May 4th, 2006

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I think I should try to stop reading patterns so early in the morning ^.^

I'm planning to buy some yarn this weekend (for clapotis) when I go and visit my Mom, and try to teach her, my brothers girlfriend, and my Grandmother how to knit. I also have ribbon-x back on some needles right now, and I'm about 5 inches into it. Although I'm pretty sure it's not going to look right. It's not twisted or anything, but I think where I joined the yarn, it's going to be knit, knit, purl, knit, purl... instead of knit, purl, knit, purl. Oh well. Hopefully it'll be so small no one will notice. I just won't tell anyone. :)

But I've been looking at knitty alot just because I'm happy and it's summer and I really want to bust out the knitting this year. And I came to the conclusion that I really want to make But I don't understand how you would use circs for this...unless of course the cast on number is a huge ungodly number. Like...105...but wouldn't you join that together? But in the pattern it says to sew when you're finished. And since I'm at it, is this worked from top to bottom, or bottom to top? Is this pretty easy? Or any other skirts you were happy with that you made, that aren't so compleatly hard to understand what the pattern is trying to say? Also if I stick with this one, I'll be asking more about the eyelets.

Thank you very much, knitting goddesses, and gods.
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Knitting Books: 4 Mini-Reviews

I’ve been doing another huge round of give and take with the library these last few weeks. Here are some of the knitting books that I’ve read or looked over and what I thought. I haven’t been compensated in any way, these are my personal opinions, nothing more.

Mason Dixon Knitting: Collapse )

Sensational Knitted Socks:Collapse )

Big Girl Knits: Collapse )

Modular Knits: Collapse )
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Shetland Triangle FO

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Pattern:Shetland Triangle from "Wrap Style"
Yarn: Some cherry-strawberry koolaid dyed merino fingering weight. Just a tad over 2 skeins.
It ended up only 52" wide, which is slightly too small to be useful. It's supposed to be 59". I didn't check gauge. This is my first real lace experience, and I was only intending to make a scarf, but decided to finish the pattern as written. I like the fabric, so I'd probably do it again with one more repeat. Though towards the end I was hating it, because I'd forget to slip a stitch over, or I'd forget a YO, and I'm at a loss on how to fix lace without ripping it out.

No blocked glamour shot, because my camera is in the shop now :-P

Later that day I went to Commuknitty,, and talked to some people and bought some sock yarn. And if Alison(sp?) is reading this, I'm sorry, I have no manners. "Hi, I'm Alison." Me, "Hi, I'm not going to introduce myself or my baby that you're waving at" Instead of, "Hi, I'm Ariel and this is Evren." ;-)

FO: Lacy Leaf Wrap (sorta)

Y'all helped me debate how long to make this thing, so I figured I would show you the pictures now that it's finished.

This is a gift for my daughter to celebrate her college graduation.. she'll graduate tonight from the honors college and tomorrow from the university so I kind of pushed the limits here, but I did get it finished and blocked yesterday. :)

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Question: blocking lace

I'm finishing my first lace project made in lace-weight yarn. While I've been knitting for a while, I'm very bad at blocking. Yes, I've read articles on it, etc., and I get the general process, but I'm still not too sure on the specifics.

So, first the specifics of the project itself:

It's a lace scarf, made in KnitPicks Shadow laceweight yarn (100% merino wool), on size 6 needles. I used the Thistle Leaf pattern from Barbara Walker's Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns. I'm including a picture behind the cut in case someone thinks it's important.

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What I know about blocking:

There are several methods, including washing the thing and pinning it to dry; pinning it dry and then spritzing it to get it wet; or steam-ironing the thing by hovering the iron over wetted garment or using the steam setting. I know to try a swatch first to make sure my blocking method doesn't damage the yarn. I know to pin the thing out.

My question:

I know that lace needs to be blocked "hard" to open it up. What the heck does that mean? Is it referring to how much I stretch it for blocking? The method by which I block? If you were me, how would you go about blocking this scarf, and please be very specific, because, once again, I just don't get it. I've tried blocking things before, and while I didn't damage the fabric, I didn't see a post-blocking difference, either, so I don't know if I did something wrong, or what. And yes, I will do a swatch first, but again, if I'm missing something critical and the swatch comes out unblocked, I will have no idea how to fix it, you know?


Starmore Yarn Substitution

Alice Starmore's St. Ciaran is one of the projects on my To Knit list - has been since I saw a picture of it in the first knitting book I ever bought. I managed to get a copy of Aran Knitting via ILL and photocopied the pattern. However, like a complete moron (I blame the photocopier fumes at Kinko's), I did not get the details on Ms. Starmore's yarn. The pattern calls for 22 balls of Alice Starmore Scottish Heather yarn. I know that there are a number of acceptable substitutes, but I don't know much I need. I cannot get a reliable figure for how large a single skein/hank/ball of Alice Starmore Scottish Heather yarn is - I have seen it listed with both 120 and 90 yards. Over 22 balls/skeins/hanks, that ends up being 660 yards. And I am not about to spend over $200 to order one of her kits with the "new" Alice Starmore yarn which again has no specified length.

So, has anyone knit this piece before and can they recall how much yarn they used? Or does anyone know the yardage of the old Alice Starmore Scottish Heather yarn?
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summer bucket-style hat?

i'm looking for a pattern for a cotton bucket-style knit hat. i want to knit a hat, but not out of wool, as i don't want to wait until fall/winter to wear it. plus, i think it would be good to keep the sun off of my face at the beach and things.

any suggestions? thanks!! :)

Toe Up Sock Question

I'm giving a go at my first toe up socks on circular needles and I'm a bit confused ...The pattern (Spincraft PAT #41-So) says:

"Knit even making a tube until it reaches your heel"...before starting the heel turn. (which are decreasing short rows, which will most likely involve a whole 'nother batch of questions later)

Ok, here's the dumb question -- what are they considering the heel of my foot? See photo behind cut for choice A or choice B.

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Cotton yarn suggestion please

I have a pattern I love for babies and toddlers for a wool kangaroo hoodie. I'd like to make it for a friend who lives in a warmer climate in the spring/summer but not so warm that an occasional jacket isn't needed.

I work almost exclusively with wool and have just last month finally found a LYS so I don't know what a lot of yarns actually feel like. Combine that with my complete inexperience with cotton and I end up here.

I'm looking for a worsted weight (hopefully but I can do the math for a DK if I have to) that would have a nice hand for a sweater for a toddler. I don't have my mind on any color and in my searches I've seen some cottons with texture that would be ok by me.

The last time I was in my LYS she didn't have anything that was all cotton. For that matter, would I be better off with a wool/cotton blend considering the garment.

Please excuse my extreme case of the dumb but I seem to always run across cotton horror stories and I don't want to make a mistake that could have been avoided had I just asked.
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Quick Beaded FO

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I found a lot of beads while organizing my craft supplies this week. So, I guess this is stash-busting! The crochet thread is from my grandma's stash, the seed beads are from Target's $1 spot, the faceted green beads were leftover from another project, and I've had the gold ones since I was in 6th grade (currently, I'm 23.)

I used a little bit of clear nail polish on the end of the thread to stop fraying, strung the beads on, CO 10 stitches onto size 1 needles, slipped the first stitch of every row, and placed beads on the middle 8 stitches until it was long enough to fit around my wrist. Sewed it up and voila! New bracelet for me made from some pretty old stuff!
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knitting novice help!!

I just finished my first project on circular needles (laptop samler from knit wit by amy singer) and the instructions say to use a 3-needle bind off, but I have no clue how to do this! I looked around for instructions but everything I found implies using straight needles. Can someone explain this to me, or point me in the direction of some good instructions for 3-needle bind off on circular needles?
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Lion Brand Ripple Shawl.

What am I doing wrong in this pattern? Ripple Shawl This is my first attempt at a more advanced pattern including k2tog and yarn overs. When I start to do the 2nd row of 3 k2tog and 6 yarn overs and knit stitches, the little holes don't match up and I end up on a different stitch.

Am I just confusing the crap out of myself? Should I just keep going and see how it turns out? I just keep thinking I'm doing something wrong.
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I've been searching for a pattern for a bean bag chair cover and seem to only find patterns for sewing one. Do you know any books or websites with knitted bean bag chair covers?