May 22nd, 2006

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FO fiend: Molly's Headband from Summer IK

Just a little FO.

Pattern: Molly's Headband from Summer IK (links to a .pdf))
Needles: a pair of size four dpns
Yarn: Koigu KPPPM, colorway unknown
Modifications: Used fingering weight yarn with size four needles instead of the recommended sport weight with size six needles.
Notes: Quick, easy, pretty. I used white yarn for the first i-cord because I wasn't certain that I would have enough of the colored yarn to finish the headband otherwise. The pattern does not show up particularly strongly in the variegated yarn, but I wouldn't change my choice (for love of colorway). It is a great pattern for a quick knit and/or a quick gift, plus it can use just odds and ends of yarn.

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knitting sock

sock turn ws question....

So I'm knitting a sock from Sensational Knitted Socks -- just the simplest one, the 4-stitch pattern one. I'm using 4 dpns. I did the cuff and leg, and the instructions for the heel flap say:

Work in heel st with 3-st garter border. Starting with a WS row, TURN work before first row.

Row 1 (WS): K3, purl to end
Row 2: P3, *K1, sl 1, rep from * to last 3 sts, K3.

And I repeat that until there are a certain # of rows and that's the heel flap.

Now, I understand what it's telling me. But I'm worried because of the turning and WS. At this part, I finished at the end of the row, so my thread was at the end of needle 3. Is it now telling me to turn the work, so I'm working on the WS, and so now a row goes "all sts on needle 3, then needle 2, then needle 1"? If so, the K1 sl 1 pattern will have thread on the RS of the sock -- k1 sl 1 repeating means there's a "trail" of thread from the k1 to the next k1.....

I just want to be sure I'm doing this right. That's the entire heel all of it is worked WS?

(I've only done 1 iteration of rows 1 and 2 of the heel flap, so I'm happy to rip it out if I did something boneheaded).

The class sock wasn't this confusing!

Thanx for any help....

FO: Bunny Blanket Buddy

Source: Lion Brand's Website
Yarn: Lion Brand Velvet Spun

This was sooo easy, and turned out such a cute product. The yarn is a bit problematic, as it does tend to shed. Lesson learned: do not knit this the day you wear black velvet pants to work.

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It took me about three days to knit, and that was only off and on. The only hard part was a large number of decreases then increases at the head, and keeping track of slipped stitches.

Of Socks, DPNs and Bad Joints

So, I'm bravely attempting my first pair of socks. I'm casting on with Opal Sock Yarn on #5 Dpns. I think the needles might be too big, but that's another story. My real problem is the joints; where each needle ends and another begins, are really weak. I might frog, I might not. But, how can I get the stiches to be tighter at those joints? I've never really had this problem with dpns before. And, I'm pulling the yarn really tight too. But, my joints still are noticable. Help?
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FO :: My First Blanket

I learned to knit just before Christmas, and quickly became addicted. After numerous scarves and a few pairs of slippers i started my first blanket, as a gift for a friend's new baby (Due any day now :D)

I used Patons Bohemian Yarn in Indigo Indulgence and Artistic Taupes. They are having a boy... and i figure he is going to be a "kid" way longer than he is going to be a "baby"... so i wanted to stay away from pastels. It is beyond soft and squishy... my boyfriend wants me to make him one out of it too... and on numerous occasions tried to steal this one from the new little man.

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Suggestions/edits for making a lace wrap

I just purchased a strapless dress from J.Crew in "tropical blue" to wear to my brother-in-law's upcoming wedding. I need some sort of wrap to wear with it to finish the outfit and make it a little less exposed.

My husband, who will also be the officiant, is wearning a brown suit, and I love the combination of brown and blue. I thought with brown sandals and a brown wrap, the dress would look really put together, but also a little edgy/modern. If we're really clever we'll find him a tie that has some of the blue of my dress in it.

I've chosen two lace weight yarns to work with,this dark chocolate cashmere-wool blend, and this 100% wool "summer dusk" (which is actually a bit deeper color in person than the page looks). I haven't completely committed to whether to double strand the two colors together, or just do the brown alone, which was my original idea, but I love the variegated one, too, so I got sucked into buying both, figuring I could always use the second color alone in something else if I change my mind.

I want to make the lace a very open light pattern. So far the pattern I've found that best fits this image is the "leaves and waves" pattern found on knitty. I don't want a giant wrap like the full pattern, but rather I thought I'd just do a 3 repeat version of the leaves alone, the portion in fuschia in the knitty version. My finished product would be rectangular, without anything interesting at the ends.

Here are my questions:

1. The wedding is June 3rd. Is this an insane thing to attempt?

2. Should I single strand (chocolate alone) or double strand (chocolate and summer dusk)? (I'm thinking of using at least US8 needles - I want this to be airy)

3. Is there anything you'd suggest for the ends to make it a little nicer?

4. Is there another lace pattern wrap/shawl/something else that you think would look good in the lace weight yarn? I don't have a problem with buying a book, but I'd have to be able to get it at a brick and mortar bookstore and QUICK.

TIA, and I really look forward to hearing your suggestions!
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FO - Creatures of the Reef Shawl

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Pattern - Creatures of the Reef
Yarn - Scacel Merino, received in a swap. Slightly lighter than lace weight, 1200 yds/100g
Needles - 3.00mm Addi Bamboo for main pattern, 2.5mm Addi Turbo for Seafoam motif, 4.0mm Addi Turbo for cast on.
Started - May 7, 2006
Completed - May 18, 2006
Modifications - Smaller needles, because of the finer yarn. Backwards loop cast on instead of knitted cast on, because the knitted cast on takes way too long for 437 stitches.
Impressions - I liked knitting this shawl (as evidenced by how fast it went). The shortening rows were nice, and the changing motifs kept me interested. Casting on 437 stitches was not fun.

All of my entries on this project.
All photos of this project on Flickr

Finally!! FO's!

finally! with thanks to those computer saavy that helped me, without further ado, some actual FOs!! i started knitting in october, and these are pretty much the fruits of my labour since then (minus three pairs of mittens that started me off but are hardly worth seeing)...

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fall creek

Super Chunky

Has anyone found a free pattern for a poncho from super chunky. It couldn't be that hard but I am finding the stuff to hard to work with because it is so big. I just want to use up the yarn for a charity auction comming up. I have searched the web but only get chunky or bulky not supper chunky weights. Did they stop making this stuff two years ago when I bought it? Maybe everyone else got as frustrated as I did.
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Finished Objects -- shawl and bag

I've finished a handful of things over the past few months, but many of them were gifted shortly after I finished, and therefore I failed to get pictures (like the saddlbag for my mom's Sense of Independence) or just aren't very interesting -- plain ribbed socks in Lorna's Laces, for example. I also finished a couple things I'm pissed off at and need to drastically modify before I'll be willing to document them. However, here are a couple FOs I'm actually pleased with.

1) Bag
Pattern: Mercury
Yarn: Elann Peruvian Collection Highland Wool Chunky in a couple of greens that aren't there anymore.
Modifications: She calls for the flap to be done in twisted stockinette, claiming that it provides texture after felting -- I tried it in a swatch and found no difference, so given that it seems to take twice as long, I did it in plain stockinette. I also did the buttonholes differently than how she calls for, and they turned out fine. Added the internal structure thingie from one of my old laptop bags, for additional protection.
Things I'd do differently if I made another: I'd sew the flap on before felting. Sewing it on after was a pain in the ass, and I'm not convinced it's secure, as my sewing skills are not top notch. I'd also make the pocket bigger, and the strap shorter, as I ended up cutting off about two feet after sewing it to the bag and adjusting it. Use a brighter yarn, or one with a higher contrast, for the second color -- the light green blends in too well with the dark green on the strap and pocket. I think I'd also put a third button hole in the middle of the flap.

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2) Shawl
Pattern: My own -- a lace pattern from the second Barbara Walker treasury, re-written to fit neatly into a triangle, as it was written to form a square. Started at the point of the shawl and increased two stiches per row. Knitted until I nearly ran out of yarn, did a crochet bind off.
Yarn: Un-named, undyed 100% alpaca from Weaving Works in Seattle -- about 600 yards. It is heavenly soft.
Modifications: None, I guess, as I made it up as I went along.
Things I'd do differently: Probably try to make it a more traditional triangle shawl, with a column of increases up the middle as well as up the edges. I'd then have to chart it so that the pattern would fit correctly in the triangles, but after the 3 or 4 tries it took me to get it right for this shawl, I think I'd be able to do that. If I did, I'd also find a better bind off. I think I may need to block it again, as it's curling somewhat at the top, and the lace pulled in a little -- might have to be more vigorous with it, but I wasn't sure how firm I could be with alpaca.

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I also have a modified Chickami to post, but I'll need the boy's help for pictures of that.

(no subject)

Pattern: Noni Dr. Suessish Elephant Foot (, but modified to use three colors, add the fun fur-ish trim held in rather than the feathers sewn in. I also used no 13 needles because that was what was laying out. I also did not hold the yard doubled. I also made the handles attach by poking a hole through the finished bag and knotting them in, instead of sewing them in.

I'm not quite sure why my bag flares out a bit at the top, but I like it! I should have stuffed the bag with something to make it stand up better in the photos; it's not really that wonky looking.

Yarn: Patons Classic Wool (the white, pink and purple) and Moda-Dea Chi Chi microfiber for the furry stuff.

This pattern was super easy and worked up in just a few hours. When I was about 7" inches into it I freaked myself out with the thought "Oh, *^&@! I didn't swatch and test this new yarn -- what if this is one of those whites that doesn't felt??" No worries, all the colors felted like a dream with no color bleeding.

This yarn was SUPER inexpensive at Michaels -- $4.99 a skein -- and the bag left me lots of leftovers.

Onto the photos (which feature some incredibly nosy boxer dogs...)

EDIT: I'm not sure why the photos dropped out the first time...argh

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Shawl Edging Questions

I'm currently making Cozy, from Knitty. I'm using Crystal Palace Kid merino mohair, paired with a dyed-up Knitpicks laceweight. It's fabulous! However, my problem is the edging of the shawl. It seems to be curling rather nicely on the edges. The directions ask for three rows of garter stitch, then start into the pattern.

While the curling is not a major issue, and the work hasn't been blocked yet, I'm not sure what to do with the edging. The pattern is really nice, and the mini-garter strip edge seems....weak. Too thin, maybe not decorative enough. Or maybe I've been reading Folk Shawls too much lately! Here's a pic to see for yourself:
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I love this pattern, and it's working out perfectly, minus the edging, which I'm just plain unsure about. What do you think I should do? Will the edging will be enough after blocking, or should I consider adding on a few more rows?

1/2 inch too big!

Well, I got my needles, I got my yarn and am ready for some socks. After kitting up my swatch I found that I am 1/2 inch off, too big. The store I bought the needles doesn't have the next size down and I don't feel like waiting for mail order. How much is a 1/2 inch really going to affect the finished sock? I am using superwash wool so I don't suspect much shrinkage, none with the swatch. Do you think I should cast on and throw the 1/2 inch to the wind or should I take the time to search for the "down size?"

Lil Miz Cheezcake
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Fairy Dust

Hello to everyone ...

I am fairly new to knitting. I guess I could already do some intermidate patterns though. My question is what is the best yarn to make baby blankets? I want something that is soft but at the same time durable enough to put into a washing machine and dryer. Also if anyone knows of any patterns for baby blankets on the net that I could download I'd be grateful. I have 3 friends who are having babies around the same time (november/december) and I'd like to make something special for each of them.

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Felting Alpaca?

I've seen some very lovely bag patterns around recently, and as I rather fancy a nice bag for travelling, with all the pockets I need and so on, I'm tempted to have a go.

However I've never felted before, and I'm (properly) allergic to wool, so I'd have to use alpaca (unless there's something else not-wool that felts?) and the one designer I got in contact with wasn't sure how well alpaca would felt. I don't have any spare on hand to test with, and before I go and buy a load to make a back with, I thought I'd ask the collected wisdom of lj. :)

I know alpaca SHOULD felt, but does anyone know how well it does? Would it felt enough to make a sturdy bag? (I want to carry around a small laptop and a couple of books and some other odds and ends in it.) I don't have a problem lining the bag for extra protection, but I don't want to waste my time knitting something that just won't hold up to use, either. :)
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top down socks - toes

Does anyone out there have a toe pattern for use in a top-down sock... that they *like*? Either on-line, or from a book that you'd recommend? (I seem to keep missing my LYS's hours... but figure I might order on-line somewhere if it's recommended highly enough)

The one I've been using is a bit on the pointy side... it's "ok" but not great. So I'm looking for a new one.

Fingers crossed!