May 14th, 2006


Thank you for the advice on Candle Flames

Hello everyone! I just want to pop in and thank you for all your advice with knitting lace. I doubt I would have been able to do it without your help. I was knitting the Candle Flames wrap, from Knit Picks, for a Mother's day present. Unfortunately I didn't have enough time to make it as long as I'd like, but luckily my mother is a short woman.

Well, that's enough of my blabbing, here's the lace:
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Again, Thanks to everyone who helped me out with this project. I fear I'm going to be terribly addicted to knitting lace from now one. You all are wonderful!
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Sock Yarn

Greetings everyone!

I apologize if this has been asked before, however, I am looking for a good sock yarn to make a pair of socks for my grandmother. She lives in a nursing home, so I need something that is machine washable and dryable (they use REALLY REALLY REALLY hot water to wash the resident's clothes), and something that will be soft.

Thank you in advance!

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(no subject)

I'm making the Anthropologie-inspired Capelet everyone's been whipping up lately. It's more or less my first time using an actual pattern for anything and I'm having a little trouble understanding the instructions.

It says: Row 1, RS: k2, p6, yo, pm, p1, yo, p7, yo, pm, p1, yo, p16, yo, pm, p1, yo, p7, yo, pm, p1, yo, p6, k2

I counted all the stiches it uses there and it's 49, just like they tell you to cast on, but then how do I do the yarn overs? I knit through the row once and used up an extra stich every time I did the yarn over so I ended up with too few stiches :/

I'm sure what I'm doing wrong/ not understanding is something small and silly, but I just can't figure it out.
Any help would be greatly appreciated<3!

pattern shown here for those who don't know it

edit: I got it, thank you. I misunderstood exactly how the yarn over was created.
Thank you all for your help and LIGHTNING FAST responses :]

Blocking Board Advice

This is a time of big changes for me. I am done school and about to move across the country back to my home province. I will also be leaving a basement apartment and moving into a 2-bedroom apartment with my boyfriend. With all this space I decided that it is time I get a decent blocking board. I am currently using a large piece of cardboard with a towel spread across and the project pinned to it. Needless to say, this leaves a lot to be desired, especially since I have an inquisitive cat. My dad is very handy in the workshop and I was about to ask him to make me a blocking board when I realized that I wasn’t sure exactly how a good one should work. I would really appreciate suggestions for what one wants in a blocking board, especially in terms of material and size.
Thank you very much :)
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(no subject)

Lately I've taken a liking to knitting hats top-down... but I can never get the increases just right and tend to end up with lots of funny, pointy (or else ruffly) hats. Does anyone know of a good pattern/formula I could base my increases on?

re: socks

I want to knit a pair of socks for my mother-in-law and can not find a pattern for "wide" ankles. Has anyone ever knit up something like this before? I just finished a pair of socks using Koigu yarn and thought about casting on twice the amount required. If anyone has any suggestions or patterns it would be appreciated. I did try the web and came up with nothing.
let me hear you

blocking cotton yarn

Hello fellow knitters.

I just finished knitting a baby vest out of Rowan Handknit Cotton. Now I have to block and seam and pick up the ribbing. What I'm wondering to I block it? do I follow the same process as wool? Should I just iron it? What should I tell the new mom about how to care for it? I'm kinda clueless about cotton yarn.



putting on the sleeves

i consulted the Vogue bible (along with other books), spent the early afternoon looking carefully at the pics, had my pieces right side out and matched up (i think), but i can not do this. ripped out several times because i know it isn't right, it's supposed to be invisible. when i match up the bound off edges and then sew, it leaves a big lumpy awful-looking seam.
there has to be a better tutorial, preferably for people like me who are clearly learning impaired (and have slow dial up). i just want to *finish* this stupid thing and i am so close. can someone please get me through this?
i swear i am never doing this again *sigh*
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FO: Felted Clogs

Last week my husband *again* expressed a desire for a pair of felted clogs. I had already purchased the pattern and the yarn, so I started these clogs on Friday afternoon and whipped out the first one in just two hours! I just started knitting in the past three months, and quickly tired of scarves and hats and so I've moved to "feet stuff"

Pattern: AC-33X FELT CLOGS by Fiber Trends in size men's medium
Yarn: Cascade "Ecological Wool" in shade #8063 and shade #9008

**UPDATE: I forgot to mention that I held this yarn single, rather that the double the the pattern suggested.**

They turned out *awesome*, the pattern was so easy. At first I was a bit overwhelmed by the length of it, but once I just sat down and followed it, everything went really quickly and easily!

I adore this yarn and have enough left from the two 250 gram hanks to make a pair of felted clogs for myself and I'm already thinking about getting a few different colors to make some other felted items with it. When I felted, I used a zippered pillowcase, but there was little to no "fuzz" in it after the whole process (unlike when I used Lopi yarn for felting)

Here's photos 'pre' and 'post' felted -- and a bonus photo of my second pair of socks that I got wonderful help with from this community:

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DDR bunny

(no subject)

I know that we kind of talked about this in this post.  But I was hoping to get more ideas and just get a general discussion about pricing projects. I did a few LJ seeks for this topic and did not find anything general. Please point me to the post if one has been made regarding pricing projects.

If you have ever sold something how did you price your project?

Do you price your project based on material cost, time, length of project (ie per square inch)? Is one of these methods better for a certain type of project? Do you add on material cost to the price and then do one of the methods from above?

I wonder because I am going to be donating several projects to my old high school for their auction and they want to know a base price for each item. Its also just useful information for people who want to sell their FO's.
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newbie help

Edit:Started the arm warmers last night. And again at 9am. And again at 9:20am. and again at 11am. And yes...again at 12:30pm. The good news is that I've got it down now. I had to keep restarting because I kept screwing up and I'm still not good at backing up in knitting, lol.
Thanks again for all the help you two. I really appreciate it.

I'm relatively new to knitting, I taught myself as one of my New Year's resolutions. I've only done two projects so far, a doll blanket and a poncho [which I have to do a little repair work on] which came out the wrong size.

The two patterns I've used thus far have been fairly straight forward but I'm trying out a new pattern from Bernat for arm warmers and have come across something I'm unsure of.

At the end of the pattern it reads: cast off in pattern.
I've never seen that before, cast off, yes, but cast off in pattern, nope? Is this different than a regular cast off?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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(no subject)

Frog Prince Hat

This was a very fun and surprisingly easy hat even for someone who had never made bobbles or had to pick up stitches.

Made with Cascade 220 Superwash in the colors given in the pattern.

Thing I'd do differently next time: knit the black bit in the eyes with intarsia instead of duplicate stitch.

Thing I had to do that the pattern didn't say: reinforce the crown so that the points stood upright by stitching the bottom bits of the crown points to each other.
Fine Line

Yarn Crisis

About two years back at holiday time, I knitted the then-fairly-new-boyfriend a hat. It was out of some merino from, in the Amazonas colorway. Basically, dark and light greens...very very pretty(so the boyfriend insists), and very very not in stock...nor has it been for awhile now.

Today, he lost the hat while out to dinner with his Mom for Mothersday.

This is a total catastrophe, and I'm being begged for another hat for him to wear every day and be taken everywhere(think Linus' blanket from Peanuts...I kid you not)

Anyone happen to have any? Have anything similar? Any ideas how I can get enough of this to make a simple 2x2 ribbed watchcap? I'll love you forever and a day...
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strawberry cuteness

Sweater idea thing

Man, I have got so many projects I want to do. I don't knit anything for a couple of days and all of a sudden I have fifteen things planned.

So, I got this idea for a sweater that I want to try - not a fancy sweater by any means, really just something to wear at home in winter - and I'm not sure if it would work the way I'm thinking of knitting it. (That way being, 'as easily as I can think of to do it')

Basically what I'm thinking of is this.

I'd be knitting it bottom-up, on circulars. And I'd go circular up to the point where the bottoms of the sleeves would go. At this point, I would keep the front half on circulars, and knit half of the stitches on straight needles up to the neck, then either bind off or put a lifeline on those stitches (I'm not sure if you bind off before seaming), and do the same with the other half. So it'd be a tube with two flaps. Then I would seam part of the top of those flaps together (for the shoulders - it wouldn't have a neck at all or really any shaping), and knit two tubes for sleeves that would take up the sides of the flaps.

If that is confusing let me know and I'll edit the post to try and clarify.

Anyway, my basic question here is just ... does that sound like something that would work?

(And yeah like I said, not fancy at all, but for something that I just want for warmth it doesn't have to be. :> )
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