May 7th, 2006

Angry Potato

pair of FOs - Shetland Tea Shawl and green dinosaur

Got a couple of things this time...

Pattern - Shetland Tea Shawl from "A Gathering of Lace" - no errors sighted in the 4th edition!
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And something quite different... a critter I knit about two months ago but failed to post. It's a dinosaur from Jean Greenhowe's Toy Collection. (the caveman I knit didn't turn out so well. ) "Toy Collection" is a little leaflet packed with charming creatures... I saw the center spread of dinosaurs and knew I had to have one. Used Mystery Acrylic and the first pair of needles I could lay my hands upon.
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i think i missed the hole

pattern question - Knitty's Fuzzyfeet

Hi there,

I'm attempting to make Fuzzyfeet from Knitty - not the most seasonal garments, but I'm trying to get a head start on the cold weather this year - and have a pattern question.
I am embarassingly pathetic with circular needles but am really comfortable with double-pointeds. Is there any reason why I couldn't just knit these on dpn, or is there some compelling reason why I need to use circs? Unless I missed it, I didn't even see the point in the pattern at which it says to switch over. Will it make a difference? Any input about this (or about the pattern in general) would be most helpful. Thanks!

- Anna
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cable question.

i'm doing a swap on craftster (ongoing wish swap #10), and i'm making a cabled clutch for dontlookback (don't look at the picture if you're her!!).

this is my first time EVER attempting cables, and i think it's come out well so far.

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i just have one question: the purl stitches on either side seem to be pretty loose. is this normal, or is there a way to tighten them up? it looks fine, but i was just curious for future projects.

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Kiri Fini

Kiri has been completed, my friends...Not without a little bit of a minor heart attack. As I was blocking it, the yarn on the castoff edge snapped. My heart stopped. I managed to patch it, but I just knew beyond a doubt that the shawl was ruined....I was wrong. The frustrating thing about mohair saved my heiny. Mohair doesn't like coming undone. Once it's been worked, it gets really happy with where it's at. This means it wasn't as catastrophic as it could have been.

If I were a type A knitter, well...the way it is now would not work. However, I'm not a type A knitter. I'm the type knitter that expects, anticpates and requires mistakes (at least one). If I want perfect, I'll get machine knitted items, tyvm. Hanging on the back of the chair like it is, now, I can't even see the patched area. If I looked at it to see what was done wrong, I'd find three glaring issues....a YO in the middle of SS that so totally should not be there, a missing YO in the spine causing the spine to take a jog, and the area that the cast off edge snapped and was patched.

I added the fringe to the shawl to help draw the eye away from the patched area - and wound up thinking that was a very, very good thing to do even if I hadn't had the patch. Funny thing is that I had literally just enough yarn left on the ball to do the fringe.

After sleeping and seeing it in the morning light, I'm much happier with it.

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Two Old Bags

Does anyone know the yarn/yardage requirements for the Two Old Bags patterns Siberian Nights and Summer in Kansas? I've been JFGI for the past hour and while I can find plenty of vendors pitching patterns from Two Old Bags I cannot find a single one that will provide me with the information I need. Well, not entirely true: I found one site that admits both patterns require "laceweight wool" but not HOW MUCH laceweight wool.

I have buttloads of "laceweight wool" (and laceweight silk, and laceweight mohair, and laceweight blends, you get the idea...) but as we all know not all laceweight yarns are created equally fine. It would be nice to know that I need 1200yd or 1800yd or however much, before I plop down my $7 and postage for a pattern.


PS - there is apparently a belly-dancing group called Two Old Bags based somewhere in Nevada. Googling for "two old bags" is equally likely to present results for belly-dancing as it is for knitting. Really.

Help lining a knit/crochet cloak

A while back I posted some pics of my WIPs. Among them was this Collapse )
The cloak is patchwork; some patches are knitted, and some patches are crocheted. It is finished now (as opposed to the picture, in which it is only half done - I will post pics of the finished cloak when I get some on the computer), and I have added an edging and a clasp about an inch lower than where the cloak is tied in the picture in this post. Because it is SO friggin heavy, though, there is a lot of tension right around the clasp that is pulling those two top front patches out of shape.

Yes, I'm aware that both knit and crochet (although knit moreso) stretch, but I'm not sure about lining the whole thing as it's already really heavy and really warm. However, I do want to stop the area around the clasp, at least, from stretching so much.

I had contemplated just doing a two-inch wide lining right along the front edges, but I'm not sure that will do the trick, and I'm terrified of ruining the cloak after almost 8 months of work on it.

So, has anyone got any suggestions as to how to reinforce the area around the clasp to keep it from stretching out? Is lining the whole cloak the only way? If so, any suggestions for lining something that big? Just seam the lining around the very edges, or reinforce the stitching in the middle or what?

Any and all advice is welcomed and appreciated.
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Adding a collar

I'm a newish knitter,and this is my first multi-piece project. I'm trying to make my daughter one of these coats (size 1-2) and I'm almost done the back piece after two days of working at it. As I get closer to the top, I'm starting to realize I really want a collar on it, but the pattern doesn't call for one.
I'm new, so I don't know how to modify patterns very well. I don't think I'm googling the right terms, because all I keep coming up with is conversation regarding shirts with collars and nothing about how to add your own. Do any tutorials exist on this or is it just as simple as picking up all the stitches and continuing to knit until it reaches a desired length?
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identifying a yarn

I've started Branching Out in a rose pink yarn, approximately sock weight, but about eight rows into it I realised I don't actually know what this yarn is. I found it in a bag of yarn which belonged to my mum, and there were a few labels loose in the bag. There are two options, basically:
- a nylon/acrylic/wool blend from Sirdar (15% wool)
- a pure wool from Hayfield

One Sirdar label is definitely a black yarn- the other is turquoise, according to the internet, but my mum says she never bought a turquoise yarn. Is there anywhere on the internet which provides older colour charts? The label in question is for Sirdar Country Style, colour 405. The other labels say "Falkland Hayfield Double Knit", then one says "43016 2801" printed and "green" handwritten below that; the other says "43012 2300". It has no gauge or yardage. The first number may be a dyelot, but I can't tell- I haven't found anything for those labels at all.

Having burnt it, I can't tell which it is. It gave off a smell of burning hair and shrank from the flame, but it may have melted slightly- so it could easily be a wool blend or real wool. The resulting bead is black.

Does anyone know which of the two it might be? I just can't find the second yarn on the internet at all; for all I know, that one may be worsted weight and far too thick to be this yarn. And if it turns out to be the 85% synthetic/15% wool one, will it block at all?


Short rows versus Sideways tops?

So this might be obvious to everyone but me, but I'm wondering if it is feasible to knit a two-part top that is similar to Knitty's Mariposa ( but do it by knitting the bust portion sideways instead of using short rows. So instead of using short rows to make the front part longer, I can just increase for the front, work the front, then decrease again. Does that make sense? Or more importantly, is there a reason why that wouldn't work? Like maybe the fabric will stretch funny in that direction or something? And does anyone know of any patterns worked this way? Thanks!

Book review

I think I just spent the most valuable knitting-related dollar ever! Well, in my little world, at least. Today I stopped by a local junk shop for the first time, and found precisely one item of interest--The Complete Book of Knitting, by Barbara Abbey.

It was first published in 1971, and I have the 1974 Viking Press Book Club Edition. There are some very minor irrelevancies, like how hard/easy it is to find certain types of yarn, but that's seriously about it, just some era-dating. The rest of it is jam-packed with simply-explained, simply-illustrated techniques in both English and Continental styles, 200 stitch patterns, and lots of useful info on yarn and equipment. There's also a section of really well-translated terms and abbreviations from US, British, French, German, Spanish, and Swedish.

If you run across a copy of this book, by all means buy it! It may not contain anything you don't already know (though there are some really neat stitch patterns I'd never seen before), but it's a great basic reference, and would be a wonderful gift to a newer or less-confident (or even intermediate) knitter. Perhaps the best part is how it makes no assumption or statement that any certain technique or stitch is particularly difficult or advanced--this book comes with no neuroses.

I cheerfully give it two thumbs up!
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Circular Needle check-in

Hi :)

I decided to try my hand with circular needles tonight. I taught myself to knit about a month ago and am slowly gaining skills :)

I used size 8 29" boye circs for this, and some generic worsted weight yarn (my MIL bought it years ago so that's about all I know). I have a couple questions though as I have no one here to ask...

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Maryland Sheep And Wool Festival!

Hey All! I went to MD Sheep and Wool on Saturday and had a blast :) I took the bf though, so I didn't get to spend as much time (or money) as I could have otherwise, which is probably good, but I did find a few treasures I couldn't live without!
Let's start a discussion! Who were your favorite vendors? What did you like? I thought there should have been more Alpacas and Llamas! I want to know what you thought of it and what you bought!

I was going to take pictures at the festival, but when I got there I found out we left the memory card at home! So all I have is pictures of my finds, and some discussion of my favorite booths:
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