May 8th, 2006


Question about Pattern Verbage

So I'm starting the Wrap Cardigan mentioned in this post.

I have so many questions starting out that I had to e-mail the designer - problem is, she's in Peru for 3 weeks so I have to either wait for her to get back and slog through 3 weeks of e-mails, or just wing it and see where I can go on my own. So here's my question:

This pattern is knit in what the designer calls an alternating rib pattern which consists of a few rows stockinette followed by a couple rows 1x1 rib, then a little garter, then more 1x1 rib that is off-set from the original 1x1 rib.

Part of the pattern calls for lots of increasing to be happening. She says to increase one stitch at the beginning of every knit row .

Now is this just another way to say every right side row? Or does this mean increase 1 at the beginning of every row that starts with a k stitch?

My hunch is that the instructions are referring to RS rows, but I wanted to check on this with you all since there are so many years of combined experience in this community!


Experiences with Knitpicks Sierra?

Howdy everyone. :-)

I'd like to knit Magknit's Durrow ( As much as I love Silkroad Aran, it's a bit on the pricey side so I'm looking for alternative yarns(I'd *really* love to make it using Knitpicks Panache, but sadly it would cost over $150.00. Owch!).

Sierra may be an option, but the gauge that's listed for it doesn't quite match SRA. I'm worried that if I do manage to get 4.5 stitches per inch with it that the resulting fabric may be too stiff.

So, for those of ya'll who have worked with Sierra before:

1. How did ya'll like it's overall feel? Would it be suitable for next-to-the skin wear?

2. Do you think that the gauge that knitpicks lists for it is accurate(they tend to be a little off with their other yarns IME).


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What shall I do with this yarn? Plus sale info

Last week, I impulsively picked up 800 metres of Lang Filo yarn at Lincraft - hey, it was 99c a ball and my favourite olive-y green colour, what can I say?

The yarn is a 60% cotton, 40% acrylic blend, and the recommended needle size from the ball band is 5 to 6mm. Seeing that, I'd hoped it would be suitable for theCorset Pullover, which I've been ogling for awhile and which calls for 5mm needles.

However, swatching this morning has convinced me that this yarn and this pattern are not a match made in Heaven. Knitting the yarn on 5mm needles makes a fabric which is so dense that it can defy gravity. On 6mm needles, the fabric is slightly more floppy, but still dense and cushy (I quite like it, actually) -- however the tension is 13 1/4 stitches per 4 inches, nothing like the 19 1/2 stitches per 4 inches needed for the pattern.

I'm generally drawn to thinner yarns, so don't really have any patterns in mind which might be suitable for a bulky yarn like this. Does anyone have any patterns they'd recommend? Free is good, wearable is good, but I'm open to pretty much anything. I can also get my hands on more of this yarn if I need to, so the quantity of yarn needed isn't really an issue.

Thanks in advance for your help, guys!

Also, if there are any Sydney knitters reading this, the Lincraft in the city (Imperial Arcade) has three or four big bins of this yarn in a couple of different colours - definitely the olive-green and a light yellow, and I have in mind pink as well. They're charging $1.49 a ball (rather than the 99c I paid in Canberra, but I cleared that store out of the stuff), but it may be worth a look. Most of the rest of the sale stuff is Muppet yarn, but they also have 20% off all Lincraft-branded yarn until Mother's Day. I've used their Cosy Wool before and it's quite nice yarn for the price (100g = roughly 5 bucks, less the discount)

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Everyone was a huge help when I wanted to venture into cables. So I come to you again.

I looked at the memories for shawls and didn't really see anything about this topic.

I would like to make a shawl out of appreciation for my beloved internship supervisor. She is in her mid-40s, if that helps. A very elegant and classic lady.

The problem is I've never done lace work before. It looks a little intimidating. I looked at Knitty and didn't really see anything that I really really liked. So if you kind people could direct me towards any patterns that are good for a first time doing lace work. Thank you!
Don and me in Seattle

Felting question: When is enough enough?

Hi! Behind the cut are two pictures I took of the patchwork rug I made from Allbright's Oddball Knitting book, I modified it to have nine squares, not six, and took liberty with the yarn chosen. Recommended was Lopi bulky, which I did use, but combined with 2 strands of Cascade 220. I ran this through my washer six times! (lots of yarn poop in my zippered bag!)

My concern is that there is still stitch definition, but the fabric is quite sturdy. Any recommendations? (the edges are crocheted)

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Knit Picks Yarn Substitution

I have two projects that I would like to make, but would prefer to use yarn from Knit Picks since a friend is also making an order and we can go in together and get free shipping(yay!) rather than the suggested yarn. The first project is the Fulled Lopi Tote( Based on what I could find our about the recommended yarn, I was thinking of using 2 hanks of either Knit Picks Sierra or Decadence. The second project is Knitty's Branching Out( Again based on the recommended yarn, I was thinking of using 1 ball of either Knit Picks Merino Style or Elegance. My specific questions are:
-Will both of the yarn for the Lopi Tote felt as the patter requires?
-Has anyone used any of these yarns before and did they like them?
-Do you think these are good choices, or do you have other recommendations?
-Are the amounts I listed enough yarn to complete the project?
-Are these even the correct weights/types of yarn???
I am a beginning knitter, especially when it comes to following patterns and this will be my first time trying to substitute yarn. If anyone has done either of these patterns and has any special tips that would be appreciated too!! :) If I need to clarify anything, let me know. Thank you!


Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival!!!

It was my first time going (I just went for Sunday), so I was a little overwhelmed when I saw the amount of yarn/roving/sheep that was there. I was on limited funds (poor college student), so I made up a list, stuck to it, and I found some really great deals.

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And, if anyone is interested in seeing more photos of the festival (sheep, alpacas, yarn, etc.), look here

As far as actual knitting goes... I have gotten very little done recently. School is nearly done, and after I finish this one project I will have days of doing nothing until the residence halls close. So, perhaps expect some more posting from me soon!

Looking for Yarn in Nova Scotia

I am going to be heading off to Nova Scotia for a visit to the in-laws in a few weeks, and I figure while I'm there I'll probably manage to fit in a bit of fibre tourism :)

I've checked google maps and it lists a surprising number of LYS in the area I'll be visiting -- near Bridgewater, which is about an hour South of Halifax. If it comes to it I'll probably just check some of the nearer shops, but I'd really love any personal recommendations from locals or anyone who's visited before!

Bonus for those not interested in NS LYS, Collapse ) for everyone!

yarn substitution question: bulky v. worsted weight in the kitty pi?

I've been thinking about making our cats a Kitty Pi. I have all kinds of wool yarn that was left over from a failed shoulder bag project, and it would be perfect for using up scraps. Unfortunately the yarn I've got is worsted weight. I realize this basically means it'll just take longer, and obviously the recipients aren't going to be too fussy, but is there anything else I should change about it - needle size, maybe? (I'd swatch, but I don't have size 11 DPNs or the circular in question, and I'd like to at least have a vague idea of what I'm looking for before I venture out to the LYS to get needles.)

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Lacy Tank

I just wanted to share my first knitted garment (I'm not counting scarves and hats!)..This was my own design- I wanted a tank with some kind of patterned lace panel in the center and ribbing at the sides.

I really learned alot, and although I like it, there's a lot of stuff I'd do differently: I'd make the front neckline higher, the whole thing longer, I'd knit it in the round, and I'd practice making increases BEFORE I got to that part of the pattern...the bits under my arms look baaaad, but hopefully no one will notice when I wear it.

I had hoped to be able to wear it to work, with a discrete little camisole of course, but I don't really think this version is work appropriate. Maybe next time!

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Dainty Bess Lace WIP

I am making a cravat for my mom for Mother's Day. The lace pattern and yarn I am using is from a gift I received in the latest secret pal swap. (Read more here...)

I love this pattern. It's so beautiful, but it's easy enough for me to work on while watching tv. It also forced me to learn to read charts, which I am now grateful for. The patterns don't have written instructions so you don't have a choice, lol. Now I know why everyone says that reading charts is so much easier. Once you figure them out, it really is!

The yarn (KnitPicks Gossamer in Leprechaun) is also wonderful. It's got a slightly nubby texture to it, giving the lace a little more interest. It's so soft and a dream to work with. No splitting or flying off of the needles. I am using US 8 needles, which is making the whole project faster and easier.

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Jogs in Circular Fair Isle

I bought the Dubbelmossa kit that was posted about in this
entry a couple of weeks ago.

I started the hat today, but I am thoroughly confused by the instructions to eliminate the jogs. One of the methods given is to "float the first stitch of each round, permitting it to travel between the motifs". My understanding of floats is that they are the lengths of yarn that travel behind stitches in color knitting. How can a stitch be floated?

The pattern also says that in certain patterns you can decrease one stitch in the first round. First, how can this help eliminate jogs? Second, how can you figure out which color patterns this will work with?

I tried to google for an answer, and the only page I came up with was this page where Meg Swansen tries to answer a similar question for someone else, but frankly, her answer only left me more confused.

If anyone can shed some light on this for me, I'd appreciate it.


Two weeks ago today I placed an order with Knitpicks for yarn for my mother's day gift, denise set, and yarn to make socks for people.

Mother's day is in six days, pinch me, six days.

& I bought yarn for their StockPot Scarves for mother's day gifts, just a simple garter stitch scarf I should have time to knit, right? I really hope so. When my time isn't being consumed by school, it's being drained by work. I'm afraid by the time the yarn shows up, mother's day will have come and gone, and the temperature will be in the hundreds... even summer scarves would be ridiculous.

I know if it hasn't shown up in 14 days I'm supposed to call, which if I get a chance to tomorrow I will. Has this ever happened to anyone before? Their KnitPicks order just jumps off into limbo? It seems with the posts I've looked at, they're fairly quick. I thought with picking the free shipping it would be slow, but not this slow!

When I first put in my order, it was on hold because I was using a visa gift card from my Dad, set up by my step mom, which led to the discovery that she put the wrong billing address. My card was still charged, I called customer service, she fixed the billing address, I tripple checked that she knew that the shipping address was correct. So, my package could be at my Dad's (thousands of miles away), or where all the packages with wrong addresses end up. But the shipping address was correct!? I was just going to change the order over to my card, but the customer service woman said everything was in order.
I've checked the status page, it hasn't changed, it just says: Your order has been fully shipped!

Big Problem is: I don't have anything to knit, and I need the needles to relieve some serious stress. I was relying on this order to be my savoir!

ETA: 5/9/2006 -- I just called & it appears my package was supposed to get here yesterday (the estimated delievery.) So we figure it'll get here today. It's been in california since May 1st according to the tracking, about two/three hours away. I guess things are just slow, it hasn't been this slow since one of the postal workers went... postal... at one of the main hubs.

Anyway, I have a real question aside from my rant:

I know there's a lot of fiber/yarn/spinning/sheep! festivals going on about now, and I was wondering if any of you knew about any in California's Central Valley? Or anywhere in central california this summer. I have no idea where to begin to look, I usually hear about them afterwards :\

Is anyone besides me becoming a total stitch marker addict?

I don't even use them that much, to be honest. I just covet them like cool little trinkets in my knitting bag. Kinda like cheap arty jewelry for my knitting projects. Maybe that says something about me :-)
Anyway, they aren't that hard to make, so I thought maybe I'd start a community stitchswapfor people to make and do monthly swaps of stitch markers.

It will be a kind of experiment, but I put instructions on the profile page, and stuff.

If you ask me any questions about it, I won't be answering them until tomorrow because I am about to collapse into bed (maybe do a couple of rounds on my jaywalkers to wind down first...)

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classic elite patterns

Does anyone have a copy of Boathouse Spring 2006 from Classic Elite Yarns? I'd like to find out what sizes the patterns are, specificaaly if they are sized for us plus-sized ladies (48"-50" bust). I checked the website and didn't see that info.

The sweater I'm interested in was featured on the back cover of the Spring 2006 Interweave Knits. If the pattern doesn't come in my size, then I'll try to recreate it from the picture.