May 20th, 2006

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Ribbing Uncertainties

I'm currently starting a set of armwarmers and it occurred to me that unless I want them to curl - I don't - I would have to use a rib on both ends.

The problem is that uh.. until right when I did that, I had never actually learned how to purl. I literally learned like two hours ago.

So anyway. Ribbing. Basically what I want to know is whether there is some sort of guide to how many knit/purl stitches you need per repeat in order for a rib to work correctly. I've done part of a row in k3p2 and stopped because I wasn't sure if that would be good enough to keep it from curling.

How do you know how much is enough? D:
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Humidity and Bending Needles

I'm currently knitting socks on US Size 1 Takumi Bamboo DPNs, which I've done in the past without problem, but it's been very rainy and humid over the last two or three weeks where I live and because of this my needles are warping and bending while I knit to the point where I'm concerned about them snapping. Is there anything I can do reduce the bending*, or should I switch over to a different project until the weather improves?

* I don't want to switch to different needles, as in general I really like these and am uncomfortable switching types of needles mid-project.

Any substitute for Goa?

Hi, I'm new to knitting and new to Live Journal.
I saw on Knitty Gritty a few weeks ago a simple knit baby blanket with purled hearts. The yarn used was called GOA by GGH. I'd like to find a substitute to this yarn because at my LYS it is $7 a skein and I would need 9 to do a proper baby blanket and I'd rather not spend that much! I can look for it on sale and on Ebay (no luck yet). The yarn itself is tubular in shape, if that makes sense and its a 50/50 cotton acrylic blend.
Any ideas would be great.
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Advice for my first felting project, please...

I want to make a felted bag for a friend's birthday, which is coming up mighty quick. I found colors I like in Paton's Classic Merino. Has anyone felted this stuff before? Does it work okay? How much would you say it shrinks up during felting? I'm pretty sure I'm just going to free form it (knitted flat with an intarsia graphic of some sort and then seamed), but I'd like to have some idea of how much bigger than final product I should make it. Also, most felted projects I see are knitted on larger needles. Is there a size that's best for worsted wool and felting?

Any additional advice and things I should remember?

Thanks for your help ahead of time!

pattern request

ok, i'm really wanting to knit a dress for my daughter. i've started Blossom from Magknits twice and had to frog it due to messing up the decreases. for some reason i'm having issues keeping track of what row i'm on. i just can't count or something. i've looked at Knitty's Anouk and i'm afraid it'll be a bit beyond me and Berroco's Alexa Bernadette but i'm not that thrilled with it. so, what my ideal dress would be, something that can be knit in 6 month size or larger and on circular needles for the majority of it (i know it'll need to split for the bodice). i seem to work better when i knit in the round. doesn't have to be a free pattern (i think i've looked at just about every one online), if you know of one in a book i'd love to know. i already have yarn in a gauge that matches Blossom (24 st=4", size 6 needles i believe) so i'd ideally like to use that but at this point if i love a pattern, i'll buy different yarn. or, if i decide to take the plunge and try Anouk, can i just add the # of stitches that would be cast on for the front and back and carefully place markers and knit it in the round? is there anything special i'd need to do to alter a pattern to knit in the round?
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it knits!

short-row FO/hat design questions

Finally finished "Karen Baumer's Multidirectional Diagonal Scarf" for my sister-in-law, my first attempt at short-row knitting. (Actually a couple weeks ago now, but you know how it is.) Collapse )

Now for the questions: I want to make a hat. Having made basic hats in the round before but nothing beyond, I am a little at a loss how to get started. For one thing, the head-size I am knitting for is 25 inches. Assuming I'll be knitting this in the round from the bottom up like I have in the past, how many stitches do I need to cast on? I'm just using a regular worsted-weight wool yarn that is straight-up '70s stash from my mother's basement. It's a hideous cat-puke yellow. Actually should show you all a pic of that sometime. (Why would anyone want a hat like this? You'd understand if you knew the person who commissioned it.)

Other thing about this hat is, it needs to have a wide brim that sticks out but doesn't cover the eyes. I'm thinking like a bucket-type hat, but maybe with a wire running through the outer edge so it doesn't flop down. How would I make something like this? Haven't seen any knit versions. Could probably figure out the rest once I have some idea of how to knit this part. Maybe it should be a separate piece I'd seam onto the main part of the hat later. I'll probably use larger needles so the knit isn't very dense, for ventilation.

Any thoughts? Thank all y'all knitters in advance for your expertise and guidance.
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I leave to teach knitting at a summer camp in about three weeks. I'm so excited to get some future generations knitting! The kids can choose what activities they do each day and seeing as there are so many, I might only see some of the kids once or twice. I still want to lead them in the direction of knitting, though, so I'm putting together packets for each of them. Everyone here already gave me some great ideas for simple tweeny projects, but I'm looking for really clear diagrams that I can give them. Can anyone link me to their favorite clear, easy to read and understand diagrams that I could photocopy into a packet for the kids?
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Knitting userpic search

Dear Knitters,
I'm wondering what's the best way to go about finding a knitting-related userpic. I'm not good enough with graphics programs to create one myself, but I'd dearly like one that says "I'd rather be knitting"! Any suggestions on how to go about this? Do any of you design userpics or have ones that you let other people use? Thanks so much!

Update: Some of you are really fast! I found this image that I think would be really pretty as a userpic, maybe with cursive-style writing and the above message.
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A few FO's and one WIP!

Here are a few items I have finnished and one thats going to be a dash pattern style scarf.
*NOTE:The hats are on the top of a bear and do not look like that once on a human head!*

Collapse )

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Well Thats it for now!I hope to get my needles for making some ipod covers!Please tell me what you think of these!TY

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