses Bollicine Colibri. I would also like to just eliminate the ruffles and put a ribbed cuff on the sleeves- that I know how to do.
BUT how do you substitute yarn in a pattern and still keep it on gauge and looking like it ought to?
I'm sure that some of you folks out there have done it- what were your results?
Or is it more trouble that it's worth and you recommend just seeking out a v-neck pattern that uses a yarn that's closer to Lampedusa's weight?
The specs for Lampedusa are-
Fiber: 50% Alpaca / 25% Wool
25% Acrylic
Yardage: 10 X 50gr / 109 yds
Gauge: 4.5 sts=1" / #9

And the specs for Colibri are-
Fiber: 46% Wool / 27% Kid Mohair
27% Nylon
Yardage: 10 X 50gr / 76 yds
Gauge: 3 sts=1" / #10

I'm worried that I'm going to end up with not only something hideous that took a lot of work but something that's going to make me look chunky too. I really want a v-neck as those are the sweaters that I look best in. Argh.

Any advice anyone would have I would be very grateful for.
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Happy kitty

How to join 2 strands of slippery superwash sock yarn?

I'm on the last few rounds of the toe decreases of this sock, and I just encountered a knot in my ball of sock yarn! It's Gems Pearl by Louet Sales, 100% superwash sock yarn. I tried ignoring it (because I am an idiot), but after I knit it into the sock, the knot came unraveled! I tried a felted join like I normally do, but that didn't work because of the superwashness. Then I tried tying it back together into a tighter knot, but it kept coming undone because it's so slippery! I only have about an inch of tail on each side, so I don't think I have enough to Russian join it, and I don't even know if I ripped back to have enough length if Russian join will work, again because of the slipperiness and texture of the you think I could somehow make a teeny knot, and then sew it together with sewing thread or something? Would that be more likely to hold? Has anyone had any luck joining this type of yarn?

Milwaukee Knitting Groups?

Hi all!

I'm going to be moving to Milwaukee WI this June in order to start graduate school this fall. Does anyone know of any active knitting groups that meet in Milwaukee? I'm hoping to find a group around the UWM/Eastside area, but am willing to jump on the bus if there's a great group going on someplace else.


Hints and tips book?

Is there a really good book out there that has all the little hints,tips and tricks of the trade?

I *hate* finishing with a blinding passion. I'm about to finish (AND THANK THE GODS) a baby jumper that I've been working on for bloody ever. First off, it required a front and a back, when it would (IMNSHO) have been at least as easy to work the thing in the round, and faster besides. It requires picking up stitches, which isn't so bad, except for I know there's an easier way to bind off; I think I could've picked up the stitches on the leg and done a 3-needle bind off to bind off *and seam* at the same time.

I know there's a way to do cables without a cable needle, but I can't ever remember if knitting/purling in the front or back twists the cable which way.

Some lovely soul on this comm told me about using a lifeline. I pass this knowledge on at every available opportunity. It baffles me this isn't more well known.

Just two days ago, I saw a tip (on TV) that amounted to putting in a purl row in the stockinette cuff that would have made that so much easier on me.

I have kept more than one friend from flying into a homicidal rage by telling them to double strand their fur or eyelash yarn. Which is something I learned here.

I know we all know little tidbits, but are they *collected* anywhere? Nobody should have to read their pattern sixteen times to make sense of it, just to be disgusted with the thing that all you want to do is finish it.

And if said book doesn't exist, for the LOVE OF GOD, will one of you lovely people write the damned thing so I can buy it?
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Knitting for Grandma - suggestions?

I'm looking for suggestions about what I could knit for my Grandma. I'm still quite a beginner and knit very slowly, so it would need to be simple and not too big. She doesn't do anything but lie down, and she's blind, so there's not much I can really give her. I would have to knit her name into whatever I made, otherwise the staff at the care home would scrawl her name on it with permanent marker. :(

I thought of a light patchwork blanket. That would probably be the most useful, but it would take a very long time, and I'd like to give her something as soon as possible. A shawl might be nice, but I'm not sure how useful it would be in the summer time. Of course, she could wear it to the dining room every day to show off what her Granddaughter made her, which would be a plus. ;) Perhaps a sleevesless or short sleeved top for the summer and early fall? She's very skinny, so I could probably make a small sized one in time if I hurried.

I'd really appreciate any suggestions, or links to free patterns. Thank you. ^^

Yarn Question

I looked around yarndex and google and the like, but I am having a near impossibly time getting any info about this yarn that I received from a most kind friend (almost 10 skeins donated generously from her stash). It is an Italian yarn. From what I can gather the manufacturer is Zegna Baruffa and Lane Borgosesia. It is made from 100% new wool superwash. I think the name of this particular yarn is 7 settembre, as that's the only thing on the label that looks like a name. The only info I could find about this brand was for their merino wool, and this is definitely not that. The label suggests knitting on US size 5 needles.

So, my question. I really want to make Tendrils from the new knitty. I know this yarn is different from what they suggest, but that doesn't matter so much. The pattern instructions say to make sure you use a "strong" yarn to support the weight of all the beads. What does that mean, exactly, and would this yarn qualify? Any info is greatly appreciated! (I just joined this community recently and have already reaped tons of info...hopefully soon I will have a FO to post.)

ISO yarn substitutions

Well, kinda. I"ve had the Angelina Vintage Jacket pattern sitting around for a while and am getting around to looking for yarn substitutions for it. It has to be DK weight (22-24 stitches per 4 inches). The yarn used in the kit is a 50/50 mohair/wool blend. Honestly, I don't want something that warm when I'll probably be wearing it as a light jacket. The two yarns that I'm looking at are Elann's Sonata and Luna. I've compared the yardage per ball, and the cotton would actually weight slightly less than the wool blend she uses.

So after all this, is there any real reason I shouldn't use cotton for the project? Something about the pattern that needs a wool blend? Will the ribbing stretch to my knees from lack of springiness? Any general advice is welcome from anyone who has done this sweater and wants to simply comment on it. Thanks!
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Knitted Gift Questions

So, I was talking to my neighbor today on my way to my weekly SnB, and she mentioned to me that her birthday is on Saturday. So I'm thinking, I should get her something ... no WAIT - I should knit her something. And being on medical leave, I have nothing but time. So here's the questions.

1. Is it horrible to knit a scarf for someone who's birthday is in the summer and they can't wear it for 5 months?

2. Any ideas on other simple projects?

Thanks ya'll !
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