May 6th, 2006


Lace pattern suggestions?

I recently got two hanks of Knit Picks Alpaca Cloud, one in Sunshine (a light yellow) and one in Autumn (a rusty sort of heathery colour) and I'm trying to think of something to do with them. (I got them originally just to see if I could work with Alpaca, which I'm happy to find that I can, and it's so lovely and soft!)

I am a newbie to lace knitting and not all that experienced with knitting in general, however I don't mind a challenge. (Except DPNs, which have me beaten at the moment. :) ) I only have straight needles, but I have a range of sizes. (I can't afford to go out and buy anything new at the moment, so I have to work with what's on hand. :) )

Does anyone have any suggestions for something that'd look good and be not TOO impossible? :) I started Branching Out in the sunshine, but I'm not really feeling the pattern. It looks okay, but it's not wowing me, so I think I might frog it. I don't mind using them on seperate projects, or together, not bothered. :) The pattern does need to be free or very low cost. (As mentioned, I'm currently low on funds. :) )

The Autumn color really says 'maple leaves' to me, but I have a feeling that if there is such a lace pattern, it'd probably be out of my league. :)

Help? :)
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Net ideas

For my upcoming wedding, my mom asked me to make a sort of net; about 3x5 feet, with holes about half an inch in diameter. She wants to hang it on the wall and we'll attach the congratulation cards we've gotten. I figure that I'll either use very large needles or use medium-sized needles with yarn overs. Something simple and consistent. But I'd also like to know if anyone's done anything similar, and how you accomplished it.

My bigger problem is the colors. I'm doing it in blue, and I have a ton of blue yarn, in various shades. My mom suggested that I use multiple shades, get 'em all in. But I don't have any idea how to switch it up such that it'll still look decent. I don't want to just change colors every few rows--it'd just be a weird stripey net. Any notions on how I can use multiple shades of blue (well, some of these shades, though not the variegated green-blues) to make it look good?
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I'm really bummed guys. I knitted like 15 scarves this past winter with hopes to sell them all, and naturally I didn't, so I brought them to a town-wide tag sale today with hopes to sell AT LEAST one, but of course I didn't. Does anyone else here sell scarves, and if so, where do you sell them and how do you get business? I haven't had much luck with tag sales and craft fairs.

Linking and gifting -- two great mod posts that post great together.

Hi there. As a member of your friendly neighborhood mod posse, I'd just like to pass on two general guidelines. Please note that these are not current rules per se, but we hope they do not have to become so.

First, a little note about linking and post content:
We're all excited to see what you've knit, and everyone will have different types of questions and comments. That said, it is a bit rude to simply post a picture or a link to your journal. You're welcome to crosspost to your own journal and knitting at the same time. But you also already know that posting nothing but a link back to your regular blog (and nothing else) is tacky, right?

This is a COMMUNITY, not a catwalk. We don't just show things off; we share information with each other. Things that your FO posts should ideally contain:
--pattern source (including "my brain")
--yarn type and amount used
--notes on any modifications you made to the original pattern
--if you've got a picture, make it CLEAR, on a solid background that helps show off any patterning. (And have fun with it!)

Second, a note about gifting:
In some ways, knitting is like drinking. Know when to say when. We all get excited about finding the perfect gift for somone, especially if we made it ourselves. However, here in knitting it's important that we think carefully about gifting before asking 5,000 of our closest friends.


A) We've had a number of posts asking what to make for X person for Y event. This is very tough to help out with, as we most likely do not know this person. However, you can ask in a way that will make it easier for everybody. Give specifics about the person or the kind of patterns you (or they) might enjoy.

Not good: I want to make something for my mom.
Better: [The poster has Googled first and searched the Memories section or done an LJ-seek for some general ideas she thinks might work.] My grandma loves to wear pretty wraps, so I'd like to make her a longer stole to keep her warm. She is allergic to wool and most of the wraps she has are rectangular, so she probably prefers those to triangular patterns. I'm also rather new to lace knitting, but I like a challenge. Could anyone suggest a simple pattern that would work well with a non-wool yarn? Thank you!

B) Even though you may be excited about your newly-acquired skills or a particularly great kind of yarn that you've found, not everyone needs to receive a knitted gift from you. Think about your skills and your recipient. Are you thinking of giving someone a scarf in the middle of July? Does someone's graduation mean they get a hat? How about knitting an afghan for a wedding next week? There's a saying in feature writing: know your audience. Be realistic about the season, the recipient, your skills and your timeframe. Staying honest with yourself and putting more thought into it will make any gift you DO make much more meaningful.

Thank you all for your super creativity and perseverance, and happy knitting!

Bryspun DPNs not pointy enough, what is better?

I'm trying to knit a pair of socks (my first socks!!) with some size 2 Bryspun DPNs. These are white plastic, and I like how flexible they are, but I hate how blunt they are. I am really having trouble with the very small stitches and blunt points; they are not a good combo for me! What DPNs would you recommend instead of them? Do wooden DPNs in that size snap like twigs? I worried about that, which is why I tried the Bryspuns to begin with. Anyway, thanks!
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Lana Grossa pattern istructions

I've been looking over the Lana Grossa Wrap-Around Cardigan pattern before I make it, and am having trouble with a couple of the instructions:

For the side-shaping increases on the front and back pieces, it says "inc for side shaping at right edge 1 st alt on every 6th and 8th row 5 times". Am I correct in assuming that that means I would work 6 rows, increase, work 8 rows, increase, work 6 rows, etc?

The instructions for the visible decrease say, "right edge: edge st, K2, 1 double resp. 1 simple slip dec (= slip 1 knitwise, K2 tog resp. K1, psso). Left edge: K tog 3 resp. 2 sts, K2, edge st." I can't seem to make head or tail out of what they mean by "resp". It's not included in the list of abreviations, and while my first guess would be that it means "respectively", that doesn't seem to make sense in the contexts. Does anyone know what it means?
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FO socks!

these socks have literally taken me 10 months to knit- I knit the first one in 3 days last june, and the second one...took a bit longer. this I ascribe directly to (a) losing two of my dpn's and having to finish the foot with one needle a size smaller (and YOU try keeping your tension on three 1's and a 0 and see how YOU feel),(b) leaving the book with the pattern on in america when I moved back to england, and (c) being a lazy so and so.

anyway, here ye be.

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so with those out of the way, I can get to work on the other 6 WIPs I have lying around. help!

ps. can anyone tell me how thoroughly rowan's wool cotton can be blocked? how quickly does it spring back? I'm working on I do in it. if it blocks terribly then hey, I have 7 balls to use for another project, but I'd prefer to know before I get too far into it. thanks in advance!
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And so it begins...

Alright, as I just posted, I just finished my first project, which was a simply scarf. I'm ready to move on to new challenges now, knitting in the round and following a pattern.

So, I plan to make the "Kittyville Hat" from S&B, and I already have questions that I haven't been able to answer elsewhere in the book.

First, it says to use a 16" circular needle. Is that from needle tip to needle tip, or just the length of the cord? Since the hat is supposed to be 23" around, I could probably go a little bigger than 16" if I had to, right?

Second, the pattern reads like this...

With circular needle, CO 84 sts. Worth 1 3/4" in see st. Switch to ST st for 3 3/4" more. Place a stitch marker after every 12th st.

Am I supposed to put on a stitch marker every 12 stitches right from the get go, or just at the end of the stockinette block they mention? Does it matter? I've never worked with the markers before (although I have some nice ones that came with a kit). Do they hang out on your needle or on the knit work somehow?

Sorry about the total noob questions. :)

One Jaywalker FO

I guess this would count as a FO...I managed to complete one Jaywalker sock in a little over two weeks. (Kinda hard to keep up with the knitting working 12 hour nightshifts.)

The pattern is Grumperina's Jaywalker. I recommend it highly to anyone who is considering it.

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Reading a Chart vs. Written Instructions

Do people generally have a preference over reading a chart or reading from written instructions? I am making Counterpanes to Go from the book bags- a knitter's dozen which I just received from a friend. The entire pattern is written in a chart, and I am having a really hard time! Lace charts, no problem, because the same pattern repeats over and over again. When there are so many stitches though, and so many increases (every other row), I get lost in how many repeats of the pattern I'm doing. I've frogged 2 or 3 rows at least 4 times now, and I've finally decided to write the pattern out instead of counting the stupid little squares over and over again to see how many stitches I'm supposed to knit or purl. Is this a newbie problem that I'll eventually get over, or is it just sometimes easier to read words than squares?
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Pattern request

Does anyone know of a pattern for a whale? A toy, preferably, like Knitty's Pasha, but a whale. Free ideally, but if someone can point me in the direction of a book that contains such a thing, that'd be great too. I Google is uncooperative, and there isn't anything in the comm memories either that I could find. I have a friend who loves whales, and her graduation's coming up, so time is of the essence; anything that requires shipping is no good. If anyone has any ideas, that would be excellent!

Thanks very much!

[eta: x-posted to crochetcrochet, tell me if that's not ok, please & thank you. comm rules said no x-posting to knitting comms, wasn't sure about crochet]

eta II: thanks!  The book World of Knitted toys, by Kath Dalmeny is just the thing. Loads and loads of animal patterns, most cute.