May 5th, 2006

FO - Knitty's Reid

This sweater was made (with designer's permission...thanks!) for an auction for my school's fundraiser...I almost wish that I had a toddler that this sweater was for! (Almost.)

It was a fun pattern to knit, and went quickly when i had sit-down time. I also had to teach myself to crochet yesterday, which was entertaining. However, I got a lot of jeers when i brought it to the Sox game last night to finish it off. (For those who might have watched the game and seen the girl crocheting in the Dunkin' Dugout...that was me.) Hey, they "stitch and pitch" in Seattle, i say.

Knit with Creme Brulee (superwash wool) and edged with Caron's Simply Soft. Turned out a lot bigger than i expected, but that's because i didn't check gauge. I figured that I was a pretty tight knitter...didn't quite work out as i thought.  SUCH a well-written pattern!  So easy to follow with all the charts for the increases!

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FO: lace scarf (that's not Branching Out)

Thanks to everyone's help yesterday, I blocked the lace scarf and it was all ready this morning! Which is good, because it was intended as a Mother's Day present to my mom, so it needs to be shipped to Georgia early next week.

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The yarn is KnitPicks Shadow in Jewels. I love this yarn. It's so soft and nice to work with! And the yardage is insane. The scarf is over 5 ft long (don't know how long, exactly, because it exceeded my tape measure) and 10 inches wide, and I used maybe 2/3 of the skein. Which means now I need to figure out what to do with bits of laceweight.

I used size US 6 needles with this.

The pattern was "my own," which means that I went and took a lace pattern out of Barbara Walker's Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns (which, by the way, is the best knitting stitch dictionary ever) and threw in garter stitch borders.

Anyway, thanks, guys, for answering all my dumb blocking questions!

Drink Mix Dyeing Fun and Some Kid Socks

After various Kool-Aid® dyeing posts here I was intrigued, and week and a half ago I saw that the Kroger drink mixes were on sale for 12 for a dollar. So we got a bunch, and every single day my son asked, "Are we going to dye today?"

Finally, on Friday, we did. He and his friends did all the solid colors, as they were very happy to mix the mixes with water and add the pre-soaked hanks I'd made. I made one ounce hanks from KnitPicks dye your own sock yarn, to make it easy to do the one packet per ounce ratio so many folks recommend *and* to do some yarn painting for reasons outlined below. They mixed things up in a canning jar, added the yarn, and I put it in the microwave and lifted them up to push the "2". After two minutes and a two minute rest I asked my tiny partners if the water was clear. If they said no, we added more heat, if they said yes, I took care of the cooling, washing, and drying.

As references, I used the Knitty guide, some of the dyeing lj community posts, and other links that were in comments on the previous posts here.

That evening, when my husband came home, I mixed up colors of one packet to 4 ounces of water, other than the lemonaid/yellow, which I mixed with only 2 ounces of water because it had not been nearly bright enough. Then I painted the other one ounce hanks (put them on plastic, painted, rolled, added an outside layer of plastic, rolled again, and then put the sausage in a covered, vented container and nuked for 2 minutes each. The container proved necessary as the bundles did pop, significantly. The small hanks fit, easily, on a single sheet of plastic wrap, an unexpected boon). The other reason I did the smaller hanks was because I intended to use most of the yarn in kid socks. Most of the painted sock yarn on the market is really made for adult sized socks. Even the most variegated of those often come out as plain stripes on the much smaller circumference of the child sock. So I wanted to paint yarns that would flow nicely on a kid sock.

I liked how they turned out.

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anyone out there who knits E. European-style?

So I go to my knitting class last night thinking that all I need help with is forming a thumb gusset for the mittens I'm making. I passed my mitten to my teacher and she said, "why are your stitches twisted?"

Long story short, apparently, I form my stitches "Eastern European style" with the left leg of the stitch in the front. Collapse )

Skull & Crossbones Lace, A Really Long Scarf & a Badly Written Doily

I've been offline mostly since I originally posted about my Skull and Crossbones lace pattern, but I managed to get the pattern typed up at last! It has charts as well so I put it on my website. It's free so I hope this is in-line with community policy. You can find it at

I also made a Dr Who Scarf for a friend. All that garter stitch is not good for the brain...

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My current project is attempting to correct a very badly written doily pattern from the 1930's. I'm up to round 156 or so, out of 238. Wish me luck!

Sorry for the short post but I've gotta go, hubby wants to use the computer (I've been hogging it for 3 days so it's only fair!)

(no subject)

Okay - so I am going to foray into the wondrous world of Kool-Aid dying with some lovely fingering weight 60% cashmere 40% merino that I scored at the Oakland Knit and Crochet show. I've looked up the past posts on Kool-Aid dying and read the Knitty tutorial, so I think I'm set on basic technique, but I still have 2 questions that I'm hoping you all can help with:

1. My yarn is in roughly a 3.5 ounce hank. I would really rather not break it into smaller hanks if I can avoid it. Is this amount too big to hand paint at once? Or will I be OK?

2. As evident by my first question, I plan on hand-painting the yarn. I would like the result to look more like this and less like this speaking not in color, but in terms of the varigation. Is there a special technique to achieving the first look? Or is that impossible to do with yarn that's already been spun?

Thanks to all of you for being such a wealth of information!

Also, MODS, is it cool if I also post this in dyeingfiber?

Lion Brand website, free form afghan

So, the Lion Brand free pattern archive is now requiring registration with your email and snail-mail addresses. What a downer! It's pretty normal to have to give your email address for something like that, but real name and snail mail too? That's a pain. I really liked that their patterns were so accessible. I wonder what prompted the decision. Maybe they felt that their book and ads weren't generating enough revenue to make the website profitable. Certainly it's perferable to them taking down their patterns, or making them pay-per-view, but I'm sorry to see it change.(I checked the archives to see if this had been commented on already, and didn't find anything. Sorry if I missed it.)

In other news - I am working on my first free-form afghan. It's a charity project for my local rape crisis center - they said they'd love an afghan for their waiting room, and I've been wanting to try freeform techniques for a while. I'm having great fun with it! It's a really neat experiment and I'm learning so much. I'm using different colors and gaugees of yarn. I'm making blocks of different shapes, about six square inches or bigger, and will crochet them together at the end of the project. I'm mostly using worsteds in cool colors, but I have some novelty accents. Many thanks to gjules for pointing me in the direction of Unexpected Knitting, which told me exactly what I needed to know to get this project started. I'm trying to live by the mantra, "It's not a mistake, it's an Interesting Design Element!" which is neat, since normally I'm a big control freak.

Hope you're all enjoying knitting in the sun!
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circular needle size

I want to knit a pattern that says it should be knitted on US 8 12"-16" circular needles. The smallest, or rather only, length I could find at my LYS was 29". Will it work to try and knit something small on circular needles with a cable that long or should I try to order smaller ones?
If Ishould order the called for length, where would you suggest I try?
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Simple Knits for Sophisticated living...error?

Hi folks,

My knitting friend and I made an attempt at knitting the Lace-Edged Placemat in Simple Knits for Sophisticated Living, and it came out NOT looking like the picture at all, though we studied and followed the directions carefully. I am suspecting that there is an error with the pattern as it is written, specifically in the 8 row Ridged Lace Pattern at the beginning and then end. Perhaps something like Row 6 of the Ridged Lace Pattern supposed to have been the same as Row 4, instead of another Purl Row. What we got looked terrible - too many ridges of three purl rows here and there, but not regular at all.

I've googled for corrections already, and tried to search this community, to no avail. I will try to figure this out on my own, but, meanwhile, has anyone out there tried this pattern, and resonates with what I'm talking about? Thanks!

Blue Sky Alpacas cotton

I'm getting ready to knit my first sweater (knitty's Tubey pattern) & had a couple yarn questions that maybe someone here can help me with. I'm thinking of using Blue Sky Alpacas cotton yarn (here); has anyone worked with it before? I've read some mixed reviews & I want to be sure it's worth the cost. Does it actually require handwashing or can it be machine washed (gently)? Do the colours bleed? Is it nice to work with overall? This is my first big project & I don't want to corner myself with the wrong yarn :) Thanks for your help!

edit: looks like that's the wrong direction entirely! does anyone have a specific yarn recommendation? I can't get the yarn from the pattern locally, & most of the similar ones I've seen online seem to be pretty expensive. maybe this is a futile search, but any tips would be great.

Harrisburg, PA yarn shops?

Hello, all you lovely knitters! Next month I'm going to be moving to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. This is such a huge culture shock for me (I was born and raised in Orange County, California), and I'm hoping I can find comfort in knitting and local yarn shops. I referred to the knitting shop map that was posted a few months back, but couldn't find anything in the area. Is anybody on this list from that area, who could tell me something about the knitting scene out there? Thanks in advance!

cables for a beginner

i am a beginner and i think i am ready to venture into cables. I do love cable knit things. Does anyone know of a good free pattern for a SIMPLE cable knit scarf. i have googeled and i have yet to find something simple (and free)

Methods of Knitting

I currently knit using the English method. I was considering learning a new method (especially as the English method makes seed stitch really time-consuming). I've heard that Elizabeth Zimmerman recommended the continental method as the fastest and easiest, but I've also begun to hear about how fast the combination method is, and how it produces more even stitches. Which is fastest? And if you knit with the combination method, do you have to learn a new set of increases and decreases and so on that will work with combination knitting? How does fair-isle work with combination knitting? Does combination knitting make following patterns more difficult? I don't know very much about it except that it sounds really cool. I'm working on, among other things, the basketweave-pattern scarf from Stitch & Bitch Nation and it's going so damn slow - that's probably my motivation for learning a new method.