May 23rd, 2006

help: calculating yarn needed for a project?


What would be the best way to calculate how much yarn is needed for a sweater? I have the pattern, but the pattern doesn't specify how much yarn is needed. This is the sweater in question, and since it's got a lot going on, I know it's going to take more than usual. What's a good rule of thumb, even to just get a good estimate? Are there any good generators or calculators online that you could point me in the direction of? Just to clarify: The pattern DOES NOT say how much yarn is needed, anywhere, for any size.

Thanks so much...and just so this isn't a question-only post, behind the cut, you'll find a photo of two bears I've been working on for the Mother Bear Project.

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Finished Shrug of my own design.

What went into this: I'm one of those people who spent a lot of time looking at shrugs and going: Why? What's the point? Why not just wear a sweater, for crying out loud?

And then I thought about the number of Southern California 4ths of July that I had spent freezing my tuchus off, and how a lot of that could have been solved by carrying around a pair of sleeves (as a general rule, as long as my arms are warm, the rest of me is warm). And then I got six skeins of Cascade 220 in this lovely dark green color, which is not nearly enough to make a full-sized sweater for me. Thus, the idea of knitting two tubes and seaming them together.

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Question about felting a bag

As my first adventure into felting, I decided to make a bag. I didn't really use any particular pattern, but kinda made it up as I went along. It's got a garter stitch bottom, two i-cord handles, and sides attached to the bottom. What I want to know is if I should assemble the bag first (with or without the i-cord)and then felt, or felt it as is, and assemble later. Also, I'm wondering how important it is to weave in all the yarn ends before felting.

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Suggestions for specialized bag

I need a small (read: easily portable) knitting project, and my son needs a case for his viewmaster reels (remember viewmasters?  The cardboardish disks, about 5 inches in diameter, with little "slides" on them?).

I was thinking of doing sort of a drawstring pouch.  Basically do a stockinette stitch in the round and sew it together at the bottom.  Then run a drawstring through at the top.  The only thing I haven't figured out is what I could do to make the "holes" for the drawstring to weave through.  Any ideas?

Also, I was considering using a yarn that I could felt.  This could be my learn to felt/learn to knit in the round project.  Good idea?  Bad?  I do know if I choose to felt, I need to check the guage before I start the bag (so I don't end up with it being too small for the Viewmaster reels).

Any input/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!  Whatever I decide to do, I'll post the finished product.

help me!

i am having an attack of indecision: if you had 3 skeins of noro silk garden, what would you knit?
one day, i will post something, i promise! it will be an enormous picture filled epic. until then, i keep knitting and put off picture taking.

how much mohair is too much?

Question for those of you who are allergic to mohair.

Can you handle felted materials containing mohair? Or does it still irritate your skin?

I'm making some felted clogs using Lamb's Pride for a friend's birthday, and the other day she mentioned that mohair really irritates her skin. I'd hate to make her slippers that she can't wear. I haven't felted the slippers yet; should I just knit another pair in 100% wool to be on the safe side?
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Question about Blocking?

Here's a newbie type question -- do you block ALL yarns or only animal fibers?

I just cast on my first wearable knit Berroco Eliza ( with Berroco Touche in Sweet Sue Blue( The yarn is 50-50 cotton and Modal® rayon blend. I'm only on row two, but being the maniac I am, I'm already thinking about the finishing of the project and have no idea if you block cotton and/or cotton blends.

Side note: This yarn is really nice. It's soft with a bit of a sheen and feels lightweight.

Patiotic Sock yarn

My google messed up. Some time ago I came across some self patterning yarn in red/white/blue. Stupid me I didn't bookmark the I can't find it *insert crying and whining smiley*. Can someone help me? TIA
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Kool Aid Dye Question

Ok, so I'm trying to do some hand painted kool-aid dying of yarn. I've googled a bunch of tutorials which has been really helpful, but I do have one question left:

When microwaving yarn, do I roll it up in plastic wrap or try and keep it as flat as possile? I've seen some tutorials that say roll it and some that don't say, and I was wondering if anyone had any advice?

Thanks in advance.