May 11th, 2006

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FO and a question

I finished this vest for my son. It's made from Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino and is so incredibly soft. I'd like to write out a pattern for it and do different sizing, but I had issues with the v-neck. It was going to be too small and so I cut a steek into it and did a single-crochet edging around the neck. That method worked out fine, but I'd like to actually do it the right way.

Since I've never made a v-neck sweater before I was guessing about the neckline. How soon after beginning the arm hole shaping should I start the v-neck? Also, do you decrease for the v-neck on every row or just on the right side rows?

Thanks, everyone!

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Mariah Sleeves

Has anyone one Mariah?  I want to add a couple inches to the sleeves, but I can't figure out a good place to do so.  I'm going to lengthen the cuffs a little, but since I need to add at least 3" I don't want them to end up looking ridiculous (I have crazy-long arms).  I've been looking at the sleeve chart and I can't find a good place where there's a definite pattern repeat, and I'm afraid of screwing up the cable pattern.  Any ideas?
Psychotic Penguins

More Glove Woes

When I posted the other day, I broke a cardinal rule that I tell all new knitters: Trust Your Pattern. Yes, the ribbing gets stretchy and will easily fit over my hand, if I'd just knit it past, oh, I dunno, the three rows I had knit. Mock me quickly. Okay, now stop. :-)

So now I'm up to the thumb gusset increase. The pattern says:
Next row: k to the second-to-last st on the second needle.
P second-to-last stitch.
Do a twisted make-one (pick up the yarn between two stitches, twist it a half turn, place on left needle, then knit it), k to end of row.
[On all following rows until gusset is complete, purl the purled stitch to mark the point for the gusset increases.]
Next row: work even.
Repeat these two rows - increasing one stitch after the purled stitch using a twisted make-one every other round - until you've added 12 stitches.
Finish with a k-even round.

So, help me clear this up. On my work-even rows, I knit everything except that one purl stitch, yes? And does the twisted make-one happen immediately after the purl stitch? Is that purl stitch going to travel away from the end of the needle, or is it always going to be the second-to-the-last stitch?

These gloves are going to be the death of me. Or maybe just the death of my glove-making days.

Need Knitting Help!!

Hi All! I am new to this site and knitting. I have only been
knitting for a short time. I can knit, purl, do a few lace stitches
and cable (very slowly!). I have knit a sweater up to the armhole
shaping, and now it sits in a basket because I am afraid I'll have
to rip it out if I mess up!! Hopeless...

I am working right now on a circular scarf/head wrap for my friend,
using her homespun wool. It is just a long circular tube that will
fit around her shoulders, and she can put it over her head too. I
did this on circulars, and now that I've come to the end of it I'm
doing k2,p2 ribbing. My question is, how do you bind off on the
circulars? I only know how to bind off on two needles (and I have
to look that up everytime). This is not in any of my instruction
books I have. I want to be able to bind-off in-pattern, but just
getting the thing of the hooks at this point would do!

Also, the cast-on end I started with is just basic stockinette
stitch because I forgot to do the ribbing part (did I say I was a
novice? :) Is there a way to "pick-up" the cast-on edge and do my

Thank you Thank you Thank you for all and any input!!! Daniele
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(no subject)

I have a question for all you great knitters.
I have lots of yarn that I really want to use!(Im in the mood to knit!)I knitted a headband that has cat ears on them and I love them!I really need somemore cool things like that to knit!
I dont like using any needles over size 10 and I havent knitted anything in the round yet,so stright needle patterns would be best.Tho if you find a VERY simple pattern knit in the round please let me know,I might give it a try!

If you can think,find, or know of any head bands with stuff on them(ears of sometype or something else crazy looking), Crazy looking hats(knit on spn), or just anything else odd and out there pleasepleaseplease let me know of the site links!I would really like to flip out the people at my local yarn sotre again.
(I went this morning and had my cat ear headband on and they all fliped! lol(me and my friend are the only ones with non-grey hair there!)

TY all once again!

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Knitting Mod

Now Banned - Asking if you may bring your knitting needles on a plane.

From now on, any post that asks whether or not it is permitted to bring knitting needles or other implements on an airplane or other means of transportation will be deleted. If such posts are caught in the moderation queue, they will not be approved.


Because, honestly, the question has been asked a million times, all over the Internet. We've written up a handy primer here. We realize it doesn't cover every single airport and every single airline - it can't. Rules change, and honestly, asking 5000 strangers whether or not you'll be able to get your needles on a plane is about as good as standing on a street corner and doing the same thing.

If after googling and reading the same question asked over and over again, you still need to ask, you should contact your airline, the airport, or whatever body seems reasonably official. That does not include knitting communities.

Because, honestly?

We don't know. It's perfectly possible that the last person who flew to Antarctica was waved through by a nice screener in a good mood, and when you try to go through with your needles, you'll run into Mr. Crankypants, and he'll disallow them. That's true in the US, where they are officially allowed - screeners can pretty much deny almost anything into a secure area if they deem it a threat. Add other countries with any number of other factors into the mix, and really, we have no idea.

This post, again, has some good tips. And when it comes down to it, if you are really really worried, just pack your project in your checked luggage, and bring a good book.

Edit: The post I link to above is a bit United States Centric. If international folks know of pages we can link to that provides specific information for their country, I'll edit the post. I'll also add any specific tips that folks leave in the comments as well. Thanks!

Question: Lion Brand Pond Alligator Pattern

I know this may be a stretch, but I was wondering if anyone has made this pattern. (Sorry guys, I find it very annoying that you have to register to see the free pattern) It is a stuffed pond alligator toy thingy by Lion Brand. I posted a while back about making something for my mom who lives in FL (thank you for your comments), and ended up breaking down and asking her what she wanted. She came up with this pattern and said "I want a frog or an alligator, and because I could only find a knitting technique called 'frog', I want this." [That by the way, is where you other knitters laugh, because you know she would receive a pile of crinkled yarn with a post-it note saying "Look! Your frog; have fun!"]

Anyhow, on to my question! So first, it tells me that my guage is supposed to be 9.5 stitches and 15 rows in stockinette to make the 4 inches. Easy! Just pick up needles and trial and error until you find a pair that make the right guage... right? So.. I have gotten up to my size 17s and am juuuust getting the guage. [note, this is made with Homespun and on the package it says that size 10s with 14 stitches and 20 rows will give the 4" guage] Okay, so this is a stuffed toy. With the holes that the size 17s make, all the stuffing would quickly pull out and the stuffed thing would end up being a saggy little shell of a gator.

Is my only option to go ahead and try to use the 10s and multiply the stitches to get the correct guage with the smaller needles (and smaller holes) or does anyone have any other suggestions? Thanks guys! :o)
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