May 25th, 2006


Weaving in Ends of Ribbon Yarn

Hi Everyone!

I am in the process of making the White Lies Designs Shapely Tank out of some Tess' Designer Yarns Microfiber Ribbon Yarn. I just cast-on last night, but I'm already thinking about the finishing so I have two questions:

1. This yarn is super-duper mega slippery - so how the heck do I securely weave in the ends?

2. I don't think I should be using the yarn for the seaming either (again due to the slipperiness) - what should I use for seaming yarn?

I'm pretty sure that someone at one point asked my first question, but I couldn't for the life of me find it *has weak Google-fu*

Thanks for the help!
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Opinions, please

I am making a feather and fan variant, called wave and shell.

The yarn using I am is: Laines Du Nord's Eros. It is made of 55% polamid and 45% viscosa.& The yarn is very light and ribbony. I am using size 5's which is recommended on the label.

My question is:; is the right kind of project for the yarn? Has anyone every worked with this yarn before? What would you use this yarn for? I hope the picture gives an idea of what it looks like.Thanks in advance.

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knitting apathy?

So I haven't knit for...ages now.

I used to knit a lot back when I lived in my old town, when I was with my old boyfriend. But I moved, went through a major depressive episode, and now I have all these half finished projects and what feels like no ambition. I used to be able to sit and do it for hours, now I just don't feel like I can. I have AD/HD and I haven't been medicated yet, so I'm fairly spacy and eaisily distracted.

I'm not necessarily looking for sympathy, but I am looking to get back on the knitting horse. The last time I did anything crafty was when I was in a car for hours and it was all I had to do. I enjoyed it, but it was because there wasn't anything else to distract me.

Any suggestions? I don't know where I find that zest I had before...
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Sock Yarn - What to do with it?

Alright, so I have two skiens of Sockotta yarn (414 yds each, 100g). It
is, of course, sock yarn. I don't want to make socks, and I was
wondering if anyone had any suggestions for what else I could make? I
got them as a gift and the colorway is so pretty that I'd hate to
just let it sit there, and I'm pretty broke right now, so buying new
yarn for a project seems silly when I've got this beautiful yarn right

I like basically anything, except socks, I've done too many of those
lately. Perhaps a shawl pattern or a wrap, I couldn't seem to find
any. So please, suggestions!

Alterntive to Clapotis

I know this is a much-loved pattern, and the end result is beautiful, I just cant get myself to knit it. I know how fickle I am and I know I would get bored with it quite quickly. I got the yarn on a lark (Knitpicks Shimmer in Flowergarden) and have already wound it into double-stranded center-pull balls. I'm in love with the yarn, but it lacks a pattern.

What are some alternatives to Clapotis? Similar size/shape, etc. The plan was to use it as a nursing blanket. :) Something that keeps the interest all the way through.

I'd love to see any other projects done with this yarn, double stranded or not, too. (I love oogling your projects, knitters!)
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Hello all!
I am a born-again knitter. I started knitting when I was about 8 or 9 for a year or so....Well, I'm 28 and decided to pick it up again (I stopped smoking, and it's been great for my hands).
I'm kind of embarrassed, but I can't cast-on or purl. My mom did it for me and I kept knitting away (I can even cast off). I have looked at a few websites and it's just hard for me to see what the heck they are doing.
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Hi there!

I've been playing with Wists, and I made one specifically for knitting and crochet patterns that I like online. Most of the patterns are free, some not so much, but I figured I'd share the list with you guys because someone out there has to find something they like on it.

Currently, it's at 259 patterns and growing. I recommend browsing by tags.

It can be found here

And just so you know, I've got another wist for sewing projects (tutorials and patterns) back on my livejournal, and I think I'm about to build another wist for other crafts. It's kind of addictive.
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felted bag question: garter stitch and stockinette?

I'm making my very first felted bag from my own design. I want to have a garter-stitch base because it's thicker and, I imagine, would be sturdier, but with stockinette sides. The problem? I made two test swatches--one garter and one stockinette. The garter base should shrink by about 12% but the width on the stockinette should shrink by roughly 22%. That's a 10% difference where the base will barely shrink but the width of the bag will shrink a bit more.

So, what does one do in that situation? Is there enough in the blocking after to stretch the sides out a bit or do I give up on the garter bottom with stockinette sides?