May 16th, 2006

When the yarn you love isn't what you thought it was

My LYS was having an incredible sale last weekend, and I bought three skeins of Classic Elite Marl La in an absolutely beautiful red colorway. I was able to get three skeins of the yarn in the color I wanted, enough for a few pairs of socks or mittens. In the feeding frenzy that was the shop's crowd, I didn't get a chance to inspect the yarn too closely. (I was happy to get the color I wanted without getting bitten! Never, ever underestimate the ferocity of knitters during a 70% off sale!)

Last night I discovered that Marl La isn't a multicolored worsted weight yarn, but four strands of individually colored worsted weight yarn very loosely twisted together. I really don't want to knit anything with such a thick yarn, and I don't think I could knit much with it anyway (since each skein is only 52 yards).

Any ideas what I can do with this yarn? Is it feasible to splice the strands together to form a 200 yard skein of four colors? (Anything I'd knit from this wouldn't stripe but form long blocks of color.) Another thought was to just wind each color as individual balls and knit multicolored socks or mittens the old fashioned way, joining each new color as I needed it.

I fail at being a girl

EDIT: Thanks for the suggestions. After a pretty silly "A-HA! moment, I dug through my closet and found my "wedding bra" -- a strapless victoria's secret number that I haven't thought about since that fateful day. Instead of my whiny post, I now present to you a victorious finished object post!

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Pixie Purls

Sock Logic

Hey guys, I need a wee bit of help. I have made up my own sock pattern and I need to turn for the heel, but I can't find a sock pattern thats free with instructions with the same amount of stitches cast on, so I can know where to start turning.

I was wondering if you guys know the logic I need to use to figure this out on my own each time vs being stuck having to find a pattern with the same number of stitches.

Thanks in advance!

PS I havce 32 on one needle and 33 on the other so 65 total, but I still would like know how to to figure it out on my own!


I'm about to go on a six-week trip around Asia and, of course, need a good knitting project to bring with me. So I am seeking advice!

Besides hats/scarves/cozies/socks and the like, I haven't made many tops. I've done Glampyre's one-skein wonder, and am currently working on the minisweater, but would like to make something now that will actually cover the majority of my torso. Baby steps I say. Well on the horizon I see Magknits's Picovoli and was thinking of making it with Knitpicks's Shine Sport but had heard on here that sometimes there are issues with ordering from them. I leave on May 26th, and their standard shipping says 5-14 days... should I go with 3-day shipping? Can I even trust 3-day?

Alternatively, I have plenty of Rowan 4-ply to make Orangina but it looks a lot more complicated. I've done lace once before, but... such little needles! I feel like my minisweater is taking forever.

Well I'd love any feedback. Thanks :)

Yarn color

I bought some Brown Sheep's Cotton Fleece in Wisteria to make Green Cable. This is going to sound like a rather silly question but, is the color of this yarn supposed to be not solid? There are slight variations in the color (pinkish<-->bluish) which look fine to me, but since the seller also had seconds for sale... I just wanted to make sure I got the real deal and not seconds for the same price.

I'm actually quite sure everything is ok, since the seller has such a good feedback, but honest mistakes can also happen :). Thanks for your help.


pride goeth befor a fall....

i was so happy. i'd gotten to the end of chart D on the garden shawl (the last bit of the leaves section.)

except i didn't. i got out my pattern, and was looking at the next section, and it turns out that my flowers and leaves didn't match up right. turns out it was because i had skipped an entire leaf repeat! that's like 8 ROWS of this shawl that are wrong, each are somewhere in the neighborhood of 400 stitches. *hopefully* i can go back and undo the part where i have to put in new leaves, there's only 3 spots on each section. i think that will be faster than undoing and redoing 8,000,000 stitches.

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sock heel question

I have a sock pattern here with a heel I don't quite get. For turning the heel, after doing the heel flap, it says:

P9, P2tog, short row, turn.
K1, skp, short row, turn.
P 3, P2tog, short row, turn
K5, skp, short row, turn.
P 7, p2tog, short row, turn.

Previously when I've done sock heels, I've purled or knit back across a certain number of stitches, I've just used the slipped stitches of the previous row to tell me when to k or p 2tog. It doesn't usually say "short row" in the instructions, even though that's what it pretty much is.

Basically I'm not entirely sure what it means by putting the "short row" in the instructions like that, since it's not a short-row heel(ie, looking like a store-bought sock). Any thoughts would be appreciated! Thanks!
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(no subject)

Probably a month back I posted a request for small evening bag patterns for my boyfriends Senior Ball. Of course, being the knitting addict I am, I started like 12 other projects before even the thought of starting this bag. Anyways, since the ball is next Friday, I decided that I had better get cracking and I ended up whipping it up in about an hour! Phew, it was tough, but it looks awesome. I surfed and found my pattern here. Since I name all of my finished items, I deem this project...

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Clun Forest wool

Has anyone ever knitted with yarn spun from Clun Forest wool? I have a friend with a flock of Clun Forest sheep, and he's offered me some of their fleece. But before I drop $125 to get it processed and spun, I was wondering how soft and durable it is. I would primarily be using it for longies, and perhaps a sweater for my husband.


Interweave Knits: Spring 06 Drop Stitch Hoodie

Hello everyone,

I am working on the Drop Stitch Hoodie from the Spring 06 Interweave Knits, and it may be because it's late and I'm tired, but I am confused by the following line for the back of the sweater. This is the "Shape Shoulders and Neck" section...

"Note: Back neck shaping is worked at the same time as shoulder shaping continues; read the foll sections all the way through before proceeding. At each neck edge, BO 2 sts once, and AT THE SAME TIME, at each armhole edge BO 4 (5, 6, 7, 8) sts once, the BO (4 (4, 6, 6, 8) sts once."

Could someone help me decipher this????

Thank you!!!!

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