May 24th, 2006

Jaywalker FO, sock yarn porn and a question about short rows.

I knit these using US 1 Clover bamboo dpn's on Knit Picks Sock Landscape in the Tropical Sunrise colorway. Overall, I find these to not be stretchy at all, but they fit me really well. They held their own staying up when I was wearing them all day long and the feel of them is really soft. I will knit this pattern again, just not sure what yarn I want to use next.

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This is some sock yarn I have accumulated over the past few months. There is some Opal yarn I scored on eBay (Parrot, Zebra and Tiger), Koigu, some of the Knitpicks I got in my stash, Mountain Colors Bearfoot( expensive but oh, so beautiful), Cascade Fixation and Sockotta.

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mrs woolf


Has anyone made this skirt? How quickly does one go insane while knitting it? Also, do you find it necessary to wear a slip, etc. under it?
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i'm so sleepy

question abt branching out

ok so i'm going to a wedding in abt a month and i want to knit myself up a quick wrap b/c i'm wearing a sleeveless dress. i love the look of knitty's branching out and thought if i just repeated the lace pattern 3 times i would get a wider rectangle. but i'm not that experienced with lace knitting and i'm using a very fuzzy mohair blend yarn, i'm having a hard time following the pattern and coming out with the wrong number of stitches at the end of the repeat. i'm knitting the first stitches of the border and then repeating the rest of the row 3 x's then knitting the last stitches of the border. i know this isn't a good explanation so maybe this would make more sense.
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will this work? or is the another similar pattern that would be easier?
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First post, and a finished object of sorts

I found myself with several bits of colinette point 5 to play with yesterday, and I wanted to see how it behaved in the drink. So..I swatched up a rectangle. A totally useless sort of rectangle. Being fairly (very) lazy, I decided to sew it up spiral-like and see what happened. What resulted after felting was a rather free-form internal organ looking whatsit...which I find oddly pleasing, enough to do some overstitching along the seams, loosely plait a handle, and make a matching coin purse.

I'm curious what you think.

Edit** NB--don't set colinette on furniture until it's *completely* dry. *dunks chair cover in the sink and puts handbag in a sunny spot for a fortnight*

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knitty surprises are up!

edit: so, i finally got to LOOK at the surprises. i like the tea cozy, but the other stuff? not so much. that skirt = big ass, and a halter top for a baby? maybe i'm too old-fashioned, but dressing little kids in sexy-ish clothes makes me really uncomfortable. besides, you'd have to slather on a LOT of sunscreen to keep that tender skin from burning!
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tired of hats/scarfs

I am sooo tired of doing hats and scafs!
Could some one please point me in the direction of some good patterns for maybe some simple shawls or shrugs or or or something other than hats and scarfs?!
They would need to be kind of easy to do.Tho i have done the following stitches. Knit,Purl,YO,K2Together...i think thats all i have done right now.
As soon as I find something to knit im running out the door to get the needles for it if I dont already have them.I really want something to knit!I have a knittig meeting comming up sat morning (last min meeting) so i need something to work on while im there!
TY all for the help!!!

PS I have never done anything in the round or with double pointed needles.
edited to help.i need plus size patterns.
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finished dog sweater and question about M1 increase

Hi Everyone,

Figured I would post some pics of my dog wearing his sweater that I made. Hope you like it.

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I am making some socks, is there anyway to do a left-slanted M1 without it leaving a hole? I checked with to see if maybe it was the way I was making the increase, it looks like im doing it correctly but something is definitely off. Any ideas?

Eunny's guide to blocking!

Eunny Jang at See Eunny Knit, goddess of ridiculously tiny gauges and other fine things, recently started a technical Q&A section of her blog called Unraveling. Today's post is an in-depth discussion of wet blocking different types and textures and explains why she does it this way instead of using different methods of which you may have heard (steam lightly? dampen with water? soak completely for 20 minutes in Eucalan wash?). Has a darling little diagram, too.

Link: Block Me, Amadeus! (It's a GOOD groan. Really.)

Highly recommended; thought I'd pass it on.

Looking to make my own Intarsia pattern

I'm a beginner knitter, but I'm not intimidated by trying something new and I can read a pattern. I have some yellow yarn and some black yarn and I want to make sweater for my sun with a bumblebee on the front. I can't find any patterns for what I'm looking for and I would rather make own pattern. My aunt is going to teach my Intarsia over the summer and I would like to have this sweater done by the fall. Any suggestions as how to go about this?
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