May 27th, 2006

Will the shrug go the way of the poncho?

Was talking the other day with the owner of my LYS. She's 62 and only had the store for a few years. She went to a trade show back in 2003 and said ponchos were everywhere, but the very next year they were nowhere to be found.

She's debating whether or not to knit more shrug samples for the store but is wondering if they might also be a short lived trend, just like the poncho. I think shrugs will be around for a while... they offer nice coverage if you are wearing a tank that is just a bit too skimpy and are very flattering. Ponchos, on the other hand, are cumbersome to wear and can be too much fabric. They also invoke memories of the hippie era of the 70's which is not to everyone's taste.

Perhaps some of the more extreme shrugs (boobholder style) might go out of fashion quickly, however. What do you all think?

Intarsia WIP

I recently purchased a Kaffe Fassett Brights Tumbling Blocks Cushion Kit from Ebay for $20, and began yesterday after watching the Intarsia tutorial from The cushion is knit in Rowanspun 4-ply held double on US7s in stockinette stitch. Intarsia is addictive, and much less difficult than I imagined. Here are two pictures and some things I have learned while knitting this:

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Opal Sommernachtstraum

Quick question - I'm making my first pair of socks using Opal on size 1s. How many should I cast on? Generally I cast on about 60 when knitting with Sockotta on 2's.

And yes... I know. Check your gauge. The thing is, when I do that, it says to cast on 100 because my calves are about 11 inches around and my gauge appears to be about 10 stitches to the inch. However, the ring it creates it way too huge. Thoughts?
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Quick question on sleevecaps~

I'm knitting Bridie and the wording for the sleevecaps is a little ambiguous. (At least for someone who's never really knit a sleevecap! This is actually my first non-raglan sweater.)

The pattern says:

dec 1 st at each end of next 3 rows, (which I managed just fine)
then on foll 3 alt rows, then each foll 4th row until 43 sts rem, ending with a WS row.

The part that confuses me is the "foll 3 alt rows"...Does she mean knit one row normally, then dec, and repeat twice more for a total of 6 rows with 3 decrease rows?

Or do I knit one row normally, dec, then knit one row normally again, for a total of 3 rows?

Orrr do I dec one row, then knit one row normally, then dec the next?

Maybe I'm overthinking this. :X Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Winding silk yarn and some WIPs

I have a potentially silly question. I bought some single-ply silk yarn recently. I'm trying to figure how best to wind it into balls without manhandling excessively. The stuff fuzzes if you look at it wrong, and I'm not sure whether it would be better for me to wind it by hand, or to use my swift and ball-winder. Thoughts?

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A potentially stupid question about finishing

A'ight... Yo, Dawg... so check it out, check it out... (channeling Randy Jackson)

I am about to finish my first sweater(Fiber Trends Gentle Breeze Tee; modified for longer length and 3/4 sleeves and a 1x1 ribbed border)... which happens also to be my first real "assembled" object...other than the little felted bags, who's seams I haphazzardly attack with a crochet hook...before rough housing them in the washing machine.

I have completed both front and back panels and the sleeves...

And now the pattern reads...

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