May 13th, 2006

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Baby patterns for little boys...

We've just found out that we are having a little baby boy at the end of September and are completely thrilled.

Now, of course, I want to start knitting things for my autumn baby, but I am finding it quite hard to find nice knitting patterns for baby boys. Have any of you come across something? Free patterns would obviously be great, but I'm not averse to buying a book if it has more than just one or two good boy patterns in it!

WIP: Clapotis

I'm so close to being done, yet at the same time I'm gaining motivation and losing it at the same time. Does that even make sense?! To motivate me a little more, I wanted to post some WIP pics for you guys.

This is Clapotis. I'm knitting it out of Debbie Bliss Cotton Angora, Colour 15524... Dyelot 72315. XD This blogger was destashing so I bought 10 balls of this stuff. It's a grey color, though I swear, in the dark it looks like it has a blue-ish tinge, but only in the dark.

Did you know that Cotton Angora SHEDS like crazy? I didn't believe anybody until I wore a black sweatshirt while knitting the damned thing and looked down and... oh, the horror. Also, the fuzz floats around. This is detrimental to my tea/water-drinking, when I realize that I have about an ounce of fuzz in my throat because of all the fuzz floating into my mug.

I'm currently about to bust out my 7th ball, and I'm almost halfway through the decrease section. I'll probably have two balls left, maybe. I think if I ever make a Clapotis, I'm gonna try a variegated yarn for more interest. Or if I do (boring, drab - what was I thinking? I should have used pink or a blue or...) solid color like this, I'll intersperse with beads, or something!

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I might get this done this week, maybe. *fingers crossed*

WIP: Branching Out

PurpleDoor (Glitter)sent me some lovely balls of yarn in exchange for some workout music I sent her. She sent me three balls of this Russian creamsicle colored variegated yarn; I think it's some sort of wool blend, but I'm not sure, as I can't read the label.

I wanted to try out lace knitting. I had only done one dishcloth that had a lace type pattern and really enjoyed how different it was from just working on garter & stockinette stitch. So, I started working on the Branching Out lace knit scarf from Knitty..

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Thing is, I can't see the leaf pattern at all in my scarf! This sorta happened with the dishcloth I made, where I couldn't really see the pattern pop as much as it did in the pattern's photos. I'm not sure if it's the way I'm knitting, or if it's because of the variegated yarn or what..

If anyone knows what I'm doing wrong or any tips to help me with this pattern, that'd be great. OR, if you have a different scarf pattern you could suggest I make instead of this one that would make good use of this yarn, I'd really aprpeciate it.
New Mexico

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Well I've been lurking here for a long time and it has been some time since I've posted some FOs so here y'all go! Beware those who have dial-up, lots of pics beyond the cut! 

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Happy stitching mes amis! I very much enjoy this community and all of your beautiful projects!


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Felting: Free-range, or in a bag?

Hi there! I've finished my Sophie bag, and am about to felt it. Collapse ) I was just curious, as I'm following instructions from a knitty article, and I wondered: how many of you felters free-felt (just toss it in the wash) as opposed to putting the object in either a mesh bag, or a zippered pillowcase? Why, for either method? And those that DO use the ZP, where do you find those things? I think I will try felting my bag in a mesh lingere bag, to avoid clogging my OLD washer with fuzz. I've never felted anything before, which is why I'm asking this question...I've done some searching of the archive, but haven't come across this issue, so I thought it would be safe to ask.

Thank you!!
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Color Accuracey

I'm looking to knit this sweater from Knit Picks using Suri Dream in the Woodlands Color and Merino Style in the Holly Berry color. In my catalouge, if held next to each other, they seem to be complimentary colors. When I look at the knit picks webpage, the Holly Berry seems to be more of a purpley red color, which wouldn't go with the woodlands at all. I thought of using green, but I have a very simmilar sweater in green already, and this is why I decided on a red combo instead.

Does anyone have a color swatch of Merino Style and can tell me what the Holly Berry looks like?

My other question, is if these colors don't go together great... I'm thinking I should be able to use a wool/acrylic blend as a sub.. and does anyone have any recomendations on a good one? Thanks so much
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