May 12th, 2006

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scarf and hat FOs

I made these for my sister. The hat wasn't supposed to be pointy at the top but I didn't have the pattern with me when I was decreasing so I just winged it. I really like it though.
I didn't use a pattern for the scarf and the hat is based quite loosely on the marhta stewart hat pattern in the memories. Both are knit with wool-ease thick n quick on US 15 needles. The two colors were double stranded for the hat and as someone mentioned in my previous post about the hat, it was very much like knitting rope with broom handles. :)

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Thank you guys SO much for all your help on these. I posted for help on both of them and would have lost my mind trying to finish them without it. :)
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changing a cable chart to be worked top-down?

I'm working on a skirt with suspenders pattern for a little girl, and I was planning on inserting the luckenbooth cable for an added touch. Well, I had a bit of a doh! moment when I realized that the skirt is knit top-down, but the cable chart is top-up.

I realize I can rip back and convert the pattern to be knit from the top-up, but this got be curious about cable charts. Is there a good method for converting cables to be knit top-down? I did google and LJ-seek, but it's possible I'm not thinking of the perfect search terms. While I'm at it, does anyone know of any similar/heart-like cable patterns that are knit top-down? Any other suggestions I haven't thought of?
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kitchner stitch with ribbing

i made the tank girl tank top from stitch and bitch and instead of doing the three needle bind-off, i want to do kitchner (i did the straps differently and i need an invisible seam.)

i know the regular stockingnette way is purl, knit, knit purl. but ive got a purl knit purl purl knit purl ribbing pattern.

and im a collective 12 bloomin' stitches from being done and im totally stumped.

any thoughts before i head to the LYS for assistance?

World's most expensive yarn?

From the website:

Color Your Own
High quality Merino wool for unique and fun socks!
Fingering weight - hand wash

$99,999,999.00 / hank
Material: 100% Merino Wool
Amount: 440 yards/100 gram hank

how much for a homemade baby set?

I just made a baby set.
Booties,hat,sweater,pants but I don't know how much I should charge for it the yarn cost about 3.16 a skien and I only used two of them (its baby soft red heart yarn). so how much should I charge the person who ordered it?
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Im not sure how you would add wings to squirrels...but if you could, they would fly!

Name: Squirrel Mittens in Faire Isle
Pattern: Loosely based off of Squirrelly Swedish Mittens
Yarn: My own handspun in lace/sock
-3 skeins of tea dyed
-2 skeins natural brown
Needles: Size 0 (and not small enough, of so I knit really loose!)
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Modifications: What did I NOT modify would be the better question. I have really narrow hands, so I made the gloves smaller by almost 20 sts. I reversed the chart for the second to account for the random chopping off of stitches (one whole squirrel). I also made the gloves slightly shorter by taking out one repeat of the main pattern and by doing double decreases to reach a point quicker (hence the tops look wonky). I also added an extra compassy type points that goes across the knuckles.

Next time: Next time I’ll make the thumb a bit narrower, and probably add some sort of braid as hello yarn did, and make them wider if I am making them for someone else.

Other Notes: I chose this pattern since I wanted something very simple to go with the tea and natural browns, and I wanted it to have a very organic feel to the mittens, so I needed a pattern that would fit with the yarn that was spun up thick and thin. I used about 125 yards of the tea dyed (the main color, 3 skeins), and just over 100 yards of the brown.

short rows

Okay, I am knitting a pair of wool shorts(a diaper soaker) for my daughter and I need to do short rows on the bum. What is the easiest way to do a short row. I know the mechanics of the short row, and that I need to wrap the stitch, but there are soo many ways to do it. I just want the simplest way out there.

links to videos would be the best. Or a good detailed explanation.



japanese short rows! Got it. Thanks a lot ladies!

sweater question

One of my friends is a fairly round man. All of the sweater patterns I've seen are sized by measuring around the chest, but I'm fairly sure his stomach is larger than his chest. So what would happen if I make the sweater to fit his stomach instead of his chest? Would it look awful? Or if I make it the proper chest size, will it just magically fit his stomach?

Please and thanks :)
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Greetings! I'm a fairly new knitter and have run into a problem. I'm a few rows away from finishing a baby afghan for my nephew, who, in two months, is expected to make his first appearance out of the womb. The pattern is a nice boxy one, with multiple sections that repeat two different rows several times. I erred in the first two "boxes" by repeating only one row several times instead of the two that I was supposed to, so the pattern is very off. I realized this after I had already completed most of the rest of the blanket so I'm rather unwilling to pull back and start all over. Basically, my question is this: if I finish the blanket completely, is there a way I can start at the beginning, pull the errors out, and work back the other way, (backwards, in other words, say from row 50 back to 1) to correct what I've done? I don't want to have to start all over but I'd really like to fix it so that it looks right.

I hope this makes sense.

If it matters, here is the part of pattern I screwed up:
Row 24: K8, P2 (K4, P8, K4, P2) 4 times, K8
Row 25: K10, P4, K8, P4, (K2, P4, K8, P4) 3 times, K10
Rows 26-33: Repeat rows 24 and 25, 4 times

(I only repeated row 25, instead of both 24 and 25.) I can post the rest of the pattern if it is relevant.

Please help! I love how it looks when it's done right and I really want to fix it if I can. Thanks in advance!

Cable cuffs, anyone?

SO, I just knit a Coronet hat for my mom:

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However, my question is more about cuffs for gloves or mittens than the hat itself. Basically, my question is this: could I use part of the Coronet cable band (or any cable band for that matter) as a cuff for gloves or mittens, or is it more prudent to use some sort of ribbing instead?

Has anyone done this? Am I clear enough in what I am asking? Any advice would be great. Thanks!

"Sophie" bag from Magknits question

I have a question I was hoping someone could help me with, please? I'm making the "Sophie" bag from Magknits for my Mom for Mother's Day. The question is this:

At the end of the knitting portion of the bag, it says, "BO 29 sts, removing st markers as encountered." So far, so good. Next: "Place next 6 sts on a holder. BO 29 more sts." Okay, I'm working on a circ, soon to move to dpn's, if that matters, but here's my problem. The "Place next sts on a holder" bit. I've got the stitch that my working yarn is coming off, and after having BO the 29 sts, it's on my right hand needle. Do I count that as one of the 6 sts that I place on the holder? No, right? I count 6 off the left needle? But then, if I place those 6 on a holder, then BO with that working yarn, won't I have a long bit of yarn reaching over the 6 sts gap? I'm overthinking, I know it.

Help please! :-)

Thanks in advance...
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sweater assembly assistance

I'm in a bit over my experience level....i'm finishing my first garment, a baby sweater. got the pieces finished and it is blocking as we speak, er, write.

the next bit on the instruction has intimidated me and im not quite sure what it means:

"Attach the live shoulders using a 3 needle bind off."

EDIT - figured this part out
3 needle bind off? LIVE shoulder? ACK!

HOWEVER, when i begin to attach the sleeve to the sweater, and i'm assuming i do that BEFORE i join the sides of the body, am i supposed to use the same bind off style? where do i start to attach the arm? my directions are not detailed in this area.

direction, links and/or pics would be very very appreciated, thanks =)
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Icord/DPN question

Okay, one other question: I'm supposed to use DPN's to make an ICord for the handle of this it truly important to have the DPN's be the same size as the needle the bag was worked on? I don't HAVE the right size - I need 10's, and I have 7's. Can I use them, or not a good idea?

I've never actually KNITTED Icord before, either...!!!
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wedding pic

needed:superbulky yarn pattern

I have fallen madly in love with brown sheep lamb's pride superbulky yarn in strawberry patch... I am going to make a simple scarf and I'd like to make a fairly simple non-dorky knitted hat with it. I'm a advanced beginner in knitting (I can do a little lace but have never done a cable yet) and so if anyone can point me to a simple hat, please do so.

The scarf will probably be seed stitch on size 19 needles if it looks right, if not probably a lengthwise garter.
Eddie Izzard

Yarn for a men's sweater

My friend wants me to make him a knock-off Lacoste argyle sweater. Something like this...

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I'm interested, despite slight distaste for argyle, because I haven't really done anything with colorwork before. And I've never really made my own pattern. And even though I'd probably just take an existing sweater pattern and alter it, it would be a step in that direction.

My question is about the yarn. The original sweater is merino. I'm looking for a cheap yarn that doesn't sacrifice quality for price and will still work. I was thinking merino, was tempted by cotton (but cotton would be too heavy, wouldn't it?), and if I do go with a wool it has to be a soft non-scratchy wool. The gauge is not crucial at this point - just nothing too huge. I was looking at Knitpicks and thinking maybe Merino Style - but I've heard that it pills terribly. And unfortunately I don't have any color cards for any of the Knitpicks yarns, so I'm not sure what I want to do for colors yet. I just don't want to buy a color card for a yarn that isn't going to work anyway.

There is a bigger (warning: much bigger) picture here, if it helps: (Even this guy's nose seems to exude a certain air of preppiness...)

It seems to be a basic drop-sleeve v-neck sweater, except for the diamond pattern.