May 3rd, 2006

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Twisted Skeins

Okay, so I recently bought some yarn, and it came in those twisted skein things. Which I've seen before, so I wasn't surprised, and hey, it looks cool.

My only issue is, uh, what's the point? Yeah they take up less room than yarn balls, but as far as twisty skeins versus the way they're done up when you buy them from the store ... honestly I prefer the latter thing.

That is to say, to get to my point, whenever I try to pull from one end of a twisted skein, I can't get more than MAYBE three feet without hitting a tangle that encompasses the entire skein, I spend hours unravelling it all and end up with a ball because that's the only way I know how to wrap it up again since there's no way I'm going to get it wrapped like store-yarn. So what's the point to the twisty ones? Just a faster way of keeping it all together?
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Yarn balls: center v. outside pull

Hi all,

The comments in the "Twisted Skeins" post got me thinking... what is it about center pull balls that people are drawn to? People seem to talk about them a lot, and I love balling my own yarn and have done it since I was a kid, but just in a round ball, with the working end on the outside and the other end firmly buried in the core. Is there something better for the yarn about center pull balls, or is it just personal preference?

Top Down hat pattern?

Dearest Knitting,
My google-fu is broken. I've searched for two days and can not find what I'm looking for. I've found many things that might work but nothing that is exactly what I'm looking for.
I know that I've seen a top down hat calculator out there. I work at an LYS and I have a customer who wants to knit a very simple hat that doesn't "bunch" at the top. She showed me a top-down crocheted hat as an example and I know I've seen a top down knitting pattern that is worked the same way. I just can't find it! She wants to use a DK weight cotton yarn, so any pattern that doesn't bunch and will work for this gage would be much appreciated. Preferably top down. I'm meeting with her next week to go over patterns and so far I have two knit from the bottom up that MIGHT meet the no bunching requirement, but they don't match gauge, so I'd need to help her mess with the pattern and make it work.

Any pattern suggestions? Free online is preferred. Thanks.

Im just taking it apart and starting over!

Ok I am still working on that hat that I posted about in my last post.
This time its the decrease part.This is my first real pattern and my first time decreasing anything!

So here is where im at.
Dec row:
Row 1: k1 *k2 sts together k11*(85 sts)
Row 2: Purl
Row 3:K1 *k2 sts together k10*(78 sts)
Row 4: Purl
Row 5:k1 *k2 sts together k9*(71 sts)
Continue in this manner decreasing 7 sts evenly across rows until there are 15 sts.

So my problem is this.
I have done all of this as printed in the pattern.But once it said to continue I took it as this:
Row 6: Purl
Row 7: k1 *k2 sts together k8*
and every row that had the k2 sts together I would lower the # by 1 like they did in the pattern.
But im not getting 7 stitches gone.
I didnt start to notice this till row 11.On row 11 I ended with 56 sts and when I ended row 13 I had 43 sts.Thats 13 sts gone,not 7!
What am I doing wrong?Should I keep doing row's 1-5 over and over as the pattern has it written?

Im lost!I so want this hat!Please help me!TY

*****UPDATE:Im just taking it apart and starting over!I think it will be best! lol
Ty all for the help!*****
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crap. first post and i'm already showing my rookie stars.

hey all. i've been kind of knitting for a while (scarves and purses and the like) and now i'm trying something completely new. i was wondering what the best way to change yarn is in the middle of your project. mine calls for two different colors (it's the skirt on the cover of vogue knitting!) any help would be appreciated.
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Did I do my sock toe decreases wrong?

I swear, this sock is going to be the death of me. If these weren't for Sockapaloooza, I swear I would throw it away and never knit a sock again. I can't believe I have a whole second sock to knit after this. Anyway, I finished the toe decreases this morning, and just went down to my car on my lunch break to kitchner the toe so this first sock could be done. I had never grafted before,  but I got it down pretty quick, and the grafting looks good, so I don't know if I grafted wrong, or if I did the decreases wrong or what, but something is not right.

Since I don't have my camera with me, I have drawn a crappy rendering of the problem.

Collapse )

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Pixie Purls

Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival - Saturday!!!

I hope this is an okay posting, it's not an FO or a technical question.. but there are questions!

I can't wait for Maryland. What time do any of you who are going plan to get there? I have heard it's a good idea to buy yarn if you want it and not wait to make the purchase. I am going to try to get there in the morning!

Also a bigger question, are any of you engaging in any meetups durring the festival? I think I have read about atleast 5 meetups!! Is the LJ crew having one as well?

I have to finish a sockapaloooza sock (and already past the deadline!! ARGH!!), it's koigu on size 0 circulars and I want to DIE, I just don't like koigu on size 0's but it's to late to back out now. It makes for a good solid sock, I bet it won't wear easy and it's not harsh on the foot, but it's NO FUN to knit!! I do very badly want to finish it and not wimp out on this one, but now I know better then to sign up for swaps, because I kinda suck at them :(

See all who is going here:

Info from their website (tho I find it hard to navigate):

This is one of the BIGGEST fiber events in the country, there is a HUGE building full of YARN to buy :) hehe

Swift difficulties (swifticulties!)

I ordered a wooden umbrella-type swift, and it arrived a couple of days ago.

At first, it was really hard to turn and made the yarn wind onto the niddy-noddy REALLY tightly. I put some of my spinning wheel oil on all the contact points, and that seemed to help, but is there anything else I can do? Wax, maybe? Vaseline?

I'm open to any improvement ideas. Thanks!

Seattle knitter's meetup?

Seattle knitters! I'm a new (if already enthusiastically active) member of this community and am interested in finding a knitter's group. I've heard there's an SnB group that meets at Mr Spot's Chai House, but I don't know if it's still active. I'm interested in meeting in Fremont, the U-District, or even downtown.

I'm currently taking Intermediate Knitting classes at Hilltop Yarn, which functions more like a knitter's circle with an master knitter available. The instructors are great, but the classes are getting expensive. The more money I spend on classes, the less money I have to spend on yarn!

Have some free time this Saturday? Bring your project and join me at Dad Watson's* around 2pm. I'm the fat lady with the knitting. :)

(Dad Watson's is a family friendly place. Kids are welcome there.)
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Sweater Stone for handknits?

Has anyone used the sweater stone on handknits?

I have one, and promptly lost the instructions, and am unsure how to use it (I tried gently rubbing it on the wool in a downward motion, but that was unsuccessful).

Does anyone have any experience with this?

Thank you!

Please help me with the Apricot Jacket from Rebecca 27!

Ok, I really hope this is comprehensible, because I am not sure of what I'm supposed to be doing, which makes me even less likely to explain it well.

I'm working on the back, and I've finished the 20 cm of ribbing. I'd read some people suggest omitting the edge stitches, and that sounded like a good idea to me at the time. Now... not so much. I think maybe I threw off the ribbing when I did that, and now it seems like the chart may not be lining up as it is supposed to, so I switched the knits and purls in the chart to line up with the rib. Are the 10 stitches of the chart supposed to line up with the ribbing (in which case, I am doing it right)? Are they supposed to be stockinette (in which case I am doing it totally wrong) as it looks in all of the pictures I've seen of the back? Should the YOs have knits on all sides of them, or stay in the rib pattern? I am so confused. The jacket is beautiful, but this pattern sucks... or maybe it's just my inability to comprehend it.

ETA: Links to pictures

Note: The latter site is not my blog or my work. It is the only good picture of the back I've been able to find online.
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I really want to knit birch from Rowan, but I can't afford to pay $20 for a rowan magazine for just one pattern, are there any other places I could buy just the pattern for birch on it's own? I've tried the rowan website, and they don't sell it on it's own....
I'm too poor to buy that whole magazine damnit!